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The best lead nurturing software will help to streamline your lead nurturing strategy and aid in lead scoring. The best system to use for this function is marketing automation software that helps with data collection and other tasks that you may not have the time to accomplish for your leads.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following items in depth:

  • What lead nurturing is

  • What lead nurturing software does for your business

  • How marketing automation is used as a lead nurturing tool

  • The best ways to focus on nurturing leads

Read on to learn all about lead nurturing and how marketing and communication efforts work together to streamline your lead management process.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a cycle that works alongside the sales process, working to fill any gaps that exist in the sales funnel or your marketing campaigns.

Your lead nurturing efforts will largely be determined by the success of your sales and marketing teams during the lead generation process.

This is because when you convert leads, you use the talents of your marketing team to bring in new leads, and your sales teams are the ones who monitor the sales funnel and ultimately make the conversion.

The goal of your lead nurturing is to support your leads during each phase of the buyer’s journey.

If done correctly, your leads will foster meaningful relationships with you and will be more inclined to become paying customers because of your lead nurturing.

Nurtured leads are more likely to make the conversion from lead to customer, so be sure to solidify your strategy and overall lead nurturing process.

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What Does Lead Nurturing Software Do?

Think about lead nurturing software as a supplementary item to your manual efforts.

A lot of your lead nurturing will come directly from you through the following:

  • Partake in customer relationship management

  • Target leads through relevant content marketing

  • Create a graphic for the visual sales pipeline

  • Highlight key features of your business in social media posts

  • Partake in sales prospecting and sales tracking

  • Nurture relationships with your leads

Each of these functions can be done manually, but software also exists to aid and streamline these processes as well.

Evaluate what is working within your current lead nurturing strategies, and use software to help fill in the gaps.

Your lead nurturing solutions can be strengthened by certain software, so be sure to do your research and find which technology suits you and your business.

What is Marketing Automation Used For

Marketing automation is usually used in the front half of the lead generation cycle, but it can also be used to aid with lead nurturing campaigns and to help attract more leads.

Using a marketing automation tool, you can effectively complete the following:

  • Boost online sales

  • Streamline email marketing campaigns

  • Sort qualified leads

  • Strengthen lead nurturing tactics

  • Practice lead segmentation

  • Use predictive lead scoring features

  • Gain pipeline management

  • Use a drag and drop interface

  • Capture leads directly from social media platforms

While marketing automation is generally more helpful in the earlier stages of the lead generation cycle, certain software can also be used to aid in lead nurturing functions as well.

A big thing to use marketing automation for is for data collection and lead management purposes.

It can be very helpful to use software to help with organization, especially because this gives you more time to focus on nurturing leads and supporting the sales funnel.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide where you want your marketing automation software to come into play!

How Do I Nurture Leads Effectively?

The most important thing to consider when it comes to lead nurturing is your flexibility and ability to provide support when needed.

Each lead will go through the sales process and receive information from there, but each lead will also benefit from fostering a close relationship with someone at your company who is not involved in the sales funnel.

Making sure that your lead nurturing platform is built upon fostering relationships and providing support when needed is a great start.

Here are some tangible ways to increase the efficacy of your lead nurturing software:

  • Minimize the number of non nurtured leads you have

  • Create landing pages to monitor lead behavior

  • Practice lead tracking and manage leads from within marketing automation software

  • Use email marketing software to track engagement

  • Follow up with each software lead

  • Train each sales rep accordingly

  • Focus on solidifying sales strategy for effective lead nurturing

Rely both on software and on your employees when it comes to lead nurturing.

The best way to strengthen your strategy is to be constantly evaluating what works and what does not.

See what happens when leads fail to convert, and work to correct this within your software.

Always be thinking of ways to improve and streamline this process!

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How Kennected Uses Lead Nurturing Software

Here at Kennected, our products and services revolve around lead generation.

We help the companies we work with get their time back through automating their lead flow and prospecting for leads through software and technology.

Since we deal with lead generation daily, we also have had to solidify our own lead nurturing software and strategies in order to gain clients and fuel our business.

We have seen the benefits of strengthening these strategies firsthand, as these methods have helped us gain traction and sell our own products.

Be sure to constantly evaluate your strategy and see where your weaker points lie.

The combination of employee talent and software usage will pay off in spades for your business, especially within the lead nurturing sphere.

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Four years ago, the founders of Kennected had the same struggles. They found that lead generation was way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, knowing there had to be a better way.

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