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The best way to focus on nurturing leads is to use the strengths of your sales and marketing teams to create a lead management process for each of your qualified leads, and to provide constant support throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What lead nurturing is

  • What a lead nurturing program entails

  • Best ways to optimize your lead nurturing strategies

  • Guidelines and rules for each lead nurturing campaign

Read on to learn all about the intersectionality of your business’s marketing strategies, content marketing, and effective lead nurturing strategies.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with prospective customers during the lead generation process.

When you nurture leads, your lead scoring system improves, your sales funnel becomes stronger, and you’ll be able to continue strengthening your marketing campaigns to obtain the most qualified leads.

When you are fostering relationships with leads, each individual client feels appreciated and informed during the sales process.

You’ll want to be answering their questions in a timely manner and write lead nurturing emails to create meaningful relationships that will help convert leads into future customers.

Nurtured leads will feel more comfortable throughout the sales process than non nurtured leads, giving you a better chance to succeed at converting leads into clients.

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What is a Lead Nurturing Program?

A lead nurturing program functions similarly to a sales funnel in structure and purpose, and even works alongside a sales pipeline to ensure that leads are being properly handled.

Here are some lead nurturing tactics that you should implement into each lead nurturing program:

  • Focus on direct sales outreach

  • Treat each particular lead as a customer

  • Focus on the buying process and eliminate any pain points

  • Send dynamic website content and even direct mail to a given lead

  • Encourage cross channel communication

  • Focus on sales ready leads

  • Use marketing automation to anticipate the needs and wants of each lead

Each lead nurturing program should be different and tailored to each of your prospective leads.

Once your marketing team has obtained a lead through their content creation, your sales team will now work to help each lead become a paying customer.

If the sales funnel is accompanied by marketing automation software and additional lead nurturing, each lead will be in a better position to make the leap from lead to client.

How to Make Your Lead Nurturing Efforts Worth It

The lead nurturing process does not have to be complicated.

Much like the sales pipeline, it is important to have structure within your lead nurturing strategy, but it is also crucial to approach each lead with an open mind and cater to their specific needs.

When the lead nurturing program begins, your potential customer will have already been drawn into your business through various forms of inbound marketing, whether those were email marketing efforts, social media posts, or any other valuable content that served as a lead magnet.

What this means is that your marketing messages have worked, and that now your lead is primed to learn more about your business and services.

With this in mind, here are some ways to optimize your lead nurturing strategy:

  • Stay up to date with each lead and their journey

  • Align sales with each of your potential customers

  • Send relevant content to these leads to help provide valuable information

  • Prep your sales teams to aid in this process by providing calls and email marketing if necessary

  • Send a lead a blog post to encourage website traffic and the spread of relevant information

  • Set up a designated landing page for FAQ’s and other resources

Each of these lead nurturing tactics ultimately help you to accomplish the same goal: foster a relationship with each lead and help support them on their journey in the sales cycle.

As you get more leads, you’ll see that this nurturing process looks a little different for every single prospective customer.

Embrace the variety, and keep the goal of the process central to all that you do.

How Kennected Uses Lead Nurturing Campaigns

At Kennected, effective lead nurturing strategies help us with both converting leads into clients, as well as generating leads.

Creating content will help with lead generation, but your lead nurturing strategy is ultimately what will help you convert leads into customers time and time again.

Since marketing triggers this process, it is important to have a solid content marketing strategy in place to aid with obtaining leads and getting them to a certain landing page.

However, the most important steps are within the lead nurturing phase.

Make sure that each sales rep is doing their job, and ensure that each lead is being taken care of accordingly.

Your lead nurturing and conversion rates will thank you for the effort!

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