What Is The Lead Nurturing Process

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The lead nurturing process involves building relationships with each lead as they come and making sure that your business is doing everything possible to ensure a smooth transition from lead into paying customer.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What lead nurturing is

  • How to focus on nurturing leads and your strategy

  • What lead scoring is and how to implement a lead scoring system

  • How to strengthen your overall lead nurturing strategy

Read on to learn all about lead nurturing and how this process fits into the lead generation process as a whole.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the emphasis on building relationships with leads regularly and concentrating these efforts into a designated lead nurturing program.

Essentially, the best lead nurturing campaigns are the ones that help support leads at each stage of the buyer’s journey and make sure that sales ready leads are prepared for the sales funnel and the eventual conversion into paying customers.

When you nurture leads, you develop a personal connection with them and are able to help them fully understand the value of your business.

While lead nurturing takes place during the later stages of lead generation, your sales and marketing teams both play an instrumental part in the process.

The process itself should look something like this:

  1. Leads are generated through content marketing strategies and marketing automation, appealing to potential customers and drawing them into your business.

  2. Each particular lead is assigned to a sales rep with the intention of preparing them for the buying process and the sales funnel.

  3. Your lead nurturing efforts now begin to come into play, and you use various employees in your organization to provide information and begin to foster a relationship with each of your nurtured leads.

  4. Successfully convert leads into customers through the sales funnel and effective lead nurturing strategy.

Step 3 is where you will take the time to develop a designated lead nurturing program for each of your leads depending on what they need from your business, and this customization is what will make the difference for your sales cycle.

Now that we know a little bit more about the lead nurturing process, let’s outline how to best improve your strategy.

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How to Focus on Nurturing Leads

When you are focusing on lead nurturing, you are ultimately honing in on optimizing your lead scoring system and how to best make conversions within your business.

When developing a good lead nurturing process, you want to keep the following items in mind:

  • Post relevant content on social media

  • Cater your content marketing towards future customers

  • Focus on developing meaningful relationships with your leads

  • Encourage cross channel communication to strengthen lead presence

  • Use social media posts to align sales with marketing strategies

  • Keep prospects engaged with email marketing and communication channels

  • Use frequent calls to action in written content and spoken word

Above all else, you want to be seen as a resource to every lead, even before they become a client of yours.

You want to provide prospective customers with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about your business, and you also want to use this process to demonstrate how beneficial your service is.

This process is about lead conversion and about demonstrating your value, so be sure to take the time to develop each facet of your lead nurturing strategy equally.

How to Strengthen your Lead Nurturing Strategy

When it comes to your lead nurturing tactics, you’ll find that leads will need different things from you in order to be successful.

While you should have lead nurturing strategies in place, you should also be prepared to be flexible and accommodating in this process.

Each lead nurturing campaign will be different, especially in the buying stage.

Because of these differences, you’ll have to create a specific nurture program for each successful lead.

Some leads will benefit from working with your marketing professionals and seeing more content creation and advertising from that source.

Others will want to work more closely with your sales team and learn about this process.

Successful lead nurturing occurs when you allow your leads to guide the process themselves, and this approach will help them and your business will reap the benefits of lead nurturing.

In addition to having a flexible approach, there are a few other ways to improve your lead nurturing strategy:

  • Minimize the number of non nurtured leads you have

  • Concentrate your marketing efforts on key performance indicators to see strengths and weaknesses

  • Focus on quality leads

  • Make the awareness stage as brief as possible

  • Focus on maintaining relationships throughout the process

  • Stay up to date on leads, especially within the consideration stage

  • Focus on key elements of your lead nurturing strategies

When converting leads through your nurturing strategy, make sure to look at previous conversions to check your progress and ensure that you are utilizing your departments and resources properly.

Not every lead will turn into a client, and that is okay.

As long as you learn something from every lead and continue to strive for improvement, your lead scoring and overall lead nurturing strategy will be successful.

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How Kennected Uses the Lead Nurturing Process

Here at Kennected, our service revolves around lead generation, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t use lead nurturing and lead scoring tactics ourselves daily.

Since we specialize in this area, it is even more important for us at Kennected to make sure that our leads are being fostered properly and that their transition from lead into client is as smooth as possible.

We focus on building relationships with leads, and above all else, you should too. 

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