What Is Lead Nurturing Automation

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Automated lead nurturing involves the inclusion of software to boost your existing lead nurturing strategy and strengthen your ability to utilize relationship building throughout this process. This software can help with data collection, lead management, and other lead scoring functions.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What lead nurturing is

  • What the lead nurturing process looks like for your business

  • Best ways to improve lead nurturing strategy

  • How to focus on nurturing leads throughout this process and within each of your lead nurturing campaigns

Read on to learn all about automated lead nurturing and how this software can strengthen your existing strategy.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of providing information to qualified leads at each stage of the sales process, helping to fill any gaps left by the sales funnel.

Your lead nurturing efforts will be structured largely around the efforts of your marketing automation, as well as the roles of your marketing and sales teams.

Each lead nurturing program you create will look slightly different, as the needs of your leads will differ as well.

When creating your lead nurturing strategy, here are a few things to remember to keep in mind:

  • Use marketing automation to your advantage

  • View lead nurturing as a supplementary process to the sales cycle

  • Always focus on potential customers

  • Focus on providing support during each phase of the buyer’s journey

  • Utilize relevant communications

  • Always emphasize the value of your product or service

Each lead nurturing performance will be slightly varied, so be flexible in your approach and consolidate your marketing efforts to aid in lead nurturing.

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What Does the Lead Nurturing Process Look Like?

The lead nurturing process is rooted in supporting leads and fostering connections with each lead.

When this personal connection is made and fostered, leads are more likely to feel confident in their purchase decision and will also feel more inclined to continue utilizing your services.

Though the process itself doesn’t have a set structure, it fits into the lead generation cycle perfectly:

  1. Using content marketing, marketing automation solutions, and other inbound marketing techniques, leads are generated for your business.

  2. These leads travel from a marketing automation platform to a landing page.

  3. Your sales reps divide the leads and begin working closely with their designated leads in preparation for the sales funnel.

  4. Your lead nurturing strategy comes into play here. Work to maintain connections, monitor customer behavior, and help with the nurture program throughout the process.

  5. Convert leads into clients!

At the end of this cycle, you’ll see that nurtured leads produce more leads, fueling the cycle all over again.

The key elements here are to make sure that leads are being nurtured properly during all stages of the process.

Monitoring lead behavior and focusing on lead nurture are two ways to optimize your nurturing program and encourage a successful conversion.

Ways to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

Since there is no true structure to the lead nurturing process, it can be difficult to nail down exactly which areas need to improve and what is working for your business.

Despite this, there are many things you can do to make sure your lead nurturing is as successful as possible:

  • Minimize the number of non nurtured leads you have

  • Employ an automated process

  • Create relevant content for the sole purpose of aiding lead nurturing

  • Engage leads with website content and direct mail

  • Provide a consistent experience

  • Foster lasting relationships

  • Utilize personalized content whenever possible

  • Focus on targeted messages

  • Deliver personalized experiences through email marketing and a push notification

  • Focus on ways to nurture leads during all phases of the cycle

View your lead nurturing campaigns as a source of support for your leads.

Don’t think of lead nurturing as a one size fits all– tailor your approach to suit the needs and wants of each respective lead that comes your way.

This approach will help you to create solid lead nurturing campaigns and aid in your lead scoring goals.

How Kennected Uses Lead Nurturing Automation

Here at Kennected, lead generation and lead nurturing are two of the most important functions that we deal with and coordinate on a daily basis.

Since our software is rooted in lead generation, we have to do all of the necessary work to obtain leads ourselves before we can begin to emphasize the value of our own services.

Lead generation is vital to the success of any business, but it is often the lead nurturing efforts that make the difference for businesses and their customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction.

With this in mind, don’t neglect your lead nurturing efforts. They may just be the thing your business venture has been missing. 

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Four years ago, the founders of Kennected had the same struggles. They found that lead generation was way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, knowing there had to be a better way.

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