Lead Nurture Best Practices For Your Business

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Some of the best lead nurturing tactics include supporting the buyer’s journey, focusing on qualified leads, prepping your marketing and sales teams accordingly, and developing a set of lead scoring tactics to enhance the efficacy of your strategy.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What lead nurturing is

  • What a lead nurturing program does for your business

  • The best ways to optimize your lead nurturing campaigns

  • The role of both sales and marketing teams in the lead nurturing process

Read on to learn all about how to make your lead nurturing strategy as strong as possible and to maximize your lead to customer conversion rates.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a process that allows you to build relationships with the most qualified leads during each phase of the lead generation cycle.

Your lead nurturing efforts should begin as soon as qualified leads have been generated and these leads are preparing for the sales funnel.

At this point, your sales and marketing strategies are hard at work, and your lead nurturing campaign is set to begin.

An effective lead nurturing strategy consists of the following items:

  • Customer relationship management through multiple channels

  • Building relationships with prospective customers

  • Sales team outreach with relevant content and phone calls

  • One on one conversations to enhance customer retention

  • Supporting each lead throughout the buying process

  • Answering any questions about the sales process

  • Treating each successful lead as a paying customer

The big thing here is to make sure that each lead is being properly supported at every stage in the buyer’s journey, especially during one on one interactions.

You want to connect with each lead on a personal level to ensure that the transition from lead to customer is as seamless as possible.

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What is a Lead Nurturing Program?

A lead nurturing program is essentially the compilation of all of your lead nurturing strategies and their application when it comes to a specific lead.

Successful lead nurturing is tailored to the needs and wants of each lead.

Some leads may value marketing messages throughout their journey, while other leads may want to opt in to your email marketing before becoming a customer.

Not every lead will want the same things, and that is why a lead nurturing structure for each lead is necessary.

Listen to what your potential customers want and support them on their customer journey accordingly.

Minimize pain points and seek to improve your own nurturing performance by being flexible and providing valuable information to your leads.

Best Ways to Focus On Nurturing Leads

Your lead nurturing best practices will differ from lead to lead, but there are certain items that you should always keep in mind for every lead in your target audience.

  • Have your marketing team create a content guide for new leads

  • Use marketing automation to help nurture leads and provide valuable information when needed

  • Streamline the sales cycle so that it supports time for lead nurturing tactics

  • Align sales with every effective multi channel lead

  • Include dynamic website content in a content guide

  • Follow industry trends for paid retargeting and handling important leads

  • Gather data points to help with more leads as they come

Anticipating the needs of your leads is a huge piece of a successful lead nurturing strategy, so be sure to not only provide support, but also to build upon your previous lead nurturing efforts.

Your sales representatives can also provide leads with nurturing, but having prepared guides and a solid website presence will help this process tremendously.

The Roles of the Sales and Marketing Teams

We know that the sales and marketing teams are instrumental when it comes to lead generation, but how do these departments aid in lead nurturing?

Let’s start with your marketing team.

Since lead nurturing refers to the process of building relationships with prospective customers, your marketing automation is usually not very involved in the cycle.

Despite this, here is how your marketing team kick starts the process:

  • Posting relevant content on social media posts

  • Using email marketing to appeal to current and potential customers

  • Increasing social media interactions and interacting with website visitors

  • Creating a guide for practices for lead nurturing

  • Writing a blog post for nurtured leads to aid in customer retention and the marketing funnel

  • Focusing on content marketing to ensure that new leads and being fostered and brought to a landing page

Since your marketing automation is likely rooted in content and advertising, a lot of beneficial lead nurturing can be done through these beginning processes.

Additionally, your marketing members can compile a content guide with various nurturing strategies for company use, or with a guide to your business as a whole to serve as an informational supplement for leads.

Either way, your marketers are key when it comes to successful nurturing strategies.

Your sales team is also a very important part of the process.

Since each sales rep will be speaking with a designated effective lead, you want to make sure that these potential customers are being taken care of outside the sales funnel as well.

Here is what your sales team can do in regards to lead nurturing:

  • Connect with leads on a personal level

  • Talk to paying customers and discuss how their lead nurturing cycle was in order to improve current strategy

  • Focus on lead nurturing strategies in the sales funnel

  • Focus on lead scoring and how to improve conversions

  • Emphasize fostering relationships with each lead

  • Be supportive alongside the buyer’s journey

Many of the lead nurturing strategies will be accomplished within the sales funnel, but it is a good reminder for each sales rep to constantly be fostering relationships and providing each lead with valuable information.

Many businesses will neglect these departments when it comes to fostering an effective lead nurturing strategy– your business should embrace the multiple channels and teams that can aid in lead nurturing.

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How Kennected Uses Lead Nurturing Programs

Here at Kennected, making sure that our leads are being nurtured and that each person is getting the information they need is extremely important to us.

With lead generation, content marketing and other marketing strategies are extremely important to the process of attracting and obtaining new leads.

With this in mind, always remember to include lead nurturing strategies at every stage of the process, not just when you think a lead needs a little extra nudge.

Being prepared for all scenarios and having a solid plan to nurture leads will serve your conversion process well.

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