What is a Lead Generator?

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A lead generator is a person who aids in the lead generation process by converting a lead into a paying customer through a variety of methods.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What lead generation is

  • The best ways to generate leads

  • Lead generation tools and software

  • Lead generation strategies that you can use everyday

  • The important elements of a lead generation campaign

Read on to learn about lead generators and how these individuals fit into the lead generation puzzle.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of using content marketing to boost your product or service to drawn in potential customers, or high quality leads.

The lead generation process will generally begin with your marketing team and the content they create, and as their content reaches your target audience, your sales team will work with the qualified leads and hopefully convert them into paying customers.

Generating high quality leads will often take place through an online lead generation platform or through content marketing.

The important thing to keep in mind throughout this process is keeping your product or service at the center of your content, regardless of the platform it is going out on.

Whether you are looking to reel in a sales qualified lead or a product qualified lead, your specific business product or service will be the item that garners interest.

If you don’t keep your product at the center of your lead generation marketing, you may drawn in inbound leads that are not actually interested in your services.

Generating consumer interest is just the beginning of the inbound lead generation process, so let’s take some time to outline how you can generate leads and reach your target audience effectively.

The Best Ways to Generate Leads For Your Business

When it comes to obtaining new leads, you’ll want to create a solid and fleshed out lead generation strategy that you can implement in a variety of areas.

The goals of generating leads is to reach prospective customers and lead them through a sales pipeline that will result in them joining your company as a paying customer.

Let’s outline some of the ways that you can get new customers:

  • Use B2B lead generation strategies to learn and pull from other successful businesses

  • Attract potential customers through search engines and lead nurturing

  • Follow lead generation trends to encourage business growth

  • Use your sales teams to strengthen lead scoring and get more leads

  • Use lead management software to improve lead quality and encourage warm leads

  • Employ a customer service representative to manage potential leads and aid with other lead management tasks

Lead gen does not have to be complicated.

In general, your lead generation efforts will be focused around online platforms, like social media, email marketing, SMS marketing, and other content that is focused on your company’s product.

Use social media to build brand awareness and boost your product or service.

Incorporate landing pages that result from social media platforms or lead capture.

Attract leads using sales opportunities and other lead sourcing techniques.

Experiment with generating leads, and see which methods give you the best results and the highest lead scoring rates.

Use your online platforms to your advantage!

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Common Lead Generation Tools and Software

When it comes to obtaining business leads, you need to understand how lead generation works and also be aware of the software available to you to aid in this lead capture.

Your lead generation strategies will help you tremendously in your ability to generate leads, but it is worth exploring the other tools and software that exists to strengthen your qualified leads as well.

Here are some of the software options available on the market currently:

  • Search engine optimization to aid with landing pages and consistent sales

  • Lead information provided by a software database to give you updating information on lead sourcing, a lead magnet, and outbound leads

  • B2B lead generation platforms to help you convert leads

  • Lead gen platforms to help your sales team converse with potential customers

Inbound lead generation is a huge piece of your business, so it is beneficial to employ a software service or alternate platform to help you expand your current lead generation strategy.

Ultimately, your goal is to get new leads.

There are services that will aid in organizing inbound leads, streamlining the sales pipeline, and even providing information to help strengthen social media and prospective leads from there.

Do some research to find what areas will most benefit you and your own lead generation efforts, and expand your lead gen whenever possible.

What a Successful Lead Generation Campaign Should Look Like

Your lead generation strategies will combine to form a successful campaign, but you may be wondering exactly how those strategies work together to obtain quality leads.

When you start generating leads, you’ll want to focus on lead quality above all else.

As your lead generation strengthens, you’ll be able to discern a good lead from other kinds of leads, and your focus will shift towards creating a good lead magnet wherever possible.

Here is the general format for a lead generation campaign and the steps involved within it:

  1. Use lead generation tools to create content that will reach prospective customers.

  2. Post this content through social media, email marketing, SMS, and any other platform, including a landing page for your website.

  3. Gain new leads through this content, attracting them to your website or another landing page.

  4. Use your sales reps to sift through all the leads and assist in leading these individuals through a sales funnel.

  5. Continue fostering these quality leads until they become paying customers!

Once this cycle has completed, you start all over again with new content marketing and more lead management software and strategy.

Make sure that each quality lead is being treated as a paying customer at every stage– you want to bring in clients, not turn them away.

Use your software accordingly and to help you in areas where you see weakness.

Treat each quality lead with care, and you’ll see amazing lead generation progress at every stage.

How Kennected Uses Lead Generation

Here at Kennected, we are all about lead generation and getting quality leads whenever possible.

We work with other businesses to aid in their lead generation, saving them time, money, and energy while giving them the tools to reach their target audience.

Do everything you can to make your lead generation strategies successful– you won’t regret it!

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