Lead Generation Software :
What Is It And What Is The Best
Software For Each Platform?

Leads are hard to come by, especially in a very competitive industry where potential targets might be feeling like everyone is just trying to get their attention.
To make significant progress towards their goals, business owners need to step up their lead generation game.
When it comes to lead generation, it’s all about finding quality leads and creating a meaningful connection with them. Doing this takes time, effort, and lots of patience.
But with the right lead generation software, business owners, marketers, and sales professionals can find leads that convert into sales much more easily.

Best Lead Generation

Lead generation software or lead management software is a platform that will help users automatically generate and collect leads from specific channels and route them to sales or marketing teams for conversion. Lead generation tools and software help you easily capture contact information from people interested in your company's product or service.These are called “leads” and usually come from your website or other online sources.....Read More Lead gen software offers you beautiful and high-converting customizable forms to capture leads from websites. You can use them as in-mail or in-person forms to collect lead data from third parties. The software can seamlessly integrate with your other business tools without requiring any coder When it comes to lead generation software, most people think that the best lead generation tools = more money. These are often the same people who bring “Tofurkey” to Thanksgiving. The truth is, there are hundreds of free lead generation tools out there — and most of them are about as tasty as Tofurky. Ignore those people. They can't be trusted. It’s important to note that leads can be generated and found from any channel: from email to social media platforms, to landing pages. Lead generation isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on if you're a B2B or B2C business, you'll use lead generation programs differently. It's no mystery that leads are hard to come by, not to mention quality leads. At least, that is the reality, until you have tried lead generation software. With the right lead generation software, marketers and sales professionals can effectively generate more leads and ultimately convert leads into valuable customers. Some lead generation tools increase customer engagement, while others help you streamline the sales call process. But no matter which approach is best for your business, the idea is the same. Get your name out to customer leads, and attract them to your door before they go to the competition. Because of this, lead generation software exists for many different channels. Different software caters to different channels and provides a wide range of benefits. While evaluating software, keep an eye out for this feature as it can help reduce the possibility of missed leads.

Lead Generation
Software & CRM

Make sure your lead generation software integrates with applications such as Google and Facebook ad builders, your CRM tool, and multiple social media channels. This facilitates effective sales pipeline management. Integrating your lead generation software and your favorite CRM like Hubspot, PipeDrive, Salesflare, SalesForce or others is ultra important so you don't lose track of leads and miss sales opportunities...

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Tagging Leads

Considered the latest trend in the lead generation tools, tagging leads according to their behavior helps stream them into their respective niches.
During the lead-generating process, a potential customer's details go through multiple phases of development; thus, not maintaining tags on them can be very confusing later.
Hence, tagging them under the respective niches is highly advisable to enhance efficiency in the lead generation process.

Inside Sales Software

The inside sales software is integral to keeping up with the high-touch sales and following up with the prospects frequently in a sales cycle.

The sophisticated software assists with the key roles in the inside sales, including lead qualification and conducting demos.

Tag Manager

The most important constituent of the lead management system software is its ability to sort the leads in separate folders. While almost all software help in doing so, investing in software that also allows smart inbox filters, multi-channel marketing, and provides data-driven insights is more beneficial.

Lead Automation

Lead generation software helps businesses automate lead generation activities such as contact management, lead segmentation, form customization, surveys, social media marketing, lead assignment, and post-sale follow-up.

Customer Relation- ship Management Software

A landing page builder allows you to create beautifully designed landing pages that capture visitors' attention and offer them multiple opportunities to convert into leads– with easy-to-complete forms, meeting modules, or live chat.
You can create custom landing pages for your site without ever learning how to code with the block editor.
Feature new or coming soon listings, highlight your unique value, or even kick off recruiting efforts with branded, customized, and specific-to-you pages. Some of the most popular landing page builders are:

  • ClickFunnels
  • Instapage
  • Unbounce
  • Hubspot
  • Leadpages
  • Swipe Pages
  • Elementor

Contact Database

Create a central repository of leads data. Store and search contact information such as name, email, and telephone number.

Lead Capture

Lead capture software is quintessential for the survival of any business in the highly competitive market as it finds new opportunities for sales. The new business chances are necessary to record the growth and development of a business, and it is a vital step in the sales process. Automatically identify and store contact information for potential customers...Read More Cloud Kennect by Kennected is one of the top lead capture tools on the market. We allow our customers to download ultra-valuable data from their connections, including name, email, and phone number. You can pull this data automatically into your favorite CRM.


Create an online form that allows website visitors to contact your company.

Why Is Lead
Generation Software

Lead generation software that automates the prospecting for your B2B or B2C business is ultra valuable. Sales and marketing teams are literally clambering for qualified leads every single day. Leads are probably the most prominent part of being “successful for any business out there." Without fresh leads, your business is like a fish without water. It'll eventually die, and that too ...Read More at a rapid pace. We've seen many companies opting out of their lead generation campaigns only to focus on word-of-mouth marketing, but that didn't work well in most cases. We try to make lead generation tools not scary by making an easy-to-use interface and friendly sales and support staff to help make the process of lead qualification software a much easier buying experience. Unless you're a business with a considerable reputation and super-wide reach, you shouldn't just rely on word-of-mouth marketing. Competing for consumer attention requires constant effort. But even the most dedicated teams can find it tough to identify and engage with the right customers. Every day, businesses change addresses and phone numbers, contacts leave organizations, and new companies are started. Lead generation software helps business owners generate and convert more quality leads from multiple channels, achieve higher conversion rates, expand their customer base, and eventually boost sales and revenue. These channels collect contact information from people who have expressed interest in your product or service. So you can market to them with better insight. More targeted marketing tactics mean more qualified leads, which ultimately translates to more profitable deals. Double-down on the lead conversion process, so your sales pipeline stays full. You can't beat on-page lead generation and email marketing for online lead generation. If visitors are already looking at your website, they are already interested in your services or products. So, strike while they are on your site and collect that lead!

What Makes A Good Lead Generation Tool For Sales And Marketing Teams?

As you can see, there are many different types of lead generation software specializing in various marketing channels. And then some platforms have it all — but you might not know if you will need it all. But don't get intimidated. Instead, focus on where most of your potential customers are coming from. ...Read More The better you understand your customers, the better you can tailor your sales pitch and pipeline to their specific needs. You can classify leads based on demographics, referral source, and website engagement to help sales teams distribute marketing messages via email or social media. The right lead generation strategy will help you pack your sales pipeline with high-quality leads. There are different ways to automate lead generation. Chat boxes, cold email campaigns, personalized blog post recommendations, and website use notifications. They're all automated to save you time, while still producing valuable lead data. Having more leads isn't always a good thing. More leads mean more work, and if most of your leads are cold or lukewarm, you'll end up working harder for smaller returns. Lead generation software uses lead scoring to analyze customer data and identify the most likely to buy from you. Generating leads sometimes costs money in paid advertising, media distribution, or contact list purchasing. For some B2B businesses, the cost of acquiring a new lead can be as much as $200 for one contact. But there are some free and low-cost lead generating options out there.

Best Lead Generation
Software for Instagram

There are dozens of software available for Instagram because it is such a popular social networking site. This app is also very visual, and that is why it tends to attract audiences and marketers alike. Instagram users tend to be on the younger side, so businesses that have this type of target audience will get a lot out of their lead generation efforts if they use the right approach. ...Read More


Buffer is a scheduling tool that allows users to plan out their Instagram posts days or weeks in advance. Those actively using Instagram don’t want to be bombarded by posts from the same person or brand regularly. So to prevent these potential leads from getting annoyed, Buffer helps create a steady stream of properly paced posts. It’s a great tool for automating social media efforts. It also provides analytics that can help track the performance of each post. With powerful analytics reporting, your team will be able to see exactly which marketing campaigns brought in the highest value leads. With this information, you can continue to build campaigns that resonate with the most qualified leads. Then you'll attract even more high-value customers, and minimize time waste with cold leads.


There are other great tools for Instagram that take advantage of the visual approach of the site by bringing images to the next level. Enlight, for example, provides image adjustment, dynamic gradients, typography tools, and other photography and editing staples. These can help make posts pop and catch your target’s attention without trying too hard. Enlight is a paid app, so it’s not great for those who are only starting out and only need the basics.


But VSCO is another tool perfect for marketing, and it’s free. This software is one of the most popular editing apps because it is a one-stop-shop for Instagram marketers. It has it all.

Best Lead Generation
Software for LinkedIn

Unlike Instagram, which attracts a younger generation, LinkedIn attracts professionals of all ages. It has over 700 million profiles and is, therefore, one of the best channels for lead generation. Simply put, everyone is there. When using LinkedIn for lead generation, business owners look for leads by manually searching for keywords, using filters,
and communicating directly with ...Read More leads. But this process can become tedious very quickly, so tools that automate this process are very useful. As the best in class lead generation software tools for LinkedIn, Kennected has a very thorough training and onboarding process for SMBs, individuals and Enterprise clients.

Best Lead Generation
Software for YouTube

Lead generation for YouTube is all about the content creator's videos being produced and published. Is YT part of social media marketing? Well, there are definitely social aspects to YouTube so DO NOT sleep on it as far as a lead gen platform. Without a steady stream of good content, people will not even subscribe. Or worse, leads will not even be interested enough to watch your next videos. ...Read More So when it comes to software, there is a wide range of tools that can help with YouTube lead generation. But most of them are video editing software like Wondershare Filmora, etc. It is the largest video streaming platform globally, and the only way to generate leads is to catch the attention of viewers with great videos. Still, there are a few tips and strategies to keep in mind. For starters, brands should remember to target relevant keywords when writing their captions, titles, and descriptions. Optimizing your YouTube channel is also important. Make sure that the videos are relevant to the target audience’s interests. If it’s a makeup brand, having a few makeover videos and beauty tips can help get the name out there. Lastly, you can add website links in your video descriptions to get those leads. Remind viewers to like and subscribe to your channel because a good call to action is necessary.

How To Leverage Lead
Generation Tools To
Grow Your Business

Listen, tools are important; they can help you automate mundane tasks and focus on the truly important things like developing relationships that can be both profitable and enjoyable for both parties. Let's not forget the personal elements that are still needed in business. Many of us get hit up with, let's say, "spammy" automated messages. Those people have a tool in their hands, ...Read More and they don't know how to leverage that tool. This is one reason we came up with the Kennected Social Selling Course. Our social selling course helps educate, inform and train sales organizations on industry best practices and how to build relationships that start and often end up in a transaction, 100% through online mediums like Zoom, Google Meet, LinkedIn, and more.

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Free Trial

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  • Instant Access to our Automated Lead Flow Software
  • Lead Flow Mastery Lite (Our Flagship Education Platform)
  • Group Onboarding Webinar

How To Leverage Lead
Generation Tools To Grow Your Business

Lead generation tools are a useful way to drive more leads, but you need to invest in automated lead generation software to do it at scale. Kennected advocates for automating the mundane, tedious tasks, while focusing on the highly relational aspects of prospecting, which is responding and providing value when the prospect interacts with you. Whether you’re trying to bring in new website visitors, grow your sphere-of-influence, or expand into new markets, Kennected’s lead generation services can helpRead More Turn leads into paying customers while also staying in touch with existing customers. People love to chat and communicate. Use this to your business’ benefits to help generate leads Generate leads locally or nationally. Target real estate shoppers in specific regions, like neighborhoods, cities, or multiple states. Whatever market you serve, we can assist. For nearly five years, Kennected has offered lead generation services. We’re engineering for lead gen success. We know what works, and we know what will produce results. Our CRM monitors site visitors, analyzes behavior, and tells you who is interested in what products. You will have a central command center to communicate and win more opportunities. Results you’ll love. Doing more with less is one of our core values. We’re building new lead generation technology to support your goals. Get your time back. We’ll take care of the digital marketing pieces, so you don’t worry about leads coming in the door. Capture deals before competitors can. Use the power of Kennected’s data. Visit Kennected and learn more about lead generation strategies, including automating your LinkedIn lead generation efforts!

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