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SEO companies offer their search engine optimization services to help businesses and brands improve their online visibility. This is crucial in the digital age where everyone is spending time online. If you’re not promoting yourself online, you’re getting left behind.

It’s hard to rank high in search results without using SEO, and it’s hard to master SEO without the help of the experts. That’s where SEO companies come in.

But even SEO companies need to find ways to promote their services. Otherwise, they won’t be able to generate enough leads to keep their business running. Without clients to work with, their business will fail.

So if you’re running an SEO company and you want to figure out how to generate a continuous stream of leads, here are a few strategies you can try.

How to Generate Leads for SEO Companies

The more leads you have, the easier it is to convert them into clients. Successful SEO companies are able to generate their own pipeline of business opportunities.

The organic approach to lead generation is networking. There are traditional methods you can use such as securing referrals, finding referral partners, and using word of mouth marketing.

Combine these “old school” lead generation strategies with modern day digital marketing and you have a solid strategy for finding new clients. That’s how you get started on generating a stream of leads.

On top of these organic efforts, you can also spend some of your budget on paid ads. This allows you to cast the widest net possible and find the most compatible leads.


To this day, word of mouth marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Referrals are a great form of word of mouth marketing because it’s done by satisfied customers who are speaking based on their experience with your company. Therefore they are a reliable source, especially for the people they know. If these satisfied customers recommend your SEO company, people are more likely to listen.

So if you already have an existing network of former clients, you can ask them to simply introduce you to people who might be in need of your services. You can even give them an incentive for a lead that converts into a customer. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy: it can be a promo, or a discount, or even movie tickets.

However, if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a large network to pull from, you can always get referrals from your own social circles. You can ask your friends, colleagues, former coworkers, former classmates, or family members to promote your SEO company. You will typically target small and midsize businesses—you can easily find them through mutual connections.

These are the people who know and trust you. They would be more than willing to give an introduction.

As you work with more and more clients, your reputation will continue to grow. This is how you build your own network of connections. Start building that network today.

Referral Partners for SEO Companies

A referral partner is someone who can give you referrals when they come across leads that are compatible with your services. Ideally, they would have a significant number of clients who would make ideal clients for your SEO company. You can then compensate your referral partner every time you get a lead that converts.

Referral partners make it a lot easier for businesses to get high quality referrals. They can send them your way if they find someone who needs your SEO services. It can also work both ways, with you giving them referrals and getting paid whenever someone converts.

You can get referral partners from other entrepreneurs like business coaches, web design companies, managers, etc.

With a referral partner, you can still benefit financially even from business opportunities that would not bring you income otherwise. You can set up a referral system that generates leads for both parties.

Facebook Ads & Organic Leads

Those were the traditional methods of lead generation. But these days, your business will thrive if you combine that with social media marketing. Just keep in mind that different social networks may require different types of content and strategies.

Facebook is a huge social platform with over 2.8 billion users and counting. It is used by many different types of people across different demographics and age groups. This means you will probably find your target audience here. Facebook is arguably the most popular social network at the moment.

If you want to generate leads organically on Facebook, it’s all about content. The good news is that Facebook supports many different types of content, and they all get significant amounts of traffic. You can post pictures, videos, and even text-based posts.

You can also go for Facebook ads. These can be tailored to help you reach your marketing goals. They’re also available in different formats: video, carousel, slideshow, photo, lead ads, canvas, link ads, and dynamic ads.

Instagram Ads & Organic Leads

Instagram is all about aesthetics. After all, it’s still the most popular photo sharing website online with over 1 billion users. If you want to generate leads organically on Instagram, you need to focus on the visual elements of your content. Whether you’re posting a picture or a video, it needs to reflect your brand. This is how you attract leads to your profile.

If your strategy is to run ads on Instagram, you can target them based on age group, gender, and interests. You can turn your Instagram posts into stunning promotional materials using Instagram ads. Soon, you’ll be swimming in leads.

TikTok Ads & Organic Leads

SEO companies may not consider TikTok for lead generation right away, but any social media-savvy marketer will tell you that this platform has great potential. It is not just full of silly videos, lip syncs, skits, and dance challenges. A lot of content creators are actually using TikTok to post educational content that are fun and entertaining. So if you think you can come up with unique and creative videos to promote your SEO company, this is the place to do it.

Let’s not ignore the fact that TikTok now has over 1 billion users, and it is still growing. If you promote your SEO company here, you can give yourself a significant advantage over your competition. You can even use it to demonstrate industry leadership.

In terms of paid ads, TikTok is still developing that aspect of the platform, but they do offer things like native in-feed ads, hashtag challenge ads, and brand ads. But most of the lead generation here is done organically.

Feel free to get creative. You can also just jump on the latest trends and find a way to connect it with your SEO company.

YouTube Ads & Organic Leads

Speaking of video content, YouTube is one of the best platforms for getting SEO leads because basically everyone is using it. YouTube has over 2 billion users, making it a gigantic platform.

Videos are popular because they can be entertaining and informative at the same time. Plus, they combine all the elements that attract people’s attention: pictures, movement, audio, text, graphics, and effects—all wrapped up into one easy to digest package.

YouTube can be considered a social networking platform, but it also functions as a search engine. As an SEO expert yourself, you know how crucial it is to optimize your video content on YouTube to get the most visibility. Use that knowledge to give your videos the edge.

You can also use YouTube ads to promote your content and maximize its reach. YouTube ads are known for producing massive results because of how many people use the platform every day.

Google Ads & Organic Leads

Speaking of search engines, Google is the biggest search engine and also the most visited website overall, with over 4 billion users. Promoting yourself organically on Google is also about SEO—which you know a lot about already.

You probably know that SEO is a long term strategy rather than something that can give you results instantly. But knowing its importance, you should promote your SEO company using SEO anyway.

The higher you rank in search results, the more leads will come knocking at your door.

If you want to get faster results, complement your organic efforts with Google Adwords. This is Google’s very own advertising program. One benefit of Google Ads is that it has no minimum spending requirement. You can set your own budget and control it. You get to choose where your ad appears and even measure its impact using analytics.

LinkedIn Ads & Organic Leads

For SEO companies looking to find more clients to work with, LinkedIn is perhaps the best social network to promote your business. Unlike the other platforms, LinkedIn is a professional social network. This is where all the CEOs, marketers, business owners, managers, professionals, and decision makers are hanging out online. It’s like one big networking event that lets you connect with everyone.

These are the people you need to target for your SEO company to thrive. Additionally, LinkedIn users are very likely to convert. Professionals are always looking for opportunities to grow  and develop their careers. That’s what they are using LinkedIn for. So if you can give them that value, you can find high quality leads here.

You can also try LinkedIn ads: this is one of the best advertising platforms when it comes to social networks. With a carefully-crafted message, you can easily reach your ideal targets using LinkedIn ads.

But one of the best ways to reach potential clients on LinkedIn is by automating your outreach.

LinkedIn Automation for Outreach

One of the best reasons to use LinkedIn for lead generation is you can automate it using Kennected.

Although LinkedIn can help you generate a ton of leads organically, it can also be very time-consuming. And if you’re busy running an SEO company, you don’t have time to reach out to different people one by one.

Imagine manually sending messages to thousands of people who may or may not reply. That’s how difficult manual prospecting is.

But with the right automation tools, you can generate leads on LinkedIn on autopilot. We recommend choosing your automation tool wisely, because some tools spam other LinkedIn users with unsolicited messages and it can put your account in trouble. Your LinkedIn account can get restricted or suspended.

In general, LinkedIn does not like automation tools especially if it goes against their terms of service.

A high quality tool will let you automate your LinkedIn outreach without making you look like a spammer. You need to get Kennected.

Why Kennected is the Ultimate Blue Ocean Fishing Tool for Prospecting & Generating Leads

Kennected is a LinkedIn automation tool that is designed to bring you a stream of leads, connections, meetings, and appointments—all on autopilot and without compromising the safety of your account. That’s the power of Kennected.

Imagine being able to target all the CEOs in your defined area that has a LinkedIn account and then messaging them. Kennected automates your outreach, but it puts a limit on the number of messages sent per day, so you don’t come across as a spammer.

This automation tool sends your messages automatically, but not in bulk, so it’s like you are sending them yourself. Kennected also personalizes your messages based on the recipient. Personalization is an important part of automation because it increases your chances of getting a response.

If the person does not reply right away, Kennected will send a set amount of scheduled follow-ups. Follow-up messages are also personalized.

Kennected automates the tasks that are repetitive and mundane so you can focus on important, profit-generating activities like working with your clients. When someone responds, you can jump into the conversation and start building a relationship. Kennected believes in teaching clients how to fish instead of just giving them fish. We empower you with the tools and the knowledge you need to generate leads for your SEO company.

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