What is Lead Generation in Sales

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Lead generation in sales is the process of obtaining and nurturing potential customers, or quality leads, until they are ready to become paying customers.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover:

  • What lead generation is

  • How to generate leads effectively

  • Lead generation strategies to use daily

  • The step-by-step lead generation process in a campaign

  • The role of the marketing team in lead generation

  • The role of the sales force in lead generation

Read on to learn more about lead management software, the paying customer, how to improve lead quality, and much more.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of creating content geared toward your target audience in hopes of gaining new customers, or qualified leads.

Your lead generation tools will work together in harmony to give you a wide variety of strategies and methods to generate leads.

A successful lead generation campaign will employ both content marketing campaigns and online lead generation, which can be utilized through an outside service or platform.

When you are using content marketing to help with generating high quality leads, you’ll structure your content around both existing customers and your company’s product.

When using lead management software, you will start generating leads from your company website, landing pages, and search engine optimization, all of which are features designed to work around the clock to reach prospective customers.

You’ll also want to follow lead generation trends to continue to improve your approach and widen your overall lead generation strategy.

Now that we know a bit about lead generation itself, let’s talk about how you can generate leads effectively.

How Do I Generate Leads?

To generate high quality leads, you want to be using a variety of lead generation strategies simultaneously.

The first step in the lead generation process is to first consider who your target audience is and how best to reach them.

Your potential customers are likely to be found in these places:

  • Social media platforms

  • Email threads

  • SMS channels

  • Other business owners (use B2B lead generation)

  • Online (reach through search engines)

Since the first stage in the lead generation process is finding your target audience, you’ll want to consider where your existing customers came from, and also where you see the most engagement online.

Using lead generation marketing, you should be able to easily tailor your online content towards lead generation, but always make sure to keep the product or service at the heart of your messaging.

Once you have inbound leads and new leads that have come from these digital platforms, you can employ your sales teams and try to help convert these warm leads into a sales qualified lead, meaning that they begin to travel down the sales pipeline.

As your lead gen improves and you continue to attract potential customers, you’ll see business growth, and this is just the beginning.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the lead generation strategies you can implement today.

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Lead Generation Strategies To Implement

Ultimately, your goal should be to get more leads whenever possible.

Let’s outline the best strategies to use to obtain this goal:

  • Focus on the inbound lead generation process by condensing your content marketing and strive to build brand awareness

  • Use your software to aid in lead scoring

  • Prep your sales team to answer questions and lead individuals through the sales funnel

  • Focus on generating consumer interest

  • Nurture leads that are potentially interested through lead capture and sales reps

  • Utilize lead management whenever possible

  • Create a landing page to guide potential leads to a specific locations

  • Treat all the leads you have as existing customers

The big thing here is to use your lead generation tools effectively and always be thinking of ways to reach your potential customers.

When obtaining prospective leads, always be thinking about lead quality and how to structure your content to serve as a lead magnet.

Let’s review the steps involved in a lead generation campaign and how you should be aiming to generating quality leads.

The Steps Involved in a Lead Generation Campaign

Here are the steps involved in your lead generation strategy:

  1. Structure your content around your product or service and emphasize the value of your company’s product as well.

  2. Use B2B lead generation and other lead generation tools to draw in quality leads.

  3. Convert leads into a product qualified lead, meaning that these leads can now enter the sales funnel.

  4. Have your sales teams be present at every stage in the sales funnel, ensuring that these new leads can eventually become paying customers.

  5. Have your sales reps speak consistently with your sales leads, and have them close the deal, making each lead a paying customer.

This cycle deals with your own inbound lead generation, meaning that these are the steps you should follow for your own content creation and attempts to reach prospective customers.

If you choose to utilize a software designed to help with generating leads, all you will have to do is follow steps 3-5 on the above list.

Let’s get into the specifics of how qualified leads arrive and the role of each team in this process.

The Role of The Marketing Team

Your marketing campaigns are the heart of your lead generation efforts.

Generating new leads and lead scoring cannot happen without the content that draws in these customers, so be sure to place a lot of emphasis and time on the content you are putting out.

Make sure your marketing squad is aware of their role, and always keep the focus of drawing in quality leads in mind.

Your product or service is instrumental for attracting a good lead, so keep this at the center of each piece of content.

The marketing squad and the content they create is a huge piece of how lead generation works, so make sure they know the importance of their role.

The Role of The Sales Team

Your sales team is also very important for the success of your lead generation.

It is important to note that your sales team can also participate in cold calling and cold outreach if they feel it is necessary for lead sourcing, but their role in the sales pipeline is very critical as well.

Make sure your sales team is prepped and ready to go when it comes time for them to speak with a quality lead, especially when this lead reaches a landing page.

You’ll need them to obtain lead information, solid knowledge on each of the business leads, and a general grasp on the lead generation process as a whole.

The lead generation cycle may begin with the marketing squad and the content they produce, but it ends with the sales team, and that is what makes them a huge part of the lead generation success you will experience.

Making sure that each piece of your lead generation is accounted for and trained well will give you great success in this facet of your business.

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How Kennected Uses Lead Generation Strategies

Here at Kennected, lead generation is at the heart of what we do, and we find that lead generation strategies are an invaluable service to those we do business with.

We place emphasis on having a well constructed lead generation plan, involving prepping your sales teams and helping you gain quality leads every single day.

As long as you keep your product or service at the center of your content and your lead generation purpose clear, you’ll see great success. 

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Four years ago, the founders of Kennected had the same struggles. They found that lead generation was way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, knowing there had to be a better way.

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