Lead Generation For Recruiters

Recruiters are experts when it comes to finding, screening, and attracting applicants for open positions. They work in the field of human resources. Their services may include advertising job openings, reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates.

In order to make money as a recruiter, you need to have clients. However, that’s easier said than done. Generating new clients and finding leads is a stressful process—especially if the leads aren’t coming straight to you.

What you need is a proper lead generation strategy. Today we’re going to be talking about how to generate more leads for your recruitment agency using both traditional networking strategies and digital marketing.

How to Generate Leads for Recruiters

To generate leads for your recruitment agency, you can start combining different strategies, both “old school” and “new school”. You can collect business cards or just expand your circles through traditional networking. Alternatively, you can use digital marketing to advertise your services online. Figure out the best strategy for your agency.

You can also use a combination of paid ads, networking, and organic lead generation to cast the widest net possible.


If you don’t have a huge network of connections to pull from, you can start by getting referrals from your friends and family members. See if they know anyone who has any hiring needs within their companies. Look for current and upcoming openings. Watch out for companies that are growing and looking to scale.

Getting referrals can be tricky at first, especially if you’re only getting started on building your network. Work within your social circles instead. They can introduce you to people who could use your services.

Your reputation as a recruiter will grow as you work with more clients. This is the best way to build your own network, but it will take time. Eventually generating leads will become much easier.

For now, word of mouth marketing is one of your best tools. Word of mouth marketing remains one of the most effective forms of marketing for any type of business. This also applies to recruitment agencies. Referrals are perfect for securing new leads because they are authentic and they come from existing clients or connections.

So start building that network today. Make sure your social circles are aware of your recruitment services so they can recommend you to the people they know.

Referral Partners for Recruiters

Lead generation for recruiters is all about networking. Aside from building your network through friends and acquaintances, you can look for referral partners who can refer clients to you.

This is someone who has a sizable number of clients who would make ideal clients for your recruitment services. You could approach business coaches, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to become your referral partner.

Your referral partner will recommend your recruitment services in exchange for something valuable. You may reimburse the partner if the recommendation leads to a sale. With a referral partner, you can still benefit financially even from business opportunities that would not bring you income otherwise. You can set up a referral system that generates leads for both parties.

Facebook Ads & Organic Leads

Networking should be a core aspect of your lead generation strategy. But you can also use paid ads to promote your recruitment services directly. This will complement your organic lead generation campaign.

Facebook is one of the best places to promote your services because it is one of the biggest social networking platforms at the moment. It has over 2.8 billion users around the world.

Facebook ads can be tailored to help you reach different marketing objectives: Conversion, Consideration, and Awareness. You can focus on getting results that drive a positive ROI.

Facebook ads are available in different ad formats: video, carousel, slideshow, photo, lead ads, canvas, link ads, and dynamic ads. So whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or find more leads, Facebook ads is a good choice for you.

While you’re waiting for your ads to work their magic, you can promote yourself on Facebook using content. Facebook supports photos, videos, and even text-based content.

Different social networks provide different benefits when it comes to lead generation. But in general, social media is perfect for helping recruiters find new clients because everyone is spending time online. So know your target audience and figure out where they are hanging out online. This will help you focus on the right platform to market yourself in.

Instagram Ads & Organic Leads

Not many recruiters realize this, but Instagram can actually help you generate leads. A lot of professionals are promoting themselves on Instagram, which means most of them are actively using this platform.

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing platform, with over 1 billion users around the world.

If you want to run ads on Instagram, you can target them based on age group, gender, and interests. You can turn your Instagram posts into eye-catching ads. This will lead to an increase in followers, which you can then convert into clients. Soon, you’ll be swimming in leads.

If you want to go the organic route, you have to remember that Instagram is all about visual content. You need to publish high quality images that promote not only your services but also you as a personality. Know your aesthetic, use a specific color scheme, and show them what makes your recruitment agency special.

TikTok Ads & Organic Leads

Even more surprising than Instagram for lead generation is TikTok for lead generation. Although it’s still a bit new, TikTok isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It has a large user base: right now it has over 1 billion users.

Marketing experts are beginning to realize its potential, which is why they are starting to develop their own strategies for generating leads on this platform.

TikTok is full of silly videos, parodies, skits, lip syncs, and dance challenges. But a surprising amount of content creators are using it to post educational content. Use this to your advantage and show your audience that you are an industry leader.

Using TikTok to promote your agency can make you appear more approachable—which can help you gain your prospects’ trust.

In terms of advertising, TikTok is still in its early stages, but TikTok does have a specialized advertising system that lets businesses reach a larger user base. There are hashtag challenge ads, native in-feed ads, and brand ads.

YouTube Ads & Organic Leads

Even more popular than TikTok is YouTube, which currently has over 2 billion users around the world. It is the biggest video sharing website around. Over 4 billion videos are viewed each day.

It also doubles as a search engine, which makes it the second largest search engine next to Google.

If you want to promote yourself organically using video content, YouTube can give you the massive audience you are looking for. Finding your target audience here should be a breeze.

In order to generate leads on YouTube, your videos need to provide value. Otherwise, they may just get lost in the sea of content that’s being uploaded every second. Combine entertainment and education, and then optimize your content with proper keywords to reach a larger audience.

You can also use YouTube ads to promote your content and maximize its reach. YouTube ads are known for producing massive results because of how many people use the platform every day.

Google Ads & Organic Leads

Promoting your recruitment agency in the world’s biggest search engine is definitely not a bad idea. It is the most visited website after all. Additionally, Google has over 4 billion users. If you want to find leads online, this is the place to be.

Because Google is a search engine, you will have to use SEO or search engine optimization to rank higher in search results. When you post content, you should include proper keywords that are related to your topic as well as your industry. Optimize your own website with relevant keywords to drive more traffic and boost your engagement.

Keep in mind that SEO is more of a long-term strategy rather than something that will instantly bring you more leads. It’s worth pursuing as a long-term goal because getting that high ranking on Google can help your agency tremendously by driving continuous traffic to your site.

Use Google ads to get better results in the meantime. Google Ads is Google’s very own advertising program. You can reach the right people with the right offer by creating ads based on your target audience—in this case, business owners.

One benefit of Google Ads is that it has no minimum spending requirement. You can set your own budget and control it. You get to choose where your ad appears and even measure its impact using analytics.

LinkedIn Ads & Organic Leads

As a recruiter, LinkedIn is definitely the best social networking platform for lead generation. LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform, which means its user base consists of entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, marketers and professionals from different industries. It’s like one giant networking event.

LinkedIn is extremely useful for recruiters, especially since it has over 756 million users around the world. It also has a much higher conversion rate compared to other social networks. You can get highly-qualified leads on LinkedIn.

You can try LinkedIn ads: this is one of the best advertising platforms when it comes to social networks. With a carefully-crafted message, you can easily reach your ideal targets using LinkedIn ads.

But one of the best ways to reach potential clients on LinkedIn is by automating your outreach.

LinkedIn Automation for Outreach

Although LinkedIn is the best social media for getting leads for your recruitment agency, it can also be very time-consuming. But with the right automation tools, you can generate leads on LinkedIn effortlessly.

The thing about automation is that LinkedIn generally does not appreciate it. If you don’t use the right tools, your account can end up getting restricted or suspended. That’s because some automation tools tend to spam other LinkedIn users with unsolicited messages.

You don’t want to spam other users, and you also don’t want to send an inhuman amount of messages per day. A high quality tool will let you automate your LinkedIn outreach without making you look like a spammer. You need to get Kennected.

Why Kennected is the Ultimate Blue Ocean Fishing Tool for Prospecting & Generating Leads

Imagine being able to reach everyone in your chosen geographic area that has a LinkedIn account and then messaging them about your recruitment services. Kennected allows you to do just that.

It lets you automate your LinkedIn outreach without ever risking your account. Kennected doesn’t spam other LinkedIn users unlike other automation tools. It only sends your messages automatically, but not in bulk. It’s like you were sending the messages yourself.

All you have to do is look for your target audience on LinkedIn and then copy and paste the search results into Kennected. Then you set up a personalized message, schedule your follow-up messages, and then launch your campaign. Kennected will start sending your messages and follow-ups without making you look like a spammer.

It uses tags like First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Company, etc. to make your message more appealing to your recipient. This keeps your response rate high. It also means you don’t have to worry about replies. You will be notified when a lead responds to your message so you can just jump right in and start having a real conversation. You can then build that relationship.

Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you instantly get their contact details like their phone number and email address—right in your Kennected dashboard.

Kennected allows you to reach more prospects than ever. You can make the most out of LinkedIn. Focus on more important tasks instead of worrying about where your next lead is gonna come from.

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