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A good realtor helps make people’s dreams come true. But as fantastic as that sounds, it’s not always an easy job to do. Their job is to handle all the dirty work so that the real estate transaction flows as smoothly as possible. Realtors take on all the challenges so that clients don’t have to worry about anything.

One of the toughest parts of being a realtor is actually getting those clients in the first place. It’s a very competitive industry after all.

Sometimes it can feel like there are new strategies, techniques, and technologies for lead generation coming out every day. It can feel overwhelming for the average realtor to keep up with all these trends. And yet because of how important it is to generate leads in this business, realtors should try and keep up anyway.

To help you with your lead generation journey, we came up with a handy guide listing some of the most reliable lead generation tools and techniques for realtors and real estate agents. Forget about all the noise: we have included some traditional lead generation techniques, as well as some that are more modern.

Lead generation may pose a challenge for realtors, but it’s the thing that keeps any business alive and thriving. So take a step back and remember the bigger picture. The more leads you have, the easier it is to get clients. Whether you’re helping people buy or sell real estate, you need a continuous source of leads.

Successful realtors are able to generate their own pipeline of new business opportunities.

To achieve this, you need to develop your own game plan. But the good news is that you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. We have you covered. So read on, choose the methods that are most applicable to your real estate business, and then focus on those.

How to Generate Leads for Realtors

When it comes to lead generation for realtors, there are plenty of ways to find potential clients out there in the real world. You can go the traditional approach of collecting business cards and networking, or you can go the “new school” route and advertise your services on social media.

If you want success in this industry, you will have to use a combination of both. Find a lead generation strategy that works well for you and stick with it.

Even when you are promoting yourself on social media, you shouldn’t forget the old school approach of traditional networking. Networking is a huge part of the real estate industry. Being an active member of your community and getting your name out there is a great way to find new prospects. You can volunteer or take part in area meet-ups. It is important that you start building your own network of connections, especially if you are only starting out as a realtor.

However, don’t just network for the sake of advertising your services. People can spot it from a mile away when someone is just trying to sell something to them—and they don’t like it. They are gonna have a hard time trusting you if you approach this with a marketing-focused mentality.

Instead, you have to develop strong relationships with many different people. Earn their trust by genuinely being invested in their goals and dreams. That way, when they want to buy or sell a house, you are first in mind.

Whether they become a client somewhere down the line or provide referrals for potential leads and prospects, these relationships are extremely valuable. Establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy connection. You will be seen as an industry leader and you will secure more clients.


The purpose of networking is not just to find potential clients. It’s also to introduce yourself to a wider audience so that they can give you referrals when they come across someone they know who might want to buy or sell a property.

The more connections you have, the more referrals you get. Eventually, finding new clients and prospects becomes easy. But you need to build your network continuously.

With a large network, generating leads is easier. You can ask the people around you and get high quality leads. A referral from a satisfied client is one of your most valuable assets. In fact, referrals in general are extremely valuable.

Referrals are a form of word of mouth marketing that uses an existing relationship between your client and their contacts. Most clients will prefer to work with someone who was recommended by a loved one, a colleague, or acquaintance.

Even if you have an amazing reputation as a realtor, they won’t just take your word for it. They will sooner trust other people who praise your services.

When you’re just starting out, you don’t necessarily have to get your referrals from customers. You can ask people you know to introduce you to potential clients. Talk to people who know and trust you enough to recommend you to their friends and family.

Make sure you let everyone in your social circles know about your real estate business. These are the people who want to help you succeed, so they will help promote your services.

Once you secure more clients, you can get referrals from these satisfied customers. They will be more than happy to introduce you to the people they know.

Referral Partners for Realtors

We know referrals are extremely valuable. But sometimes they are hard to come by. If you want to get even more referrals, you can look for referral partners. A referral partner is a business associate who recommends your real estate business in exchange for something valuable. You may reimburse the partner if the recommendation leads to a sale.

In this case, you can get referral partners from mortgage lenders, insurance agents, title companies, etc. They are not in direct competition with you, but your industries intersect enough that you can setup a referral system that benefits you both.

If you have a referral partner, you can benefit financially even from business opportunities that are not directly tied to your own company. This means you can still benefit from having a contact who would not bring you income otherwise. Both referral partners can generate leads from one another.

Another way to secure more referrals is by starting your own referral program. It doesn’t have to be flashy: all you need is a system in place for getting referrals consistently.

You could simply ask every client to keep you in mind if they hear about someone who wants to buy a house. Or you can throw in an incentive for every referral: it can be a gift card, a discount, or even movie tickets.

Facebook Ads & Organic Leads

Aside from these traditional methods of lead generation, you can take advantage of modern techniques to find even more leads for real estate. These days, everyone is spending time online, which means social media is your best friend when it comes to finding high quality real estate leads.

It is very important that you know your target audience. Who are you selling your services to? What demographic are you usually working with? This will help you choose the right social networking platform to focus your lead generation efforts.

Different social media operate in different ways. They have different user demographics, user activity, etc. They also support varying types of content. So keep this in mind when finding real estate leads on social media. It’s easier if you focus on the platform that can give you the greatest results.

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking platforms right now—and let’s face it, most people are using it. This means your target audience is probably on Facebook. They may be part of Facebook’s massive user base that consists of more than 2.8 billion users.

Facebook has users of all ages. You can go the organic route and promote yourself here using content: content is king when it comes to Facebook. Facebook supports all types of content: pictures, videos, and even text-based content. If you create valuable content, you are probably going to reach your audience on this platform.

You can post an article about real estate topics that people want to know about. Or you can post pictures of homes you have for sale. You can get very creative on Facebook and have your content do reasonably well.

To complement your organic lead generation on Facebook, you can also go for paid ads.

Facebook ads can be tailored to help you reach different marketing objectives: Conversion, Consideration, and Awareness. You can therefore focus on getting results that drive a positive ROI.

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or boost your engagement, Facebook ads can help you achieve them. Facebook ads are available in different ad formats: video, carousel, slideshow, photo, lead ads, canvas, link ads, and dynamic ads.

Realtors can benefit from even low-cost Facebook ad campaigns. When setting your budget, you can specify exactly how much money you are going to spend on your Facebook ad campaign. Do keep in mind that the success of your real estate ad campaign will depend on ad auctions and the performance of your ads.

Instagram Ads & Organic Leads

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing network right now, with over one billion users around the globe. Realtors can make use of this social network to reach a much younger audience, which is Instagram’s typical demographic. But Instagram also has plenty of adult users too.

If your target audience is the type that wants to know more about real estate but don’t want to read long-form articles, Instagram may be the best way to reach them. Use Instagram ads to appeal to them.

Instagram ads may be targeted based on specific qualities like age group, interests, and gender. Create an eye-catching Instagram ad and you will be swimming in leads. This will result in more followers for your account, which you can then convert into clients.

For those who want to complement their Instagram ad campaign with organic outreach, you need to remember that Instagram is all about aesthetics. You need to post high quality photos of your listings in order to appeal to more prospects. This is your chance to attract the people who visit your Instagram profile.

Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags like #RealEstate, #realtor, etc. This will allow your posts to show up when people look them up on Instagram. Maintaining your brand and personality is also an important element of organic lead generation on Instagram. Your posts should reflect the kind of realtor you are, and what your brand is all about.

TikTok Ads & Organic Leads

TikTok now has over 1 billion users around the world, and it’s only getting bigger. Marketers are now realizing that this social media platform is here to stay, and so they are starting to develop strategies for marketing on TikTok.

TikTok is not going anywhere, so we might as well use it to generate leads for your real estate business. Now some of you may be thinking: how can TikTok be used to sell real estate? Most of the videos posted here are wacky, funny, viral clips that consist of dance challenges, memes, skits, and trends. The user base is on the younger side, and they may not be the best target for your real estate lead generation.

However, this is all a misconception. A lot of savvy marketers are starting to promote their brand on TikTok and establishing thought leadership. Believe it or not, this platform is often used for educational purposes. The presentation may be a lot more casual than your standard webinar, but the message is still delivered effectively.

Take advantage of TikTok’s popularity to reach a large audience with your video content. Spend some time using TikTok and familiarize yourself with the type of content that are being shared there. The videos are extremely diverse, and you can find your niche easily. Start posting creative TikToks about the properties you are selling and wait for the leads to come flowing in.

Mix it up with real estate tips, facts, and information that your followers can use when buying or selling a house. They will begin to see you as an industry leader and you will be first in mind when they are in need of a realtor.

As for advertising, TikTok ads are still in its early stages, so most of it is organic. But TikTok does have a specialized advertising system that lets businesses reach a larger user base. There are hashtag challenge ads, native in-feed ads, and brand ads. Now is the time to learn about TikTok and all of its potential benefits.

YouTube Ads & Organic Leads

Speaking of videos, you may want to start generating leads on the biggest video sharing platform online: and that’s YouTube. YouTube is a giant social networking platform that also happens to be one of the largest search engines, second only to Google.

If it’s a large audience you want, YouTube has over 2 billion users around the world. Finding your target audience here should be a breeze.

Video marketing is very important right now simply because of how good it is at attracting people’s attention. When they see a video on social media, their instinct is to stop scrolling. That’s because videos combine elements like images, movement, sound, graphics, and text—all in one easy to digest package.

But the tricky part is that YouTube primarily consists of videos, so your content may struggle to stand out from the crowd. So many people are uploading videos here that there’s literally a sea of content being published per second. You need to create high quality videos to even have a chance of getting the views you need.

In order to generate leads here, your videos need to provide value. Talk about real estate topics that your audience wants to learn about. Your content needs to combine education and entertainment.

It’s not easy to generate leads organically on this platform unless you know what you’re doing. But once you have your strategy figured out, you can reap massive rewards from this amazing video sharing platform.

Use SEO or search engine optimization so that your post will show up to more people. Use the right keywords in your title, description, and tags. YouTube is a search engine just like Google, so keep that in mind when optimizing your content.

You can also use YouTube ads to promote your content and maximize its reach. YouTube ads are known for producing massive results because of how many people use the platform every day.

Google Ads & Organic Leads

If you are promoting your real estate business online, why not promote it on the biggest search engine in the world? Google has over 4 billion users, and is also the most visited website.

If you achieve a high ranking in Google search results, you can generate a continuous stream of leads for your real estate business. This is why a lot of marketers use SEO. By optimizing your content with relevant keywords, you can get maximum visibility. You will show up in search results before your competitors.

Just like with video marketing, make sure you publish valuable and informative content so you can get a lot of views, engagement, and traffic. This gives a signal to Google that your website is valuable and worth placing higher in search results.

Use Google ads to get better results. As a realtor, you should know that your SEO efforts are more of a long term strategy—it will not create great results right away. There’s plenty of competition for those top spots on Google. So instead of waiting for SEO to work its magic, use Google ads to advertise your services.

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program. With Google Ads, you can reach the right people with the right offer. Create online ads based that target people who want to buy or sell a property.

One benefit of Google Ads is that it has no minimum spending requirement. You can set your own budget and control it. You get to choose where your ad appears and even measure its impact using analytics.

LinkedIn Ads & Organic Leads

LinkedIn is very unique, especially if you compare it with other social networking platforms. It has a professional user base that consists of entrepreneurs, marketers, CEOs, recruiters, managers, and decision makers from different industries. And the best part is that LinkedIn has 756 million users around the world.

Although that population may seem smaller compared to other social media, LinkedIn boasts a higher conversion rate. That’s because professionals are more likely to convert. LinkedIn users have a higher average salary and they have large networks that may be interested in purchasing or selling real estate. These are the people you should target with your lead generation campaign.

If you reach them with the right offer, you are more likely to convert them into clients. LinkedIn is therefore an excellent source of leads and referrals.

When promoting your services on LinkedIn, you can go for a more text-based approach. Text-based content tend to do better here than in other social networks, especially if they are well-written and informative. But other forms of content are welcome here too.

You can also try LinkedIn ads: this is one of the best advertising platforms when it comes to social networks. With a carefully-crafted message, you can easily reach your ideal targets using LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn Automation for Outreach

One of the best reasons to use LinkedIn for lead generation is you can automate it with the right tools. Although LinkedIn outreach can be extremely beneficial for your business, it is also incredibly time-consuming. That’s why automation is used by a lot of professionals that want to generate leads on this platform.

Now here’s the thing: LinkedIn itself does not like automation especially if it violates their terms of service. So if you use an automation tool that spams other LinkedIn users, you’re probably gonna get in trouble. You might end up in LinkedIn Jail: this is just another term for having your account restricted or suspended on LinkedIn.

So even though there are plenty of automation tools out there, not all of them are good for your business. You need a high quality LinkedIn tool that automates your LinkedIn outreach without compromising your account. You need to get Kennected.

Why Kennected is the Ultimate Blue Ocean Fishing Tool for Prospecting & Generating Leads

LinkedIn has a lot of users around the world—and they are all professionals. Finding and connecting with them can be difficult, but LinkedIn automation makes this process easier.

Kennected is the best LinkedIn automation tool for finding real estate leads while keeping your account safe. It is the ultimate fishing tool for prospecting and generating leads on the world’s largest professional platform online, LinkedIn.

Kennected only automates the tasks that are repetitive and mundane. It is designed to help you save time and energy so you can focus on profit-generating tasks like converting your leads, presenting properties, building your network, and developing relationships.

To set up a campaign, you can search for your target audience using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters. You can just copy the search result URL from LinkedIn to Kennected. The automation tool will then send your message to every single target. Imagine being able to target an entire geographic area that uses LinkedIn and then sending them a personalized message—all on autopilot. That’s how Kennected works.

But to keep your account safe, Kennected limits the number of messages sent per day. This prevents you from coming across as a spammer. Kennected can help you write copy, but we can also provide highly effective templates to get a better response from your prospects. Kennected personalizes your messages and follow-ups so that it’s less intrusive and more likely to get a reply.

Kennected sends your messages and connection requests automatically, but not in bulk—as if you were sending them yourself.  No need to wait for prospects to answer. Kennected will notify you when there’s a message so you can jump right into the conversation and take over from there.

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