Lead Generation for Business Consultants

Business consultants help entrepreneurs establish their business through planning, implementation, and education. Unlike business coaches, they work closely with business owners to develop and implement a business plan. They also support entrepreneurs in other ways such as identifying marketing needs and figuring out how to finance the business.

Having a business consultant is like having a highly experienced partner working by your side. The best part is they can personalize their advice based on their clients’ specific business goals and needs.

Business consultants have a lot of responsibilities. But sometimes the toughest part of the job is actually securing clients. A lot of people are getting into the consulting business, so the industry itself is becoming more and more competitive.

Business consultants need to learn how to utilize different lead generation strategies so they can build a larger network and secure more clients. Today we are going to talk about different techniques and platforms you can use to grow your consulting business.

How to Generate Leads for Business Coaches

Business consultants should know that they are not just in the business of consulting—they are also in the business of marketing. While you are busy working with entrepreneurs, you should also work on your own business to make sure you’re getting a steady stream of leads through marketing.

Without proper lead generation, your business could suffer a great deal. You won’t be able to generate revenue. The number one reason why some consulting businesses fail is because they don’t generate enough leads.

If you want to find potential clients reliably, you need to work on developing your network and increasing your connections. Networking is a huge part of running any type of business. In this case, your business is not selling a product: you are selling your experience, knowledge, and expertise. This means networking is even more essential to this type of business.

The more you work on your reputation, the bigger your network grows—the easier it becomes to secure leads. But aside from networking, you can also make use of social media. Take advantage of the fact that everyone is spending time online to reach your ideal customers.

The best way to generate leads in this age of social media is to combine traditional and modern techniques.


Before we discuss all the social networking platforms you can use to promote your consulting business, let’s discuss referrals.

Getting referrals is an old school method of lead generation that can still get you plenty of valuable leads. This operates under the principle of word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing is a good way to get your brand out there in an organic way.

When you speak about your own business, people are not always going to believe it. They know that there’s a motive of making money, so they’re not going to trust the positive things you have to say about your own products and services.

On the other hand, if the positive reviews come from a satisfied customer—particularly if it’s someone they know and trust—they are more likely to believe it.

If you’re just starting out, you may not have a lot of satisfied customers to get referrals from, but that’s okay. You can start getting referrals from your social circle. If you have friends who know a few entrepreneurs in need of assistance, ask them for referrals.

A referral can be something as simple as an introduction. This can already lead to a meaningful conversation wherein you develop a strong working relationship with these new leads.

Referral Partners for Business Coaches

Since networking is such a huge part of lead generation for business consultants, you may want to consider getting a few referral partners.

A referral partner is someone who refers clients to you. This is someone who has a sizable number of clients who would make ideal clients for your consulting business.

Your referral partner will recommend your consulting business in exchange for something valuable. For example, you can reimburse your partner if the recommendation leads to a sale. This way, you can generate leads for each other even when you come across certain leads that are not a good fit for your business.

Business consultants can get referral partners from coaches, mentors, and other similar industries. It’s best to get a referral partner that is not in direct competition with you. You can set up a referral system that generates leads for both parties.

Facebook Ads & Organic Leads

Traditional networking will work wonders for your consulting business, but you should also consider supplementing that with paid ads. Social media is perfect for promoting your business because your target audience is most likely spending time there.

For business consultants, you want to meet business owners—and Facebook is full of them. Facebook ads can help you reach your target audience. All you have to do is choose your objective, select your audience, set your budget, pick a format, and place your order. Facebook ad objectives include: consideration, awareness, and conversion. Facebook ads are available in different formats, including video, carousel, slideshow, photo, lead ads, canvas, link ads, and dynamic ads.

Even if you don’t want to run ads on Facebook, it’s still worth using for the sake of getting organic leads. Social media marketing is really popular right now because platforms like Facebook have such a large user base. In fact, Facebook now has over 2.8 billion users.

If you want to promote your consulting business on Facebook, remember that content is king. Facebook supports many different types of content: articles, videos, images, etc. They all do reasonably well on this platform. That’s your opportunity to showcase your expertise and attract the attention of different entrepreneurs.

Instagram Ads & Organic Leads

Different social networks require different strategies. But if you’re running Instagram ads, it’s all about aesthetics. With Instagram ads, you can turn your posts into ads by choosing the Promote feature. Or you can use Ads Manager to set up more advanced multi-platform campaigns. You can target your ads based on age group, gender, interests, and other categories.

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing website, with over 1 billion users around the world. Brands can post eye-catching pictures to attract leads and gain more followers. So if you want to promote your consulting business on Instagram organically, you need to publish high quality pictures that showcase your brand and personality. Use it to demonstrate what sets you apart from the competition.

Or you can use both paid ads and organic lead generation to get even better results. A lot of entrepreneurs are using Instagram to promote themselves, so generating leads for your consulting business should be easy.

TikTok Ads & Organic Leads

Some people may underestimate the value of TikTok for lead generation, but this video sharing platform has proven that it has both the popularity and the staying power to be an essential tool in a marketer’s arsenal. TikTok now has over 1 billion users around the world, and it’s still getting bigger.

The organic approach here is a bit different compared to other social platforms, because you really need to familiarize yourself with the type of content that gets popular on TikTok. But remember that it’s not just silly videos, memes, and dance challenges that are doing well here. A lot of people are actually gaining followers by posting educational and helpful videos. So if you have valuable knowledge to share, this is also a good place to put it.

TikTok has a younger demographic, but there are also plenty of entrepreneurs using this social media. Don’t miss out on this fantastic source of leads for your consulting business.

As for advertising, TikTok offers hashtag challenge ads, brand ads, and native in-feed ads. But TikTok ads are still new, so it may not be as powerful as other social platforms. You’re gonna have to rely a lot on organic traffic to generate leads here.

YouTube Ads & Organic Leads

Speaking of popular video sharing platforms, we’re sure you’re very familiar with YouTube. It’s the biggest video sharing platform in the world with over 2 billion users, but it’s also the second largest search engine right next to Google.

If finding your target audience online is your main priority, you will surely find them on YouTube. It is used by entrepreneurs, marketers, brands, businesses, and everyone else.

Promoting your business organically would involve creating high quality videos that are both entertaining and informative. That’s how you stand out in the sea of content that’s being published on YouTube every second. You also need to optimize each video with eye-catching thumbnails and relevant keywords in the title, tags, and description.

While you’re building your channel, you can also use YouTube ads to promote your content and gain more traffic. YouTube ads are known for producing massive results because of how many people use the platform every day.

YouTube ad campaigns can be created in just a few minutes. You set up your Google Ads account, create a campaign, and reach your audience in no time. You can also measure your success by using the Analytics tab.

You can generate plenty of leads for your consulting business using YouTube, whether you are paying for ads, creating videos, or doing both.

Google Ads & Organic Leads

Since Google is the most visited website and is also the biggest search engine with over 4 billion users, advertising on this platform is definitely not a bad idea.

Google Adwords is the pay-per-click online advertising platform that allows you to display your ads on the world’s biggest search engine. Your ads will be shown on Google’s search results page. The amount you pay for depends on the keywords you want to target. The most popular keywords are going to cost a lot more. But since it’s a pay-per-click advertising platform, you only have to pay when a visitor clicks on your ad.

Google Ads work a lot like an auction wherein businesses bid for clicks. However, you don’t necessarily have to be the highest bidder to win.

If you want to go the organic route, it’s all about SEO since Google is a search engine. Search engine optimization is all about using relevant keywords in all your content in order to drive more traffic and boost your engagement. Using keywords, you can ensure that your target audience finds your content when they search for it online.

Keep in mind that SEO is more of a long-term strategy rather than something that will instantly bring you more leads. But be mindful of your search result rankings anyway because the higher you are, the more leads will come knocking at your door.

LinkedIn Ads & Organic Leads

As a business consultant, LinkedIn is definitely the best social networking platform for lead generation. LinkedIn’s user base is large and it consists of business owners, CEOs, managers, marketers, recruiters, and professionals from different industries. No matter what type of entrepreneur you are looking for, you will find them here. It’s basically one large networking event.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to find the most qualified leads. It has over 756 million users around the world, and it’s still growing.

Setting up a LinkedIn ad is simple. You create a Campaign Manager account, select your objective (whether it’s clicks or impressions), set your targeting criteria, choose an ad format, set your budget and schedule, and then launch your campaign. You can then measure its performance using analytics.

The organic approach is also content-focused, but text-based content does better on LinkedIn than any other social platform. You can also potentially reach your targets by using LinkedIn automation.

LinkedIn Automation for Outreach

Although LinkedIn is the best social platform for generating consulting leads, it can also be very time-consuming. Reaching out to your prospects and connecting with them one by one can take hours—and it’s not even guaranteed that they’ll connect with you. That’s how difficult manual prospecting is.

But with the right LinkedIn tool, you don’t have to use manual prospecting at all. You can automate your outreach and generate leads on LinkedIn, all on autopilot.

You need to get Kennected.

Why Kennected is the Ultimate Blue Ocean Fishing Tool for Prospecting & Generating Leads

The key to proper LinkedIn automation is to only automate the tasks that you could do yourself if you had plenty of time for manual prospecting. Don’t go for the low quality tools that spam other LinkedIn users. That will get your account suspended or restricted—or what is also known as LinkedIn Jail.

Kennected keeps your account safe even while automating your outreach by limiting the number of messages sent per day. So it sends your messages automatically, but not in bulk, so it’s like you were sending the messages yourself.

Additionally, Kennected personalizes your messages so that it appears even more authentic. With this, you can get a higher response rate and therefore secure more conversions. Kennected can help you write copy, but we also provide award-winning and effective templates to get more responses.

You can set up multiple campaigns at once, meaning you can target everyone in your chosen geographic area that has a LinkedIn account. Just search for your ideal audience using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters and then copy the search result URL onto Kennected.

No need to wait for their response: Kennected automatically sends scheduled and personalized follow-ups when a lead doesn’t respond. It also has a reply detection feature.

Once a lead responds, you can jump right into the conversation and start developing that connection. This allows you to focus on converting your leads rather than spraying and praying on LinkedIn. Kennected automates the mundane and repetitive tasks that are preventing you from being profitable.

Another benefit of Kennected is that when someone connects with you on LinkedIn, you instantly get their phone numbers, email, company website, and all other information that are publicly available—right in your Kennected dashboard. That’s the power of Kennected.

Kennected brings you a stream of connections, meetings, and appointments without putting your account at risk. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more about generating leads for your coaching business using LinkedIn automation.

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