What Is A Lead Generation Article

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A lead generation article, or lead generation writing, is a piece of content produced solely to generate leads through website visitors, landing pages, or any other form of customer engagement.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What lead generation is

  • What a solid lead generation strategy should look like for your business

  • The ways to generate leads successfully

  • What a sales qualified lead is

  • The best lead generation strategies to use daily

Read on to learn all about lead generation and how a lead generation strategy can fulfill many areas in your business.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of creating content and using software to reach your target audience and capture the interest of potential customers, also knows as qualified leads.

Your lead generation efforts will begin with your marketing team, as your content marketing is where the lead generation process truly begins.

Your lead generation marketing will have two main goals: showcase your product or service, and reach potential customers effectively.

Using your various marketing channels to put out content and attract as many leads as possible will help strengthen your online advertising, as well as your lead generation strategy.

The next step in inbound lead generation is where your sales team will come into play.

Your new leads will be directed into a sales funnel, and each lead will have access to your sales team to ask questions and learn more about your business.

Your sales team will help guide these leads and eventually convert leads into paying customers.

The cycle continues, and along the way, you will learn how to best reach your target audience and how your sales team can continue to improve their sales funnel efforts as well.

Now that we know a little bit about lead generation, let’s dive into what generating leads should look like for your company and what lead generation tools you can use to your benefit.

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What a Successful Lead Generation Strategy Should Look Like

Your lead generation campaigns should be made up of multiple elements, and each will serve a purpose within your overall lead generation process.

A lead generation campaign must include:

  1. Lead generation software

  2. Valuable content marketing

  3. Digital marketing campaigns

  4. Paid advertising

  5. Lead generators– articles, blog posts, etc.

  6. Targeted leads formed from a lead magnet

All of these elements make lead generation important and help you to maximize the potential of your lead gen efforts.

Let’s take the time to talk about each of these items in turn.

Your lead generation software is a service that allows you more time to focus on the other items on the list.

This software is designed to help you gain more leads through lead generation trends, lead scoring metrics, and obtaining data from your target market.

You should have outbound marketing strategies in place already, but a lead generation software platform can help you widen your target audience even further.

One of the most important elements of your lead generation efforts is the valuable content you will be producing.

Using social media, email marketing, SMS marketing, lead capture, and a landing page will all help to strengthen consumer interest and give you valuable leads.

When it comes to obtaining a marketing qualified lead, you’ll want to use search engine optimization and search engines to make this lead generation work.

Ways to use social media to boost your lead generation:

  • Create content that showcases your product or service

  • Post testimonials from satisfied customers

  • Use paid advertising to boost your platform and service across different mediums

  • Obtain more qualified leads through clickable links and attachments

  • Use inbound marketing to appeal to potential customers and get more leads

These lead generation strategies will help strengthen your social media presence and help you with generating leads as well.

Aside from social media, you also want to use your various digital marketing platforms to boost your lead generation marketing too.

You can generate qualified leads through other platforms, including through blogging, article writing, SMS, email, and more.

Don’t limit your inbound marketing by thinking your content must only take place on social media.

Additionally, paid advertising can make a huge difference for your lead generation.

Here are some ways it can pay off in a big way:

  • Appeal to potential customers on a variety of platforms

  • Showcases the strength of your marketing team

  • Ads serve as lead magnets

  • Can help produce marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, and more sales

  • Quality leads will be attracted to your advertising

  • Can help with generating qualified leads through outbound lead generation

Ideally, you only want to draw in high quality leads.

Depending on the lead generation tool and contents of the advertisement, you can effectively appeal to a certain aspect of your target audience through a simple image.

Make sure that you are including advertisements in your marketing process, and keep potential leads in mind during advertisement creation as well.

In addition to all of the above methods, you should also consider expanding into the lead generator aspect of the lead stages.

A key part of the sales pipeline is the part where you attract leads, and written content marketing channels can help you do this.

Here are some written mediums to employ:

  • Blog articles

  • Client testimonials

  • SMS texts

  • Email messages

  • Social media long form content

  • Weekly newsletter

  • Ebooks or other written guides

When it comes to generating leads, written content marketing is a really excellent strategy.

You can use search engine optimization within these items to enhance your lead generation campaign within the written content, helping with lead generation and content creation as well.

Lead generation works best when all of these components are combined and working together, especially when your product or service is at the center of this messaging.

What is a Sales Qualified Lead?

Sales qualified leads are individuals who have moved through the sales funnel and are now ready to speak with your sales reps about becoming paying customers.

Your sales teams are absolutely essential at this stage.

Not all leads will make it to this stage, but once a lead makes it through the sales funnel, they are well on their way to being a potential customer.

Here are some things for your sales team to keep in mind at this point:

  • Treat each lead like they are a paying customer

  • Answer any questions they have quickly and effectively

  • Constantly reiterate the product or service as valuable and useful

  • Keep track of new leads through the sales teams and refer back to the content marketing that drew the leads in

  • Be thinking of ways to convert this lead into a service qualified lead at all times

The biggest thing at this stage is the hopeful transition from sales lead to service qualified lead.

This transition will make the lead all the more inclined to become a paying customer, so making this transition as smooth as possible is key.

Your sales team should constantly be looking back at the content marketing that brought the lead in, as well as the landing pages and other lead gen functions you implemented with your marketing team.

Keep all this in mind for your sales force– they have a crucial job in your lead generation process.

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The Best Lead Generation Tactics

Now that we know all about lead generation and the strategies involved within it, let’s go over the best tactics that you should be using every single day.

  • Remember what makes lead generation important– you want new clients! Keep the customer at the forefront of your messaging.

  • Use search engines to track your lead gen on your various landing pages. This will help you keep track of your inbound marketing successes.

  • Constantly boost your product or service on every platform.

  • Train your sales reps to handle new leads accordingly.

  • Use email marketing to send long form content.

  • Use SMS messaging to send short form content.

  • Keep the potential customer in the loop at all times.

  • Encourage website visitors through clickable links and surveys.

  • Generate leads from your inbound lead generation strategies whenever possible.

  • Use your social media pages to your advantage.

When you begin to generate leads, you’ll learn from each and every lead and continue to improve your strategy.

Don’t be afraid to fail– take each failure as a chance to learn and improve an aspect of your lead generation strategies.

How Kennected Uses Lead Generation Strategy

Here at Kennected, lead generation tools are at the heart of our own services.

We help businesses to strengthen their lead generation efforts everyday through software and tips, all designed to aid in marketing and lead generation functions.

We have seen the importance of inbound lead generation, as well as the many benefits that arrive when you begin to generate leads in an effective manner.

Prepping your sales team and social media pages for lead generation purposes will pay off in spades for your business, so be sure to do the work and make sure that your platforms are set and ready to go for lead generation.

Always be thinking of ways to improve your inbound marketing, as well as your outbound marketing– every little thing you put out could result in a lead if done well.

Condense your landing pages and make them relevant and valuable to the consumer.

As long as you are keeping your focus sharp and content relevant, your lead generation will be in a great spot for your business. 

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