LeadFuze Vs. Kennected | The Battle For LinkedIn Automation Supremacy

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is useful in the sales process. But nowadays, if you’re not automating on LinkedIn, you’re getting left behind. Manual prospecting has become a frustrating endeavor for most professionals. That is why more and more people are turning to various LinkedIn automation tools.

It’s not easy sending connection requests, messages, and follow-ups on a daily basis—and it’s especially difficult to just get ignored. But LinkedIn automation tools like Kennected and LeadFuze can make this process easier. These tools optimize your outreach so that you’re not wasting your time “spraying and praying” on LinkedIn.

Here we will take a closer look at what these two automation tools can offer.

What Lead Fuze Offer

LeadFuze is a lead generation tool for B2B marketing. If you are looking for accurate contact data, this is a good choice for you. LeadFuze offers two packages: Solo and Team.

Features include unlimited lists, account-based and market-based search, and Fuzebot List Build Automation. The Team plan also has Sales Tool Integrations. You can also get either 500 or unlimited leads per month, depending on your package.

Many lead generation tools allow you to avoid the “roller coaster” prospecting approach. LeadFuze is one of them. It helps you find highly-targeted leads so you can have consistent lead generation. Users can also save the list and set up a number of leads to be sent to outreach tools every day.

While LeadFuze is a reliable tool, you may still want to look for even better alternatives. Kennected, for example, takes lead generation to a whole new level.

What Kennected Offers

LeadFuze and Kennected have similar qualities, like using data to optimize your prospecting. But Kennected also simplifies lead generation. It recognizes the fact that the old way of prospecting is no longer as beneficial as it used to be. Manual prospecting is both unproductive and tiring.

With Kennected, you no longer have to wait in vain for somebody to respond to your messages. This automation platform brings you a steady stream of connections, sales and appointments via LinkedIn. It is the best lead generation tool for marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, insurance agents, realtors, podcasters, car dealers, and all kinds of professionals.

Kennected builds “sequences” which lets AI fill up your calendar with new, highly qualified prospects. It then lets you send automated messages that are personalized to increase the likelihood of getting a response.

Kennected also automates the process of sending personalized follow-ups for targets who connected but have not yet responded. With its reply detection system, it can stop sending further follow-ups once the other person has replied.

Why Kennected Is the Best LinkedIn Automation Tool

Kennected stands out from the pack because of its personalized approach to lead generation. Each campaign is designed to help customers address their individual needs and reach their goals. Kennected allows you to personalize your messages before automatically sending them, so that they are not ignored by recipients.

With its use of accurate data, it builds new revenue streams for its customers. Kennected helps you find your ideal targets—the people who are most likely to respond to your outreach efforts.

Kennected takes all the frustration out of prospecting by finding the right audience for your messages. You can say goodbye to the countless hours of visiting profiles and manually sending connection requests and messages.

Why Our Onboarding Process Is Superior

Kennected empowers professionals and businesses with its superior onboarding process and lifetime support. It automates mundane and repetitive tasks so you can focus on communicating with your prospects and building real relationships. Building real connections is what marketing is all about—and conversations should not be automated.

If you want to generate more leads, Kennected is the best choice for you.

When it comes to LinkedIn automation, there are a lot of options out there. But Kennected is one of a kind because of its wide array of features and personalized campaigns. Visit today to learn more.

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