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What Is Lead Flow?

Lead flow is a marketing term that Kennected created to describe a systematized and scalable way for businesses to bring in a steady stream of new prospects and convert them into customers. 

Lead Flow Lifeline of marketing

Leads and prospects are the lifeblood of any business, if your business does not have a system that can consistently bring in qualified prospects, then you need to tap into Lead Flow. 

Lead Flow Finding Leads

Leads can come from a variety of places. Google organic searches, Google Ads, Social Media including paid ads. As many of you know the organic reach of most pages on Facebook and Instagram is throttled, its a pay to play landscape now on most of the major platforms. What is not throttled, however, is good old fashioned connections and conversations. 

Lead Flow Dashboard

Our dashboard helps you use the data-rich filters inside of LinkedIn to help build targeted audiences for you to reach out to. In our sequences section, our software helps send personalized messages to each prospect. We pull in their name, where they work, and more so that you are sending a personalized invitation to connect or direct message to each person on the prospect list. 

Then when they connect with you and start to send you messages, that is when the automation should stop, and the human one on one connection should begin. Kennected helps you automate the rest so you can focus on what’s best. 

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