How to Generate B2B Leads on LinkedIn

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Ever since LinkedIn became a massive professional networking site, B2B marketers have been trying to crack the code on how to use it to its fullest potential. With millions of professionals all in one place, it’s a sure way to generate tons of leads. But it only works if used properly.

The good news is that there are ways to maximize success in LinkedIn when it comes to generating leads. Oftentimes it’s just a matter of joining, being active, and starting conversations. But getting leads and finding people to do business with is a tricky process.

LinkedIn is an effective online tool for B2B lead generation if used right.

Lead Generation Page

The first step is to turn the company page into a lead generation page. This is so that when a potential lead visits the page, they are convinced to do business instead of getting turned off. The company page should be structured in a way that leads up to a conversion action. This means a header image is needed to catch their interest and a clear pitch is included in the company’s description.

This is straight to the point, attractive, and therefore convincing. The company page should invite conversion. The user needs to be captivated by the first few sentences and images or else they won’t view the rest. The goal is to make them click “see more”.

Lead generation is all about guiding them through this process, after all. So once the company page has been optimized, it will become more likely to convince people to view the company’s actual website.

LinkedIn users can also create showcase pages to promote their individual brands that are extensions of the company. It is a good way to segment inbound LinkedIn traffic.

Once these pages are optimized, the business owner can move on to using LinkedIn’s advanced search. This is the part where they go out and find prospects. This is because prospects will not come to find the business—it’s always the other way around.

Fortunately, LinkedIn’s advanced search is an incredible way of identifying the exact type of people you need to be targeting. Lead generation begins by identifying the target audience. The LinkedIn advanced search tool provides a great filter for narrowing down the search, even without the upgraded LinkedIn membership—although this is also something worth investing in.

Advance People Search

But the most powerful aspect of Advanced People Search is the center column, where users can filter by location, current company, industry, school, past company, profile language, and non-profit interests. This gives users a very focused set of results. This also gives insight into how a particular company or area may be a better target for prospecting.

When it comes to directly find targets, the advanced search is the single most powerful tool for the job. Those with bigger and better personal networks will have a greater chance of finding warm prospects. But for those who don’t have that yet, it should build over time.

Saved searches are another great tool for B2B lead generation because it helps users stay active in prospecting. This is especially useful when creating a highly specific and targeted search. Getting B2B leads isn’t a one and done activity. Maintaining consistency creates a steady pipeline of sales.

LinkedIn Groups

Also, consider using Groups. There are LinkedIn groups for just about every niche. Finding the right groups and joining them is a great way to find leads. After joining, it’s all a matter of staying active and communicating with group members. Prioritize groups that are highly relevant and active.

On top of all these tips, publishing your own content can help go a long way in terms of generating B2B leads because it provides free value and gets people interested. LinkedIn’s powerful content publishing platform is great for those who are serious about B2B marketing. It offers exposure and the potential to provide value to the community.

LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities for those who want to master B2B marketing and lead generation.

If lead generation becomes tiresome, there are ways to automate some parts of it using online tools such as Kennected. It allows users to automate lead generation efforts with personalized multiple follow-ups.

This tool lets users upload CSV to define their target audience. The online tool will then use the same search query for the process of automation. Once the target audience is found, Kennected lets users set up an invite message.

Kennected is unique because it lets users create personalized messages with placeholders and send up to 100 new invitations. Kennected also helps users automate follow-ups by setting up messages and adding an automated follow-up cadence for those who connected but haven’t responded.

The online tool can set up to six follow-up messages for each person so that even if it is automated, it is still personalized and doesn’t feel like spam.

Use Kennected and LinkedIn to get ahead of the competition or improve lead generation efforts significantly.

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