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If you’re looking for a simple and efficient way to incorporate SMS marketing into your business, Klaviyo SMS is a great place to start.

This software has a variety of beneficial features to keep you in tune with what your customers need and what your business should do to constantly improve.

What is Klaviyo SMS?

Klaviyo is a marketing platform that helps businesses to deliver a more personalized experience to their client base.

The platform can be used to complete a plethora of digital marketing functions.

Klaviyo can be used to create SMS campaigns, marketing channels, email marketing, and product walkthrough and consultation options.

Email and SMS work hand-in-hand to help your business grow.

With Klaviyo SMS marketing automation services, you will be better equipped to reach your customers quickly and with ease.

The most common way to do this is through SMS text messages, but there are many other ways to reach your audience.

Klaviyo specifically is an eCommerce platform unlike any other.

Klaviyo users are able to automate campaigns, get email marketing insights, send targeted SMS and email messages, and send relevant messages to clients based on its dynamic marketing channel.

With the ability to send SMS messages, MMS messages, and email messages that convert into sales, Klaviyo really aids businesses in their mission to connect frequently with their client base.

The SMS functionality is widespread and helpful to all who choose to utilize it.

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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a method used by businesses in order to communicate with their client base via phone.

This can take the form of SMS text messages, emails, and other formats like newsletters, blog posts, webinars, and phone calls.

The beauty of digital marketing is that it looks different for every company.

Klaviyo and other eCommerce platforms are designed with this notion in mind, allowing you to customize the functions of SMS marketing to fit your needs.

Depending on your business and intended audience, you may find that various SMS marketing features benefit you in different ways.

One of the best features that most businesses can enjoy is the ability to create an SMS campaign.

This is involves the creation of a marketing channel that is designed to send SMS text messages and emails to your clients immediately following service or at predetermined intervals.

We have all received SMS messages to our phones at one time, so it is easy to see how this feature can benefit your customers.

From the moment you send your first campaign, the designated phone numbers will be saved and you will have the option to autopilot with targeted SMS.

However, before you let marketing on autopilot do its magic, it is smart to consider what exactly you are trying to accomplish with your SMS marketing channel.

Do you want your clients to be alerted to invitations and new product updates via SMS?

Will you have an SMS welcome series, or just jump right into sharing blog posts, webinars, event invitations, and more?

Put your marketing at the forefront of your business with email and SMS marketing using platforms like Klaviyo, and see just how beneficial these SMS services can be for your business.

How Can I Use Text Messages In My Business?

SMS text messages can serve many purposes for your business, and all of them will be rooted in encouraging customer outreach and communication.

Once you become a Klaviyo customer, you’ll be able to start your first campaign in minutes.

The SMS functionality of eCommerce marketers is stated very clearly from the get-go, and you’ll find out how Klaviyo can help with your customer success immediately.

The SMS content of your choosing will be delivered to the phone numbers you enter into the software.

The SMS sending process is toll free, contains SMS consent for your clients, and will provide the option for recipients to unsubscribe at any time if they wish.

If you decide to feature an SMS welcome series, this will be the first SMS message that your clients receive.

The best part is that you design the SMS message’s content completely from scratch.

There are no rules when it comes to including specific items– you send your customers exactly what you want them to see.

Once your SMS campaign is off and running, you are still able to go into Klaviyo software and make any desired changes.

You can have your clients get a personalized demo, have them rate their customer experiences, feature a link to create a customer profile, or even just send a mass SMS message to check on them.

If you want to send a post-service survey, you can include a link at the bottom of the SMS message you send with ease.

That’s the beauty of SMS marketing– it’s meant to make your life easier!

What are MMS Messages?

Before you get started for free today on your SMS and email marketing endeavor, it is important to know what MMS messages are and how you can use them.

MMS stands for multi-media messaging.

In simple terms, an MMS message is any SMS message that includes supplementary content to the words. This can be pictures, links, a video, emoji, or any other attachment.

These messages can be a great tool for increasing the engagement of your customers.

We all receive countless SMS text messages throughout the day, so attaching something different to your message will help capture the recipient’s interest.

You can even set up the SMS marketing automation to provide images for you to go along with your written messages.

Email and SMS marketing are great for connecting with clients, and the power of images should also be kept in mind when you are considering your own marketing strategy.

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Guidelines for SMS Marketing

There are no real guidelines for SMS marketing.

You do what works for you!

That said, there are some things you should keep in mind when creating your SMS campaign and crafting your text messages.

Your SMS campaign should keep your company values at the forefront; you want to create revenue growth, more sales, get new subscribers, and keep existing customers in the loop with your business.

A good digital marketing strategy concerning SMS campaigns is to keep your SMS message short and to the point.

If the client is interested in learning more, they can visit your website, and you can also provide the link at the bottom of the message to increase website traffic.

With Klaviyo SMS, you have a lot of options.

Once you build marketing channels with SMS subscribers, you’ll be able to begin sending email and SMS at the frequency of your choosing.

The first of your SMS messages should be a welcome series, allowing your clients to be acclimated to this new form of SMS marketing.

Your text messages here can be as formal or informal as you like!

Once your clients click to receive SMS consent, they’ll now receive SMS messages from your business as often as you deem appropriate.

Your clients will be linked to their phone number, allowing you to see who opens your messages and who does not.

This may allow for some dynamic marketing to take place, and you can tailor your SMS content according to users that are more interactive with your content.

In most cases, your clients will be linked to a toll free number, allowing you to message them without any extra cost!

When Should I Use SMS Versus MMS Messaging?

This is entirely up to you!

Your business purposes may be best served without attachments to your SMS messages, or you may decided that the opposite works better.

Either way, you should try incorporating attachments into your SMS messages to see how it goes over with your recipients.

Ideally, each recipient will be registered with a toll free number, allowing them to be reached free of charge.

Once you have a list of clients who have given their SMS consent, you’ll be able to see engagement rates, delivered straight to your inbox if desired.

You may see a stark contrast in your email and SMS marketing efforts. If that is the case, alter your approach to accommodate the disparity.

Ultimately, your goal for all of these messages should remain the same, so do what works for you and your business!

Doing your best to reach all of your SMS subscribers will help your business reach new heights.

Klaviyo Versus Other SMS Providers

A piece of what makes Klaviyo SMS so special lies within all that it can provide you and your business.

Most SMS providers will provide you with the necessary software to create bulk SMS messaging either through email or text.

Klaviyo will provide you with that, but they will also give you and your business all of the feedback information needed in order to keep improving your SMS and your digital marketing channel.

With Klaviyo’s metrics, you will receive the following:

  1. Marketing insights delivered straight to your email

  2. A complete list of SMS subscribers

  3. Response messaging with a toll free number

  4. The email list size

  5. The engagement rates on your SMS welcome series/ any SMS messages you send

  6. The frequency of your clients clicking on the unsubscribe button/providing their SMS consent

  7. Marketing emails from Klaviyo to constantly update you

  8. Email marketing insights delivered to you and your business

  9. SMS solutions for issues that they find through their monitoring

  10. Product updates from Klaviyo

  11. Data science that comes in the form of statistics and metrics

  12. Options for clients to process your personal information if desired

  13. Options for entering your email address to ensure access across all modes

All of these functions and more are delivered to you on one platform of your choosing from Klaviyo’s services.

You can select to receive SMS text messages from Klaviyo SMS as well, allowing you to see exactly what your clients are seeing on their end.

Another item that Klaviyo will provide you with is any SMS solutions that arise in response to any items they pick up on through their metric analysis.

This takes the strain off of you and your employees, as you can take comfort in the analysis of the software and save yourself the time.

Your SMS welcome series messages will kick off the services Klaviyo SMS will provide, and they will continue to help you grow with a product through tracking new subscribers and the messages you receive back from your clients.

Once your recipient receives the message and recognizes the “address above you consent” feature, your client will now receive correspondence from your business.

Through these SMS text messages and more, Klaviyo aims to help you stay one step ahead of your digital marketing strategy.

Through email marketing, tracking customer success, and offering more services than other eCommerce marketers, Klaviyo makes sure that your SMS campaigns run smoothly and efficiently.

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How Kennected Uses SMS Marketing

At Kennected, an important part of our mission is making our service accessible and easy to use for anyone who wants to work with us.

Using SMS marketing services is a great asset to us, as it allows us to see our own SMS subscribers and even to get a demo from our loyal customers.

Our text messages to our SMS subscribers are always relevant and full of information that benefits them just as much as it benefits us.

SMS messages don’t have to be a one-way street– text messages from our clients are valuable and we always appreciate the feedback.

When we create a network, we want to make sure that our messaging flows seamlessly and is accessible on a variety of platforms.

In this digital age, it is especially important to consider where your content will be read and how easy it is to access it.

With our SMS text messages, we seek to strengthen our connections with our clients while also gathering valuable data from them.

We are always striving for our best service, and SMS marketing helps us do that.

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