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The idea behind KIN is to enable content creators & consumers to interact directly, without relying on advertising revenue, & to find monetization through KIN tokens instead.

Kin cryptocurrency is used as money in an ecosystem of consumer apps. As an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, it was designed to be Kik’s main currency.

Kin can be earned by contributing to the Kik community & then spent on Kik goods & services.

It is an open micro-transaction platform used by MILLIONS of users across more than 50 consumer applications & services, making Kin the most used cryptocurrency by mainstream consumers.

You can send Kin anywhere, instantly, and for FREE.

How Does Kin Work?

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Kin is a blockchain-based ecosystem built to support & mass use of the digital economy. 

Kin tokens enter circulation via an incentive-based tax income model referred to as the Kin Rewards Engine ( KRE ), which rewards developers for creating compelling cryptocurrency-based experiences that lend themselves to the measure of Kin.

With the KRE, users/developers are put first, & a sustainable & fair monetization model incentivizes borrowing modern use cases & creating metrics for cryptocurrencies, as well as encouraging the exchange of value between users rather than harvesting the exploiter’s attention & data.

The Beginning Of Kin Coin

In September 2017, Kin initially launched with an initial coin offering (ICO), raising about $100 million in investor funds in about two weeks.

According to Kin’s founders, the Kin Ecosystem is designed to bring people together in a new shared digital economy. 

Cryptocurrency is a “foundation for a decentralized ecosystem of digital services.”

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What Is The Kin Ecosystem?

Like most social media platforms, the ecosystem is based on users providing value to themselves & one another and being rewarded for that contribution.

Besides being a digital currency, the Kin website describes the Kin token as “different from other digital currencies because it’s a cryptocurrency.”

What Is The Kin Foundation?

Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik Interactive Inc. & founder of Kin, runs Kin Foundation. William Mougayar is the executive chairman of the Kin Foundation.

Kin Rewards Engine

One of the biggest things about Kin is its Kin Rewards Engine. Kik launched Kin as a daily reward based on the community’s contributions to the ecosystem.

People use Kin to buy digital goods & services & support content creators.

This gives developers a new business model that rewards engaging experiences & free exchange of value between users, not harvesting user data. 

Those who create value online are the focus, not big-data monopolies, which means users & developers are finally aligned.

The Kin Foundation, a non-profit organization based out of Ontario, Canada, oversees the distribution & algorithmic logic of the Kin Rewards Engine.

Undistributed Kin is held in a treasury controlled by vesting periods, inflation guidelines, and fiduciary custody controls to ensure safe transfer & proper use.

Where Can You Buy Kin?

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You can buy KIN tokens in several ways, but gaming is the most popular. Several app developers have incorporated KIN into their games.

The activities could be as simple as logging in daily or watching an ad. Whatever it is, players get KIN Tokens. 

You can buy KIN at any cryptocurrency exchange that offers digital currency.

The top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Kin stock at the current rate are MEXC, FTX, XT.COM, CoinTiger, and Bitget.

Make sure you do your own research before choosing an exchange or trading pairs.

By the end of the distribution period, there won’t be more than 10 trillion Kin in the Kin ecosystem. 

The large supply is meant to allow mass adoption by users worldwide while still transacting in whole numbers. 

What Is The 24-Hour Trading Volume Of Kin?

Over the last 24 hours, the trading volume of Kin is 300872.63144766.

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What Other Assets Are Similar To Kin?

MEVerse, TerraKRW, LATOKEN, and many others have similar market caps to Kin.

What Is The Current Circulating Supply Of Kin?

The current circulating supply of Kin is 1,952,205,746,150 KIN coins.

What Is The Market Cap Of Kin?

Kin’s live market cap is $22,654,336. KIN to USD price is updated in real-time.

What Was Kin's Initial Coin Offering?

The Kin ICO (initial coin offering) raised $48,594,816 USD. The Kin ICO started on Sept. 12, 2017, & ended on Sept. 26, 2017.

As of September 2019, Kik said they’d be shutting down their messaging app to fight an ongoing lawsuit with the Security & Exchange Commission over whether the Kin ICO sold unregistered securities.

To preserve Kin, MediaLab bought Kik messenger in October 2019. Every time KIN plans to sell digital assets over the next three years, it has to notify the SEC.

What Is The All-Time High Of Kin?

Kin’s all-time high is $0.000053. Since Kin launched, this has been its highest price ever.

What's The Kin Total Supply?

Out of a max supply of 10,000,000,000,000, there are currently 1,952,205,746,150 Kin coins.

What Is Giftery?

KIN works with Giftery to buy gift cards from your favorite stores worldwide. 

Developers can join the Developer Program & get the resources they need to integrate Kin into their apps.

Providing more documentation & tutorials will make it easier for developers to use Kin.

The Future Of Kin Coin

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According to the website, the KIN price will trade at $0.00002515 by the end of 2022.

By the end of 2027, the Kin coin is expected to reach a maximum trading price of $0.00008021, while by 2030, the digital asset will reach a maximum trading price of $0.00058347. 

What Is Kin's Price Today?

The current price of Kin is $0.000012.

Will Kin Coin Be Listed On Binance?

Binance has expanded its official crypto wallet to include a range of cryptocurrency-related products.

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How To Start Building With Kin

If you’re interested in helping create a better digital world by integrating Kin within your app or business, you can visit the kin developer landing page to get started.

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Final Disclaimer

It’s important to think about your investment experience, financial situation, investment goals, and risk tolerance before investing.

Please consult your financial advisor before trading, as it’s a highly risky activity. 

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