Kennected Vs. Meet Alfred: What Is The Best LinkedIn Automation Messaging Tool

LinkedIn has been established as a great platform for businesses that want to generate leads. With its large network of professionals, finding leads and identifying potential targets has never been easier. But many people still struggle with one particular aspect of lead generation: communicating with leads.

In order to convert leads into sales, users need to talk to them, develop a connection, build rapport, and create a healthy working relationship. Only then can they be convinced to do business with you. Because of this, prospecting tends to be a tedious activity.

Luckily, there are tools online that can help make this process easier. LinkedIn Messaging Automation Tools are there to handle parts of the job that are repetitive and difficult.

Here we will compare two online tools that automate messaging for LinkedIn users: Kennected and Meet Leonard, also known as Meet Alfred. These automation tools help users maximize lead generation. Find out which one suits your needs best.

Kennected Is A Premium LinkedIn Messaging & Automation Tool

Kennected is one of the best software for generating leads online. It automates messages for those who want to make lead generation simpler. With Kennected, users can upload CSV to define their target audience. It will then use the same search query for the process of automation.

Users can then set up an invite message to be sent to prospects. Of course, lead generation does not work well with cold emails, so a personalized touch is important—and Kennected gives users this freedom. With this tool, users can create personalized messages with placeholders and send up to 100 new invitations.

Even the follow-up phase can be automated with Kennected. Users can set up follow up messages by adding an automated follow-up the cadence. This is for prospects that connected but have not responded.

Business owners can set up to six follow up messages for each person. This means that it is still personalized even if it’s automated. It helps make it feel more authentic, instead of appearing like a spam email.

Kennected also lets users sync prospects to HubSpot. They can sync LinkedIn profiles to HubSpot for easy lead nurturing and management. All messages on LinkedIn also gets logged as an activity automatically.

Connection requests and follow-ups are personalized, as if users were sending them manually. It also has a Blacklist functionality to avoid sending the request to people who are already being contacted. The online tool has many functions worth exploring.

Other helpful features include reply detection, teamwork security, response tracking, and acceptance tracking. This help optimize lead generation so that messages are not sent repeatedly and end up annoying the leads.

Kennected helps automate messages in a way that still feels organic. It lets users send connection requests and follow-ups so that they can focus on other aspects of their business that demands their energy.

Kennected Vs. Meet Alfred

Just like Kennected, Meet Alfred helps automate work on LinkedIn. The difference is that it aims to connect users with the right people, build relationships, and achieve business goals completely on autopilot.

Its messaging system automatically sends hundreds of bulk messages to all of the user’s 1st connections to maintain valuable relationships. It also ensures that connections are up to date with what you are doing.

Alfred also allows users to send automated InMails to increase their reach and send personalized special offers. This is great for people who are not yet included in the network. At the same time, this increases profile awareness.

Other helpful features include data collection, analysis, and performance analytics.

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