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Shout Out To The Canvas Project For These Absolutely 🔥Shoes​

As some of you know, our CEO Devin Johnson is a hardcore sneakerhead. He LOVES shoes. It’s a bit of an obsession. If you want to see a bit about his history and his entrepreneural journey from sneakers to Kennected make sure to watch the video.

When we were looking for some custom artwork to decorate our new office, we wanted something fresh and vibrant. So we turned to our good from Jim Sherwood from The Canvas Project to help us. Check out some images below, and then read the interview.

Interview With Jim​

Q: “What is your process when a company like Kennected asks you to build an on-brand shoe that showcases their company logo, culture and overall vibe of the company?”

A: Great question! When a company asks us to create a custom piece centered around the logo, vibe, and culture, we use a process that we’ve pretty much used since day 1.

We usually start by visiting a company’s website. No surprise there, while a website is the best place for us to pick up all of the general info we need to help us understand what that company does, and still getting some good visuals at the same time.

Next, we visit all of the company’s social media pages. That’s a great place to go, to get the best feel of the vibe and culture of the company, while of course, getting some more visuals.

The third step in the process begins the creative process, where we have to sit down and compile all of the information, brand colors, and designs, and then decide how to place everything on to our canvas/sneaker.

The final steps in the process include prep work, whatever accessories we need to aid us in the project, and of course the painting or dyeing, depending on what’s required for the project.

Q: How did you get started…?

Answer: We got started in corporate customized sneakers about 3 and a half years ago, when one of our long time clients and now friends, reached out and mentioned that he’d like a pair of Jordan 1’s customized with his business’s logo on there.

It’s safe to say we ended up putting a lot more on there than just the logo. After that, the rest is history.

We feel that it’s one of the coolest ways to represent a company, and also spark up a conversation.

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