What Sales Techniques Does Kennected Use To Close Deals?

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My name is Chris-Hoffmann, and I’m the vice president of sales here at Kennected.

To give readers an inside look, I’ll be talking about our company’s specific techniques throughout the sales process.

What Is The Sales Process?

The point of the sales process is to bring in significant revenue or a chance for valuable leads to return to your business.

The sales process is when sales reps assist potential customers from the beginning of the buying process to the end.

Every sales business has a unique sales process that most customers go through to reach a deal.

Shaping the sales process depends on the company you work for, the product you’re selling, and your target audience.

But the sales process has to be repeatable and effective in selling products. You want a sales strategy that’s common knowledge for the sales team.

It is important to attract many leads to find people who could be converted into prospects. To attract leads, some businesses hire companies with lead services.

These companies offer proven generation strategies to help their clients gain the interest of consumers.

However, besides getting leads, one of the most crucial sales points would be closing deals.

The explanation may sound simple enough, but closing deals requires a lot of wordplay and good knowledge.

Although sales professionals are trying to sell something of interest, it’s important to remember not to sound like a robot or a salesperson.

You want to stick out from other members and ensure by the end of the process that prospective clients know about the product, how it benefits them, and have shown interest in the product.

What separates a standard sales rep from a great rep is the SDR role of following up after the deal is done.

What separates our sales development representative from the others is that they don’t have a gong to ring after completing a sale.

What My Role Entails

A sales leader or vice president of sales, oversees the process, strategy, and ensures the financial success of the sales team.

Sales management must have a deep understanding of the business challenges to accommodate and hurdle over them.

Sales training prepares every sales rep with sales skills to generate more revenue.

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Build Brand Credibility

Your prospects need to know who you are to know exactly what they are buying and who they are buying from.

With a clear and identifiable brand, you can make generating leads for your sales staff much easier.

At Kennected, we love the idea of in-person interactions with customers despite all of the technology we use to communicate with them.

Having a brand makes it easier to gain the trust of potential customers, whereas having no branding at all will make them think twice about buying from you.

Make sure you know your brand, know how to sell it, and know what your customers love about it.

Before any sale, we make sure our software is a good fit for customers instead of coming across as another sales rep trying to make a sale.

Once you have a clear understanding of your brand, be sure to incorporate it into everything that you do.

How To Keep Your Sales Pipelines Full of Leads

Sales processes have made it easier for business growth, but with industry trends becoming more automated, it can be easy to lose sight of the organic approach to enterprise prospecting.

The sales pipeline helps guide enterprise-sized businesses through the process.

But customer relationship management should have a careful balance. Sales prospecting assists you in discovering prospective clients with a problem that has not yet been recognized.

You will get faster results if your search engines use fewer search queries and your team has never provided any content for the search.

Many salespeople agree that prospecting is the most challenging part of the process.

But here, we will talk about effective ways to get over that hurdle and start generating your stream of leads and connections.

Our sales development representatives view the sales department as a means for growing revenue and building their network.

Sales are more than a business meeting or a chance to show off the talent we possess. Each sales development representative lays the foundation for where we go from here.

Ensure you are bursting with potential. A void pipeline may cause salespeople to place unnecessary value on only a few clients.

If you keep your pipeline full, you won’t have to fall back on bad sales tactics to close deals.

You will be confident enough to set your price and stand by it because the opportunities are coming to you.

When you sell with integrity, buyers will respect you more, and you will drive more business.

It will also generate more referrals and positive word-of-mouth, which are valuable assets.

The problem for many is the lack of knowledge of maintenance. Our biggest transactions happen via the network. We are always ready to assist in sales.

Sales Reps Are Important

Sales development representatives or SDRs directly contact companies and potential prospects to increase revenue and sell a product or service.

These people may be referred to as sales executives. Kennected has sales development reps who sell our LinkedIn automation tools to warm leads and other leads worth pursuing.

Our SDR team is high-energy and willing to put their hearts into every sale, from a good interaction to a bad interaction.

Closing deals is no easy task, and it takes more than a sales pitch. Sales representatives must acquire a “particular set of skills” to progress with the process.

A few best practices include active listening, critical thinking, and must possess strong empathy.

Being skilled in closing sales is important for sales professionals.

These closing tactics would require time, practice, and patience, just like learning the benefits and features of a product or service.

These closing sales techniques could help businesses make sales. But keep in mind that a particular closing technique could not apply to all customers.

It would still depend on the customer’s needs and the opportunities they are looking for.

We work to progress sales representatives to sales hacker status, making the sales strategy easier.

We want excellent decision-makers with a positive outlook and a track record of sales specialization.

Most SDRs want what’s in it for them rather than considering the full process of the sales funnel.

Sales development representatives can make or break a business, but SDRs can fully maneuver the sales funnel with careful training by sales managers.

Our sales representatives work with the latest sales tools that focus on outbound prospecting.

The SDR team is united because they are willing to assist prospects throughout the sales funnel.

As online conversations become the ever-increasing norm, Kennected has SDRs specializing in making more calls and email templates to work with all companies.

We have existing customers built from a successful sales strategy and experts that carefully maneuver the buyer’s journey.

The sales team should be built on six main key influencers:

  • The Sales Leader
  • The Account Executive
  • A Digital Advisor
  • A Solution Architect
  • A Customer Success Leader
  • A Business Development Representative

These key influencers work in multiple departments to make customers successful in their sales cycles.

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The Sales Leader

From the sales playbook or guide, to setting the tone for the sales team, a sales leader works to ensure the team is on the right track to generating revenue.

Also termed sales manager, we focus on sales development and what needs to happen to get there.

We’re the powerhouse of the sales team.

The Account Executive

The account executive wears many hats when working in sales. They have their hands full, from prospecting to closing deals to planning account activity.

They place themselves in the customer’s shoes, adapting to the evolving sales business and acquiring new business for the sales representatives.

Kennected is currently looking for its next account executive.

Digital Advisor

A digital advisor is a financial planner for a company that uses automated tools to make financial decisions.

Solution Architect

A solution architect looks at what an organization lacks or needs and incorporates IT to support those needs via hardware, software, and infrastructure.

Stephen-Twomey currently serves in this position.

Customer Success Leader

The customer success leader represents their team in meetings and gifts the team with tools to succeed.

The customer success team works alongside customers to address their issues and needs.

Our current customer success leader is Jennifer Irias-Ward.

Business Development Representatives

These individuals reach out to customers via cold calling, email, etc.

There’s a fine line between a sales representative and a business representative. A business representative tries to initiate business between leads and salespeople.

This process involves cold calling individuals who may or may not be interested in the product their offering.

Sales development representatives do cold calls, but success is more likely. Warm leads and inbound sales go hand in hand with cold calling just anyone.

Cold calling is a successful lead strategy. However, you may miss other marketing channels which may be just as effective.

These strategies have been proven effective in businesses of all sizes. You have to do this for your growth, and you need to do it with some effort and time.

If a business thinks you may benefit from their product, a sales development representative will be the person reaching out.

Enterprise Sales

Since our company’s founding in 2018, we’ve quickly grown our enterprise sales department to handle enterprise customers and deals at the end of the long sales cycle.

Enterprise sales are tedious, lengthy, and require many talking heads to make big-impact decisions.

An enterprise sales example could be selling new software to a large company while getting rid of the old software.

There are many factors and pain points to look at before coming up with a custom solution.

However, enterprise sales are called complex sales for a reason. Key influencers and large contracts mean more issues, research, and long sales cycles.

Some customers may be easily swayed into the enterprise, while other customers may need pain points solved in an enterprise sale.

Whereas standard sales occur over a roughly 60-day period, enterprise sales can last months.

A complex sale comes with different deal sizes and a lengthy sales cycle that could change a business problem.

Kennected’s director of enterprise sales is Sterling-Curran.

Grow Your Sales Teams

The sales process asks for enterprise sales prospecting, but you will need a sales team.

Each sales rep has their persona, but regardless should all be willing to work on the same page to make cold calls and work with the marketing team to address a prospect’s pain points.

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Always Be Prospecting

Sales prospects are crucial parts of any sales process, including uncovering and creating opportunities that can eventually convert into paying customers.

Sales prospecting can happen through various means, including social media, but sales meetings can look at a potential customer and determine how to progress with sales prospecting.

During either a cold call or a more established meeting, decision-makers will have various questions to ask about the sales cycle.

To get on the same page as profitable customers, being clear on your approach is one of the best prospecting tips for the buying process.

Your conversion rates from product or service surveys are essential in progressing through enterprise sales.

Not every sales rep gets the chance to step into a prospect’s shoes, but all customers are revenue-generating customers.

Content Marketing

With content marketing, you can establish your authority in your respective industry.

You can post informative articles, blog posts, and videos relevant to your target audience’s interests. This is your opportunity to show off your knowledge and expertise.

Create email marketing campaigns to optimize engagements, conversion/click-through rates, or other metrics based on a customer’s website.

Kennected has featured hundreds of blogs on its website, and is building up its video content, starting with its YouTube channel.

After serving as our chief technology officer, Stephen-Twomey recently became our chief marketing officer.

Develop A Positive Company Kulture

Sales representatives should remain positive throughout every sales cycle. Working through the sales pipeline comes with some great sales conversations.

Customers want to work with sales representatives who put their heart into their work.

Account executives at industry events or other large-scale environments represent the company they work for. No pressure but you want to be the best you can be.

But not all sales development representatives have wonderful phone calls or a significant positive effect on them.

And sometimes, business opportunities arise after meeting customer needs and actively listening to potential customers.

Professionals deal with many rude and not-so-nice phone calls daily.

Even a great sales development representative who has gone through training sessions will face real conversations about negative sales activities.

The good news is that this experience is typical and should not discourage them from reaching out to customers.

Kennected will usually host events for staff like our quarterly Nerf wars and start-up leagues and clubs like our bowling league.

It’s a great opportunity to socialize and network with other staff members.

Customer Relationship Management Tool

The sales manager understands the importance of monitoring the team’s daily, weekly, and quarterly sales performance.

You need a powerful dashboard that summarizes the sales team and individual rep metrics to accomplish that.

Before switching to Hubspot, we used Hubspot is user-friendly, and is accessible by all Kennected staff.

Tracking customer interactions across multiple channels unlocks powerful insight which you can use to improve your customer experience and marketing efforts.

With Hubspot, we can use sales metrics on leadership boards to inspire healthy competition between sales representatives.

Looking at data will help you identify what works well and what doesn’t. You can then ask yourself why certain strategies aren’t working and what you should do to fix them.

At the same time, you want to hone in on what’s working well for you. If you have good leads, pass them on to your best closers to increase your chances of closing the deal.

Get Lots of Referrals

Currently, a successful sales agent often receives referrals from existing customers. What’s the importance of this?

Eighty-two percent of B2B decision-makers refer salespeople, 83% look to make sales by referring a friend to an existing customer, and referrals convert 30% quicker.

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Use Social Media

How can one get the audience a certain way? This is a common frustration from cold phone calls.

Your intention is not to disturb customers in their homes but to attract people interested in your product or service. Thankfully, using social media has made an impact.

Twitter is a fantastic tool to get customers regardless of the region. Kennected is available on all platforms.

Social media platforms are the easiest and most effective method for building a solid customer success team influence on websites.

Be Consistent

While being persistent can make the process easier, consistent with lead generation is just as important.

Sales colleagues are thinking about qualified leads and getting more prospects through highly customized outreach.

But these sales reps are also making sure to avoid unqualified leads.

Use The Competition To Your Advantage

Look into how competitors develop their sales process and the benefits or discounts they offer.

It’s a doggie-dog world to maneuver, but it can be easy to get left in the dust by the competition.

Kennected uses case studies to display a sense of trust and credibility for prospects. We have many testimonials of people talking about how our product has changed their life.

Surprisingly, it’s not something every SaaS company takes the time to do, and it’s made us stand out from many companies.

We’re also transparent with you. If we’re making a cold call, we’ll let you know it’s a cold call. We don’t reach out to just anyone. We make sure that you’ll find benefits from our interactions.

We Encourage Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the critical skills our sales teams learn from sales training.

Kennected has marketers that work closely with the inside sales team to maintain a sales cadence.

We develop a marketing strategy with sales skills and product knowledge to help pain points and qualify prospects.

Kennected’s ideology of relationships over revenue has brought the company far since its inception in 2018.

But the sales cycle is assisted by our expert-led marketing department, which ensures potential buyers remain aware of all the good stuff we offer.

The marketing team helps push the company’s product or service.

Use Search Engine Optimization

It is important to incorporate SEO or Search Engine Optimization when using content marketing.

A low-cost generation strategy optimizes content using keywords to rank higher in search results.

Another valuable lead generation tool is Google My Business, also known as Google Maps.

So if your business does not appear in local searches, you are missing out. Google My Business lets local people locate you, and even leave reviews.

You can further boost your search rankings and get more sales with reviews.

You can also use Google My Business to manage what information customers see when they look up your business.

Earnings Calls

Improvements and what’s working for the sales leaders and sales reps will be discussed in earnings calls.

It’s a group conference, either in person or virtually, that discusses the report and progress of enterprise sales and sales overall.

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How To Develop Working Relationships With Customers

It’s an average day to hear cold phone calls on the sales end of the building, where sales reps get to know potential customers before issuing a deal.

You want to ensure your business is getting those enterprise sales and keeping customers as long as possible.

Having the sales team build relationships with prospective clients is a sure way for enterprise sales to succeed.

And developing customer relationships is something all sales teams hope to accomplish.

A development representative is your standard sales rep who works through the transactional or enterprise sales models to turn leads into active customers.

Their methods include cold calling, emailing, and promotional events.

Establishing that connection and mutual benefit between the SDR and the potential customer is something the company prides itself on.

Kennected makes sure the customer knows what’s in it for them and how they will reach their goals.

Sometimes, we like to bring customers to our Indianapolis headquarters to see what we’re all about and get a feel for who we are.

What Is Kennected?

Kennected is a SaaS company that sells a high volume of CRM software that acts as a sales navigator.

The sales representative is a sales team member that puts thoughts into action. We sell enterprise sales software that goes beyond just a handful of board approval.

We have whole companies that use our lead generation tool Cloud Kennect. It’s an automated tool that works on LinkedIn to automatically gather leads and build your network.

Use LinkedIn to position yourself as a subject matter expert to attract more leads. To make lead generation on LinkedIn even easier, use LinkedIn automation tools.

Kennected is the best automation tool for LinkedIn because it uses laser-accurate data to bring you the most qualified leads.

This fine-tunes your outreach and makes prospecting way more convenient. Once you have found your leads, Kennected can also send automated and personalized messages.

This means you can reach out to more people at scale.

We’re a start-up company that’s changing the game of sales opportunities.

Here, you can learn more about LinkedIn’s #1 lead generation tool Cloud Kennect. And if you want more information on lead generation or increasing sales, check out our up-to-date blogs.

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