JP Morgan Chase Cuts Ties With Kanye West Despite Controversy

JP Morgan Chase has cut ties with Kanye West (Ye) after his anti-Semitic remarks. 

The bank sent West a formal letter of termination with “no official reason given.” Other brands have parted ways with the rapper due to his social media tirades.

West was locked out of his social media accounts after making anti-Semitic remarks. Sources close to the “Donda” rapper are worried he’s undergoing a mental breakdown.

Here’s what the article states –

While his shocking comments led to backlash from celebrities and people all around the world, podcaster Van Lathan claimed his comments didn’t come as a surprise as Lathan had “already heard him say that stuff before.”

“I mean, I was taken aback because that type of anti-Semitic talk is disgusting. But as far as him, I knew that that was in him because when came to TMZ, he said that stuff and they took it out of the interview,” he alleged about Ye’s infamous 2018 interview with the outlet.

“When I saw [the new tweets], I was like, ‘Oh, I knew that this was eventually coming.’ As a matter of fact, I had anticipated it coming, like, way earlier than this,” he said, adding that West claimed he “loved Hitler and Nazis.”

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