Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Reminds Viewers of Their Lack of Universal Control

Olivia Rutigliano of Literary Hub provided an in-detail op-ed on Jordan Peele’s latest release, Nope.  

According to Rutigliano, although the film touches on the UFO phenomenon, the central message is humanity’s lack of control of forces beyond us. 

She says Peele delivered the perfect approach to archetypical lead actors Keke Palmer & Daniel Kaluuya. 

Nope is an entertaining adventure with a “capital ‘E.’”

Here is what the article states –

“Although the film is a veritable carnival for analysis, it’s still extraordinarily accessible and enjoyable as entertainment. In fact, it is entertainment with a capital E! Although the film isn’t a horror movie per se, it floats along, neatly building tension and occasionally punctuating it with genuine scares, before galloping through its heart-pounding third act.

Peele is a master at creating iconic imagery, and it’s clear while watching Nope how quickly so many of its aesthetic flourishes will become indelible in film history. Indeed, the movie is a visual playground, dovetailing innovative optical touches with just the right amount of cinematic nostalgia.”

Read the full story here.

For Peele to have accomplished the Wild West setting, background on film, and importance of unidentified discovery, he had to pull the three together in a mutual relationship.

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