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Athena Kavis

Profession: Serial Entrepreneur

"Way Too Many Leads"

I've been using Kennected for 3.5 months now and I just have way too many leads, which is always a good problem to have. Kennected is by far my favorite lead generation tool for LinkedIn.
-Athena Kavis, CEO of Las Vegas Teslas

Jim Sherwood

Profession: Founder

Canvas Project Lands Deal

When I signed up for Kennected, it was just crazy to see the amount of calls that I had compared to the amount of calls that I wasn't able to get on my calendar before. It helped me gain experience in talking to other brands and pitching our services.
Jim Sherwood, Founder/Creative Director at The Canvas Project

Glenn Cunningham

Profession: Realtor

Secured Two Listings, Two Buyers, & Five Investors In 60 Days

I started using Kennected about 60 days ago. At the time I had less than 100 connections on LinkedIn and since then that's grown to almost 2,000. In that time I've secured two listings, one of which is actually under contract right now. I've secured two other buyers that are actively looking, and also five investors that are looking for investment properties. And that's not even including the hundreds of conversations that I've had one on one with great people that no doubt will lead to deals and referrals down the road. It's added an entire stream of revenue to my business.
Glenn Cunningham, Realtor at Keller Williams

Andy Mork

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Profession: Video Marketing

$60,000 In His First 3 Months

Before I started using Kennected, I was prospecting businesses via networking events, reaching out via email or cold call. When I started using Kennected it really automated my way of prospecting. Within three months I was able to gain about $60,000 worth of business for very low price and I barely had to do any work at all. It's also allowed me to reach into markets that I haven't even conceived before, and just by reaching directly out to marketing directors and the type of people that I want to be talking to. Incredibly easy to use, highly recommended.
-Andy Mork, CEO at Mork Productions

Joseph Heraldo

Profession: Consultant

Crushing Quotas- "In 3 weeks I was able to amass basically a quarter of my business."

In three weeks, I was able to amass basically a quarter of my business.
-Joseph Heraldo, Consultant at Baker Tilly

Zach Hesterberg

Profession: Revenue Consultant

"Solid ROI" In His First Month

I run Facebook ads for ecommerce stores. Doing this, I've never had time to focus on learning LinkedIn. I didn't want to focus on learning I want to focus spending all my time actually doing it. So when I came across the idea of using an automation platform such as Kennected and having some guys help me set this up, I said, "Hey this is a no brainer! Let's go ahead and give it a try." So I've been using it for right around a month, maybe a little bit over that, and now I have over 29 leads or 29 conversations started just in the last 8 days.
- Zach Hesterberg, Revenue Consultant

Gavin Lira

Profession: FB Advertising

$22,000 Last Month From Kennected

Last month, we closed over $22,000 from Kennected. I will stand behind this product. This is something I commonly refer to my network. They have a great support team and they're always taking care of me. They run the company like a well-oiled machine. I have had no problems getting help when I needed it.
-Gavin Lira, Founder and CEO at Empathy Digital Marketing

Jim Lehr

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Profession: Digital Marketing Agency

"This Thing Is Cold Calling For Me All Day Long While I Get Back To Work"

Had a platform that could do for me what I was doing manually, completely automated, and it was fantastic! The platform will allow you to prospect throughout the day on LinkedIn. When I say this, I mean specific business owners. You can run the demographics and really narrow it down and hone in on who you're looking to meet. It's an outstanding prospecting tool. The folks at Kennected have been outstanding as far as the support is concerned. Anytime I've ever had a question, these guys get back to me right away. They helped me actually even with my messaging to my potential clients so they'll walk through what works, what doesn't work. And if I ever have any questions whatsoever, they get back to me immediately. I would say that it is a very targeted platform, very easy to use, it integrates with multiple CRMs. Essentially, this thing is out there cold calling for me all day long while I get back to work. I can't even explain the value in that.
-Jim Lehr