Is It Acceptable Now To Wear Hats During Business Meetings?

Why Wearing Hats in the Workplace Means Your Business is Thriving

While the global pandemic brought upon many changes and stirred up unprecedented conversations, a place that change was instilled was within business culture and dress code.

For at least a few months, every company was forced to transition into a Zoom format for meetings and alignment calls.

Everyone knew their office dress code when they went into their buildings, but what were they supposed to wear when working from home?

One specific article of clothing became very popular: hats.

Hats are a trademark of casual clothing, and thus often signified a wardrobe shift for employees working from home.

Back in 2020, a GQ article detailed how symbolic hats became in the context of working remotely and what the new “business attire” was becoming.

“A couple of weeks ago, in a large Zoom meeting, I peered into the abyss of my screen and saw, staring back at me: hats. My eyes ping-ponged from beanie to dad cap to beanie to dad cap and back again. I racked my brain trying to remember if many of my male colleagues wore hats when we were all in the same office together approximately 16 years ago. Surely some did, but with video conferencing limiting each person’s presence to a small box around their face—and self-isolation limiting the number of new and interesting things we see on any given day—headwear is now rendered far more conspicuous. It is also more deliberate: No man on Zoom is putting on a hat to brave the elements outside or shield their eyes from the sun. They are simply sitting inside their houses, wearing hats.

Not only that, but the habit appeared to extend from your average Zoom brainstorm into the world of celebrity. As Emilia Petrarca, fashion news writer for The Cut, pointed out on Twitter, Brad Pitt and David Beckham are among those donning newsboy caps in the comfort of their mansions.

It should be noted that this remote hat-wearing is occurring in industries that had relatively lax office dress codes to begin with. Still, some lines have had to be drawn. New York Times editor Tim Herrera wrote that he hasn’t “broken the hat barrier for important work calls.” But the casualness bar has certainly been lowered overall. “Once I saw someone at work who is very above me and who I deeply respect wear a hat on a Zoom,” he added. “I basically took that as permission that hats are a-okay for work Zooms.”

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The pandemic brought many conversations to the surface and challenged concepts that had never been disputed before, and one of those discussions involved business culture and attire.

The term “professional” was called into question, especially regarding how employees dressed during the work week.

Hats signify casual dress, an informal piece of clothing often associated with weekend vibes and relaxation.

Some businesses instill a strict dress code for their employees, believing that your attire directly impacts your importance and professionalism.

Your Kulture Might Not Vibe With Hats

Listen, if you work for IBM, Salesforce or some other really established companies with a less “fresh” perspective on dress code and culture, hats might not fly. Our sales people, and execs are often wearing hats, but they’re usually branded hats. Rocking Nascar or sports teams hats would feel a bit weird on a sales call. So, keep in mind that while a lot of our team wears hats, it’s because they’re mainly branded hats. 

Plus, our team is young and in tech, a slightly less buttoned up approach to work apparel is generally more acceptable. CPAs and Financial advisors wearing hats might not be the look that high end clients are looking for during an initial sit down. 

Onbrand & On Purpose – 

Here at Kennected, we value comfort and camaraderie over a dress code.

In fact, you will often see our team members conducting zoom meetings or in person meetings donning our signature KN hats. Whether the “blacked out” hats or the subtle black hat with white logo, we believe that a solid brand starts with repping your clique, anytime, and anywhere, even in meetings. 

We believe that when you are comfortable, you get work done, and our employees have demonstrated that every single day.

Many of our employees wear hats in the office, and we love the Kennected “kulture” we’ve created.

We know wearing hats does not make Kennected any less professional than other SaaS businesses. We simply take pride in our ability to change the narrative on corporate culture and “professional” attire.

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