How Do You Introduce Yourself To A Recruiter On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool when used correctly. With over 675 million users, LinkedIn is the largest platform for professionals online. It works best when used proactively, so take advantage of LinkedIn’s massive user base and expand your network today.

LinkedIn can even be used to build and establish new professional relationships. You can use this social networking site to introduce yourself to recruiters. Just keep in mind that there’s a proper way to do it. If you want to get the best results, remember some of our tips below.

How Do You Introduce Yourself to a Recruiter on LinkedIn?​

To establish communication and build a relationship effectively, first you need to find the right recruiter to contact. Find a recruiter who specializes in your field and reach out. Better yet, get introduced via someone in your network.

Once you’ve found the right targets, message them on LinkedIn—but make sure you personalize your email! Mass emails are likely to go unanswered because recruiters think you are spamming them. Introduce yourself, ask questions about their industry, and display interest in their services. Make your email short, precise, and personalized.

Kennected works particularly well in this regard because it is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you set up and send personalized messages. Not only that, Kennected can even help you find the most qualified leads using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters. With Kennected, you can make it easier to connect with your chosen recruiters.

The Surefire Way to Not Get a Recruiter to Respond​

If a recruiter thinks your message is a spam email, they will definitely ignore you. They may even select “I Don’t Know This Person”—which is the LinkedIn equivalent of getting marked as spam. If you want to get a response, you need to personalize your messages.

Even when you’re not actively looking for a recruiter to connect with, there are habits you need to adopt in order to get recruiters to call you. You need to be more visible online and have an active presence in social networking sites, particularly on LinkedIn.

A huge part of the modern recruiting process takes place in the digital world. If you’re not active on LinkedIn, recruiters might not call you. Similarly, if your contact info is not updated, they wouldn’t be able to reach out to you. You might miss out on some huge opportunities.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile properly reflects your skills, companies, experiences, etc. Lastly, when you are communicating with a recruiter, always answer honestly and in a timely manner.

What Recruiters Look For in LinkedIn Profiles

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can go a long way when it comes to expanding your network. One additional benefit of having a well-written and comprehensive LinkedIn profile is that you’re making yourself more attractive to recruiters.

The first thing they notice is your headline—right under your name. You want your headline to tell visitors what you do professionally. If the headline is not clear enough, you might confuse recruiters. After looking at your headline and profile photo, they will take a look at your Summary. This is your chance to really grab their attention and tell them what you’re all about.

If the Summary does not appeal to them, they might look elsewhere. These paragraphs are very important because this is where you give them detailed information about what you can do for them. Avoid sounding robotic or too business-oriented. They don’t want to read a Summary that is pure sales talk. This will only make them think you are inauthentic.

You want your Summary section to sound like an actual human being. Use it as an opportunity to stand out as a candidate. Other sections recruiters pay attention to are your career history, skills, organizations, and educational and professional credentials.

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