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It’s not easy to build an online course from scratch. Even if you want to make your own training course, it will be a while before you can start monetizing it because there are a lot of steps to complete along the way: from market research to developing content to advertising. And if you want to create an online course that’s effective and resonates with your target audience, that’s another story entirely.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to figure it all out by yourself. But luckily, you don’t have to. There are countless video training platforms out there that you can use to host your online course and have it online in no time. People won’t even be able to tell that your online course is being hosted!

But why choose just any online training platform, when you can use one of the best? Here, we will be talking about an interactive white label online training system that is light years away from the competition: LightSpeed VT. Let’s take a closer look.

Interactive & Engaging Online Education Video Platform

LightSpeed VT is the tech solution for your business if your goal is to create, launch, and market your own interactive training course. With this brandable platform, you can deliver your knowledge to your audience and easily establish industry leadership.

LightSpeed VT is the world’s only interactive knowledge commerce platform. It is dedicated to making highly impactful online courses that achieve your business goals, whether it’s to train your team members, educate your target audience, or generate more income. It covers everything you need from production to marketing.

If you’ve ever tried making your own online course before, you will know that it is needlessly complicated and stressful. And if you have tried simple drag and drop editors before, you will also know that this is not enough to deliver all your ideas and knowledge in a way that will educate your audience.

LightSpeed VT does what other platforms don’t: it dives into your company’s mission and figures out how to help the business move the needle.

When it comes to LightSpeed’s training courses, “interactive” is the keyword. It helps businesses create highly interactive learning experiences that will keep your students engaged as they learn new skills and pick up new knowledge.

This interactive approach also makes learning accessible for students with different learning styles. You can accommodate them all with your LightSpeed course.

LightSpeed VT provides the software and the infrastructure you need to launch your own course in no time. But most importantly, LightSpeed VT gives you full creative control over your own course so that your branding and personality is not lost in the sauce.

Your employee training course will match your brand, your style, and your voice, so you can connect with your audience in your own distinct way.

LightSpeed VT offers a lot of convenient features that create an overall seamless experience. It has tracking, reporting, certifications, automated progress emails, and more.

Host Your Course with a First in Class Platform that is Light Years Ahead of the Competition

Other training systems may give you non-engaging slideshows and text-based web pages, but this only bores your students. Instead, LightSpeed VT creates a unique and engaging experience for your learners. You can even go onsite and film your course there. With this, it is easier to complete the production phase of your online course, allowing you to produce fresh and engaging content.

Some video training platforms offer support for their users, but LightSpeed VT takes it even further. LightSpeed VT closely collaborates with clients to create interactive video content designed around the end-user experience. The goal is to produce highly-engaging training resources with good retention rates. What’s the point of a training course if your students aren’t paying attention halfway through it? This white-label online training system solves this problem.

LightSpeed VT has its own studio with a green screen where clients can easily record professional content for their online course. The set is complete with equipment for proper lighting and audio.

Everything is setup properly so that filming goes smoothly. Filming the online course is done with editing in mind so you can have the best results.

LightSpeed VT even edits your content based on your training course outline. This shows editors how the clips should be arranged. Your course outline should be as specific as possible, including categories, courses, and chapters.

You have to supply this outline along with the finished files that you want to use for your online course. LightSpeed VT will then edit and organize it into one comprehensive training course.

Launch an Interactive Web Based Online Learning & Training System Used by These Companies

LightSpeed VT is trusted by authors, entrepreneurs, and companies including Grant Cardone, Daymond John, Jordan Belfort, Steemer on Demand, UFC, and PGA.

This platform is trusted by brands because it offers in-house marketing and branding. LightSpeed VT makes sure to preserve your brand’s identity while crafting your online learning course. You get to maintain full creative control over the course that you are making.

LightSpeed VT ensures that your brand, style, and voice are all reflected in the final product. They do a deep dive into your company’s mission to gain a better understanding of your audience. This helps them create impactful training courses.

Of course, creating your course is only one part of it. You also have to launch and monetize your online training course. LightSpeed VT covers that too. For businesses, monetizing their online courses can give them another source of revenue.

LightSpeed VT believes that entrepreneurs should be able to properly monetize their knowledge while also training people better.

With its interactive approach, LightSpeed VT provides an excellent way to achieve both goals: training your students and earning from your courses. You can make impressive online courses that could actually be monetized.

According to the LightSpeed VT website: “If you want to move fast, if you want to monetize your knowledge or train your people, if you want complete creative control, and if you want the best professional expertise that money can buy—we’re the only choice. We aren’t in the field. We are the field.”

This interactive platform has other worthwhile features such as tracking and reporting. Once your course goes online, you will want to keep track of user engagement. This will help you assess how well your course is doing. You can then gauge whether or not it is meeting expectations and bringing you revenue. These analytics not only help you optimize your current training course but also gives you an idea of what works and what doesn’t so you can also optimize future courses.

LightSpeed VT offers deep reporting, accountability, and completion tracking. This tool has rich analytics built-in. You can monitor and track all visitors including their behavior. You can even add Google Analytics to expand your tracking capabilities even further.

It also has live leaderboards that make the experience even more fun and interactive for learners. Live leaderboards track the progress of all users and displays them on a Leaderboard on the Main Menu. This is another way to encourage students to keep going and complete the course. They can even rise up the ranks and earn rewards, badges, and points by logging in a certain number of times.

Finally, LightSpeed VT has built-in communities that create a safe learning environment for your learners, where they can interact with one another and share their thoughts. The goal of this feature is to provide a positive environment that revolves around the online course that you built. You will serve as the Moderator who monitors and removes abusive material.

Your Users can sign into your VT System and view the Community—Feed which includes all the recent posts in the Community. They can then interact with one another by posting or reacting to any post.

Not only does LightSpeed VT make it easier for businesses to create online courses from scratch, it also optimizes the whole process for better monetization and a greater user experience. If you are looking for the best software that can host your training system, the choice is clear: go for LightSpeed VT.

If you really want to launch your own online course or create your own virtual classrooms, you don’t necessarily have to do it all by yourself. LightSpeed VT offers a world-class interactive experience. LightSpeed VT has a reliable track record when it comes to hosting various training systems. It is trusted by top companies and industry experts around the world, and for good reason.

LightSpeed VT has over 20 years of experience when it comes to creating high quality online courses. That’s why it has all the tools and integrations you may need throughout the process. In fact, they have helped train more than 50,000 companies and earned over $500 million selling courses using the software. Get started with LightSpeed VT today and create your own interactive training course that moves the needle.

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