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Insurance agents need to grow their network in order to sell more insurance. To expand your network, you need leads. Without them, you will lose clients to your competition. Your career may suffer greatly.

But what many insurance agents don’t realize is that high-cost lead generation methods are not necessary. There are better alternatives that are more worthwhile. Cost-effective lead generation tools like Kennected, for example, are great investments.

You can also try other lead generation techniques and incorporate them into your strategy. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best options for insurance lead generation.

How to Generate Leads for Your Insurance Brokerage​

Lead generation has become so much easier because of the internet. You can get new leads locally, nationally, and even internationally. Online lead generation has no built-in limits.

Contact Forms​

Contact forms are one of the easiest ways to generate new leads because they only take a few minutes for web developers to create. In addition, their potential payoff is huge. Contact forms are small areas of a page where visitors can provide some valuable information such as their name, email address, phone number, etc.

By submitting a contact form, visitors invite you to email or call them. It’s like the leads are coming to you. You can use this information to reach out to them and start a conversation.

Company Contact Information​

Sometimes potential clients are not too excited about the idea of sharing their personal information. So you need to approach it differently. Instead of contacting them, you can share your own information on your website and on your LinkedIn profile, and have them reach out to you. If they are interested, they will send an email or give you a call. This is a great way to generate leads because when they reach out to you, you know they are ready to talk about insurance.

Content Marketing​

Content is very important when it comes to lead generation. Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing generates 50 percent more leads. You need to know what your target audience wants to learn about insurance. If you understand their needs and motivations, you can provide high quality content that gives them the information they need.

Content establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. It shows prospects that you are an expert when it comes to insurance. You will be at the top of their head when they decide to get an insurance policy. Create original content such as blog posts, videos, and articles—and post them on your website.

Once you have your content up, you can share the link on your LinkedIn profile to drive more traffic. Update your website with content regularly and use it as an opportunity to show off your expertise.

Organic SEO​

At the same time, while you’re working on content for your website, you need to incorporate SEO into them as much as possible. Search engine optimization is all about optimizing your content and using relevant keywords so that you will rank higher in search results. When people search for the term “insurance”, for example, you want your website to show up on the very first page.

The higher you rank in search results, the more leads will come flowing in. Just keep in mind that SEO may take a while to produce results because all of your competitors are also using it.


Content should be interesting and informative. It is a cheap yet effective way to generate leads because you’re not directly selling to your clients, but rather showing them why they need to buy insurance from you.

Videos are by far the most eye-catching type of content—and YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing them. YouTube videos are extremely search-engine friendly. This means they will rank well in Google’s video search and in YouTube’s own search engine. Use YouTube to increase your visibility and lead generation.

Google My Business​

Billions of people use Google every day. The ones that are researching insurance are the ones you want to find and connect with. Using Google My Business, you can help those leads find you. GMB lets your business appear in local searches, meaning people who are looking for insurance near you will be able to locate you.

GMB is one of the best ways to drive local search because of how massive Google is. Additionally, if your business is visible on Google Maps, it means people can leave their reviews. Do not underestimate the value of a good review on Google. It can leave a positive impact on your search rankings.

Get Kennected​

Right now, LinkedIn is the biggest platform for professionals, with over 675 million users. Working individuals are the perfect demographic for insurance sales because they are the ones who are most likely to start investing in their future. If you tap into LinkedIn’s user base, you will surely find the leads you are looking for.

To make your outreach even easier, use Kennected. Kennected is an automation tool that brings you a steady stream of connections, sales, and appointments. It uses laser accurate data to help you find the most qualified leads. Kennected will get you in front of your ideal targets.

Kennected also lets you set up and schedule personalized messages and follow-ups to maximize your chances of getting a response. It saves a lot of time, meaning you can focus on more important tasks such as talking to prospects and running your business.

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