How To Increase Sales: 7 Proven Ways To Sell To Your Audience

Increasing sales is the number one challenge for marketers and entrepreneurs. It is also one of the most important things you need to accomplish in order to keep your business afloat. Experienced businessmen will tell you that there is no shortcut for success.

Luckily, there are strategies you can implement based on proven sales principles and techniques that will help you sell more effectively and increase your sales.

Many marketers struggle to win customers because they aren’t prospecting properly or putting enough effort. In fact, the average salesperson will give up after one follow-up. Here are a few ways to improve your marketing approach and achieve better results.

Embrace Influence Marketing​

A lot of marketers are now realizing that influence marketing is here to stay. During this age of social media, your ability to persuade others is more crucial than ever. If you believe in your product, you need to be able to make others believe in it too.

Influence is different from just popularity. Popularity is only one aspect of it, and so they are not interchangeable.

Popularity refers to the people who like you, while influence is when you can get those people to listen to you. If you can influence others by appealing to their emotions, you can increase your sales.

Influential people tend to sell more because they have built their credibility over the years. This is something you won’t have right away, but it’s a long term goal that you need to work towards. Spend time building your influence.

Building your influence involves providing valuable content and developing relationships. Post high quality articles, videos, and images that are relevant to your target audience’s interests. When people comment, always respond to them and try to start conversations.

These little steps can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry in the long run.

Establish Your Brand

Your influence will grow significantly once you have established your brand. Your products and services aren’t the only things you’re trying to sell. You, as an entrepreneur, are a product. Your company’s brand is something you want to sell to your target audience.

Before anybody decides to buy from you, they will first have to ‘buy’ the idea that you are someone who can provide what they need. A well-trusted brand will be able to sell more than a business that is only starting out. So start working on your brand.

Your first task as a marketer is selling yourself. This is because once you’ve solidified yourself as a person people could trust, all of your marketing tactics will work better.

Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities to appeal to your target market and showcase your brand. You can use social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to maintain an active presence online.

Just remember that with many opportunities comes an increase in competition. The key is in knowing how to stand out from the crowd. In a sea of marketers, what makes your brand special? Learning what makes your brand different will help you establish your identity and paint a picture for your audience.

Becoming passionate about your product is also something you should develop. You cannot sell your brand and your company’s core message if you don’t believe in it yourself.

No matter what product you are offering, do your best to get your identity and message across. Identify your company’s core brand values and always incorporate it into your marketing efforts in order to maintain a single consistent tone across all media.

Establish Your Expertise and Build Credibility

Building your credibility will take time, and it’s important to set your expectations right from the beginning. With that in mind, there are ways to make sure you’re on the right path towards becoming a trustworthy name.

It is important to note that credibility depends on two things: trust and expertise. Building trust involves providing top-notch customer service consistently. Consistency is the key here, because customers are more likely to remember bad experiences with your business than good ones. People are also more likely to tell others about your company if they are dissatisfied by it. So try to provide great customer service at all times.

You can’t succeed in business if you lack credibility. Customers are not quick to trust new businesses and new entrepreneurs. So take every opportunity to resolve your customer’s problems, answer their questions, and give them what they need.

Not only do you become more credible over time, you also develop your own expertise. If you can expertly handle all aspects of your business, you can easily navigate through the different challenges and obstacles that will come your way.

People will also see that you are an expert at what you do. They will see that you are a hardworking and trustworthy individual. When you are an expert, you can answer questions correctly and honestly. On top of all of these qualities, you are able to produce valuable content regularly.

There is no shortcut for developing your expertise and credibility—but it is all part of your journey to the top.

Lead with Value and Results​

Now that we’ve highlighted the importance of selling yourself and your brand to your target audience, we should take a look at how you should approach selling your products.

To increase your sales, you need to catch your audience’s attention right away. So instead of leading with your product’s name or title, always lead with value. Identify what advantage your product provides and use that to sell the product.

If your product helps people lose weight, let your audience know about it by focusing on that aspect of the product. Showcase before and after results to encourage people to try it out for themselves.

People are not looking for products to buy—they are looking for results. So paint the picture that they want to see and how your offering can take them to the future they want to live in. Speaking of painting, use visuals that allow customers to see themselves getting the results they want. Don’t just describe it: represent it with visuals.

If you don’t do this consistently, you will struggle to convert qualified leads. Consumers nowadays know what they are after in a product. Give them a sneak peek of the results that they can expect from your offering.

Focus on the Benefits​

A lot of marketers think that they can improve their chances of selling their products and services by showing off great features. But like we said previously, it is always more important to focus on the value and the end results.

Products sell because of their benefits, rather than their features. Benefits are what you can do with a product. Features are other things a product can do.

But the thing entrepreneurs forget when selling their product is that sometimes the benefits are not immediately obvious to the audience. Start with the strongest benefits of your product to reassure your customers that you care about giving them value. If they can’t recognize the benefits, then they won’t be impressed by all the features that go along with it.

Show your customers how your offer meets their needs. Once you’ve caught their attention, it is time to take it further by sharing a few of the flashy features. Consumers are happy to spend money on products that will make their lives better.

Another interesting thing to note is that most people buy products emotionally and then justify the purchases logically. If you can build interest with features and create strong desire with benefits, you are giving customers exactly what they need to help them make their decision.

Implement Relationship Marketing

Influence marketing may be powerful, but there’s another form of marketing that you should not ignore, and that is relationship marketing. This technique is all about getting into the spirit of giving. They say entrepreneurship is a give and give relationship. When you start giving people more value, you start building a stronger business.

Influence marketing is good for convincing people to buy from you, but relationship marketing is great for making sure they become loyal customers.

Content creation is a great way to give value to other people for free. You can create informative, interesting, and entertaining content that others can connect with and appreciate. By doing so, you begin building a small community of people who can see your expertise.

Give the content away for free: post it on your website and share it on LinkedIn and your other social media accounts for maximum engagement.

Your customers can be your best salespeople. But before they can recommend your product to other prospects, you need to give them value. Relationship marketing is a way to sell that is rewarding, positive, and even enjoyable. It will also reward you with loyal customers in the long run.

Establish a relationship with prospects and it becomes easier to sell to them.

Stop Selling and Start Pushing High Value Content

It may seem counterintuitive, but you need to get out of that selling mindset if you want to sell more. Stop pushing your products to the target audience. Instead, start pushing value and content. Answer questions about your product and show the results of your offerings. People will naturally gravitate towards your product if you sell the story rather than the offering itself.

People hate being sold to, so avoid sounding too sales-y when communicating with others. You will get better results by educating, empowering, and teaching other people. In the process, your sales will naturally increase.

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