How To Get More People To View My LinkedIn Story

Almost all social networking platforms now have a Stories feature. It started with Snapchat, but it proved to be so popular that it was adapted by other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and more recently, Twitter.

Even the professional networking platform LinkedIn has this feature, and it lets users boost their social media presence and engagement. Stories are a great way for people on social media to create quick and easy content.

If you want to use LinkedIn Stories for marketing, you can take advantage of this feature to reach your target audience, share amazing visual content, introduce your brand, and tell a compelling story.

Most businesses are using Stories to boost their social media marketing efforts. It’s a great feature that’s accessible and easy to consume. Used properly, Stories have the potential to help you build a powerful brand.

Let’s talk about how you can get more people to view your LinkedIn Stories, so you can maximize your reach.

Get More People to See Your LinkedIn Stories​

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that LinkedIn Stories are purely visual content. They’re not the same as the usual content you share on your LinkedIn profile or page. LinkedIn Stories are only pictures and short videos. The videos can only be 20-seconds long.

So the challenge is to come up with spectacular visual content that will catch your audience’s attention and also give them some value. You need to know what kind of post to share if you want your LinkedIn Stories to be successful.

The key is to post about topics that are relevant to their interests. You can use the 20-second video format to create a quick guide about something in your industry, or talk about a topic that people are interested in. Share helpful tips and life hacks to really catch their attention. You can post about industry news and trends—anything that is relevant to them.

In between these helpful posts, you can share more casual, behind-the-scenes posts about your work life or your office environment. Give them a sneak peek of your company culture. These types of LinkedIn Stories will help your brand connect with your audience and let them see that you are an authentic, trustworthy figure.

The best content for your LinkedIn Stories will ultimately depend on your strategies and audience. No matter what type of content you share, you will find that the tips below can help you reach more people through your LinkedIn Stories.

Post Early & Often​

Just like in other social networking sites, LinkedIn Stories will only stay up for 24 hours before they disappear. This means you can post multiple pieces of content without fear of clogging up your LinkedIn profile with tons of posts.

Posting early and often will maximize the uptime of your LinkedIn Stories, ensuring that more people have the opportunity to view it throughout the day.

Consistency is very important. You want your audience to have something new to see every day. The good news is that Stories are much easier to create compared to traditional content. You can prepare Stories ahead of time so you can keep a consistent posting schedule.

Consistency shows professionalism and dedication to your industry.

Create High Quality Content​

Stories need to be both visually appealing and informative. Unless you’re posting something that is more on the casual side, you should try to create highly valuable content as much as possible. Do not just treat your LinkedIn Stories as a marketing tool. People will stop viewing your Stories if they get too sales-y. Instead, use it as an opportunity to share your knowledge with your community.

While you can post your latest product updates here, you should also make sure that it has a healthy balance with your other content.

Your LinkedIn Story doesn’t need massive video editing—it just needs to provide massive value. Give people reason to click on your Stories.

Use Text in Your Story​

LinkedIn Stories are visual in nature, but it’s always good to provide some context in your posts. Using text allows you to explain what’s going on—especially if you are posting a picture. Additionally, having keywords in your LinkedIn Story will help you reach your target audience.

Use keywords that are related to your niche to maximize your reach. Because you can’t add too many keywords in one LinkedIn Story, you should choose the one that will create the biggest impact.

Expand Your LinkedIn Network​

Most of the people who will be viewing your LinkedIn Stories are the ones who are already in your network. People you are connected to and people who follow you on LinkedIn are the ones who will be exposed to the Stories you share.

When you post a LinkedIn Story, you can view insights for each of your posts. You can use this to identify your most engaged connections and even find new leads. Take note of the people who view your Stories consistently.

Additionally, by expanding your LinkedIn network, you are naturally increasing the reach of your LinkedIn Stories. Reach is measured by the total number of unique viewers who clicked on your Story.

LinkedIn defines a unique viewer as someone who has viewed your Story at least once. They are only counted once even if they view your post multiple times. LinkedIn will show you the viewer’s name, known job title, and current company.

Use these tips to reach more people via your LinkedIn Stories and boost your engagement today.

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