How To Increase Leads From Your Website

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Some of the best ways to increase your lead generation from your website is to include relevant content, frequent calls to action, mobile friendly landing pages, and a focus on generating leads within your target audience.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What lead generation is

  • How to generate leads from your website visitors

  • How website visitors can get you more leads

  • The best ways to turn your website pages into a lead generation machine

Read on to learn all about how your website can generate more leads for your business with some intentionality and the inclusion of just a few key elements.

What is Lead Generation?

The lead generation process involves content marketing that is geared toward your potential customers with the intention of attracting high quality leads.

This process involves posting valuable content onto your various social media platforms with the hope that a prospective customer will interact with it and be brought to your website pages as a result.

While your website is not a key step in the lead generation process, it can be helpful to direct your leads to a specific landing page, especially in the early stages of the lead generation cycle.

The goal of your lead generation strategy should be to provide potential clients with all of the necessary information they might need about becoming a paying customer, so having a well organized and detailed website is a great way to provide this.

Have each blog post include links to a lead generation page, include search engine optimization within written content marketing, and include a call to action that leads to your website whenever possible.

Constantly be thinking of ways to demonstrate value in your advertising and lead your prospective customers towards your website.

Your lead generation efforts will thank you!

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How Do I Generate Leads From My Website?

Since your website is essentially a content hub for your business, you can generate leads directly from within your designated landing pages.

Here are several ways that leads can be generated from your company website:

  • Include a live chat tool for answering questions and accessibility

  • Have an attractive home page with social proof included

  • Post both existing content and quality content within your landing pages

  • Include a free quote

  • Include blog posts in a landing page

  • Feature testimonials from existing customers

  • Make your site friendly for mobile devices

  • Include clickable links to expand your marketing strategy

The best way to make your site a lead generating machine is to make your web design both cohesive and informative for website visitors.

Ideally, these new leads will transition from your website into a sales funnel, which would indicate that they are ready to embark on the next step of the lead conversion process.

High converting websites with the most traffic will include content marketing and contact details to increase the likelihood of this transition, since these leads will notice the attractiveness of your services as illustrated on your site and be inclined to learn more.

Focus on your lead conversion rate throughout your website through the above items.

Above all else, make sure to emphasize the value of your services on your site!

Do Website Visitors Get Me More Leads?

Yes, your leads that find themselves on your website will help to get you more leads.

How does this process work?

Let’s outline exactly how potential leads on your website help with further lead generation:

  • Help demonstrate the efficacy of your lead nurturing

  • Illustrates the conversion rate

  • Click through rates will improve

  • Data may inspire a content upgrade

  • You’ll see if you are obtaining enough leads from your content marketing

  • Gauge the efficacy of your buyer journey through website traveling

  • Get more conversions through pop ups

  • See how many visitors go to your contact page and leave their phone number

  • Expand your SMS and email marketing lists

Not everyone who visits your site will aid in this process, but the click throughs and improved numbers you’ll see on your website will help your lead generation.

Having your website feature lots of quality content and information about your business may seem like a no brainer, but it is very important to include these items to aid with traffic and appealing to potential customers.

Make sure your landing pages are well organized and flow well from one to the next.

This flow will encourage users to navigate between your pages, helping them learn more and helping improve your click throughs as well.

How To Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine

As the first place your leads will learn vital information about your business and product, your website needs to be carefully crafted with intentionality and purpose.

Here are the best ways to optimize your lead generation website design:

  • Include blurbs about the sales team

  • Feature social proof and valuable content on each landing page

  • Add forms to serve as opt ins

  • Feature simple tips for getting started with your services

  • Have a quote from a real person that uses your services

  • Minimize white space

  • Cater your content towards your “best customers”

  • Focus on lead nurturing

  • Include calls to action frequently

  • Make sure each landing page has a distinct point and purpose

Since your website is preparing your leads for the sales funnel, make sure that it is inviting, informational, and visually appealing.

Calls to action will aid in the lead generation process, as well as clear and cohesive organization of your landing pages.

Use the best tools possible to make your website as helpful as it can be for your business lead generation.

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How Kennected Uses Lead Generation Websites

Here at Kennected, our mission is to help businesses improve their own lead generation through our software and techniques.

We want our clients to feel that their lead generation efforts are truly working, and we aim to inform each client about lead generation and how this service can be extremely impactful for a variety of reasons.

Ensuring that your company website is solid and supports your lead generation is key towards improving your overall strategy.

Remember to always be thinking about your leads and how to facilitate lead generation within each facet of your website. 

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Four years ago, the founders of Kennected had the same struggles. They found that lead generation was way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, knowing there had to be a better way.

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