How Do You Increase B2B Lead Generation


The lead generation strategy is never the same and depends on the target audience. B2B leads are potential customers who would benefit from the product or service the sales team puts out to the public. New leads can come from a blog post, social media platforms, or landing pages.

To simplify this broad topic, Kennected’s vice president of marketing, Ryan Forrest, agreed to share his expertise on approaching lead generation to increase leads.

No matter the proven strategies, prospective customers are crucial to the sales and marketing teams. The two teams work hand in hand to identify qualified leads and initiate the sales process.

“How you approach lead generation has a lot to do with the outcome you want, so if you’re looking to book a phone call, that’s going to be a lot different than if you’re looking to sell a frontend product,” said Forrest.

Visualize Success And Then Work Toward It

No lead generation process is complete without its value proposition. When on the search for quality leads, an end goal is present. When you generate leads, what’s the goal you hope to achieve? Sure, you want to close another deal, but more leads are acquired through careful planning.

A mindset of success starts within yourself. High-quality leads come to those who search them out willingly. And the sales funnel is not a straightaway path. If there’s enough perceived value in lead gen, the sales process seems more worthwhile.

“You come up with a macro goal and then determine what micro goals you need to accomplish along the way to make that macro goal happen,” said Forrest. “Then you start knocking them out one by one until you get there.”

Start Outreach Using Various Platforms To Your Ideal Prospects

Creating an online personality for new leads is an impactful inbound marketing strategy because it shines from the darkness. A lead generation campaign shouldn’t appeal to everyone, as strange as that may sound. Really dig into your inner thought leader to generate customer success with impactful products.

The buyer’s journey is more inviting for both the sales rep and leads when you engage prospects. Be upfront with them about how the sales process works. Although beneficial to the salesperson, a lead generation strategy ultimately is more or less about the lead gen.

Depending on which platforms you wish to use, the approach to lead generation will be different. For example, you can join groups to show off your product or run paid ads if using Facebook.

“Lead lists and cold calling are outdated methods that require a lot of effort for not a lot of reward,” said Forrest. “Listening to the radio and TV are also outdated because not many people listen to commercials there, so that approach has evolved greatly.”

Lead gen strategies involving a marketing alignment producing lead magnets help identify more qualified leads. Our number one tool Cloud Kennect works in marketing automation to identify quality leads. Our sales team provides that service and others to generate leads.

You're Selling To People and Not A Faceless Entity

A free tool quality leads can be attracted with is social media platforms. Social media accounts are the perfect opportunity to bring personality and life to your company. You want high-quality leads to see these platforms, so make sure to advertise them when you can.

When you’re looking at a group of companies, the ones that stand out to you are the ones you recognize. The lead generation process is the chance for more leads to get to know you and your company. Inbound lead generation is one of the best results from a successful social approach to sales.

Site visitors are on the existing content for maybe a minute or a couple of seconds. So what your potential clients see is what will either entice them or drive them away. You want the user-generated content to capture leads with high-quality market research.

Social media allows quality leads to ensure social proof is established within the content. You’ll find that unsurprisingly, trust aligns closely with lead generation. If more leads recommend your product, then potential customers will either reach out or be willing to buy your product.

Find A Way To Stand Out With Lead Generation Strategies

Create content that’s enriching and stands out from the competing sales teams. Marketing efforts can help this mission by looking at marketing ROI and organic traffic from website visitors and social media posts. Paid advertising is everywhere today but not all the same. New customers need to be drawn into the sales funnel of lead generation campaigns.

“You don’t want to be an improvement offer over other products; you want to be a brand new opportunity, so people have no associations with a similar product that hasn’t worked for them in the past,” said Forrest.

The best lead generation strategies come from simple observation skills. What are potential leads engaging with the most online? What pain points seem to be the most prevalent to sales leads? Generating leads means solving a real-life example, a target group dealing with a problem. A few seconds of lead scoring can determine where to go next.

Scale Business to Business Lead Generation With Kennected

Kennected’s products work better than most because numbers don’t lie. We have helped thousands of customers achieve their lead generation goals.

“We work directly with the customer helping give them essentially the driver’s ed,” said Forrest. “We teach them how the tool works, different strategies you can use efficiently and continue to work with them over time for technical and strategic support.”

Our strategies have helped our customers earn well over $150 million. Want to learn more? Click here to learn more about our product which guarantees cold LinkedIn connections will turn into paying clients.

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