How To Improve Your Business Lead Generation

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When it comes to lead generation strategy, there are a variety of ways that you can generate leads and improve your lead generation marketing– some of the best ways include using targeted ads, writing for your target audience, conversion testing, and streamlining the lead process.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover all of these strategies and more, as well as the following topics:

  • What lead generation is

  • The best lead generation strategies that you should be using

  • What your strategy should focus on

  • The best ways to generate leads for your business

Read on to learn all about lead generation strategy and the many ways you can improve this aspect of your business.

What is Lead Generation?

Before we get into the strategies involved in lead generation, let’s take a moment to review what lead generation is and what the concept does for your business.

Lead generation is the process of obtaining high quality leads for your business through social media posts, blog articles, email threads, and more.

Essentially, the lead generation process is designed to attract customers from your target audience and convert them from potential customers into paying customers for your business.

Since generating leads can happen in a variety of different places, it is important to design a lead generation campaign to aid in these efforts and get your business more leads.

Your lead generation campaigns should always be focused on your marketing channels, since these methods are going to be the most successful when it comes to obtaining qualified leads.

You’ll use your marketing team to construct your lead generation tools, and your sales team will be instrumental in the lead nurturing stage.

Before we get into strategies, let’s outline the difference between inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation.

Outbound lead generation refers to the way your business interacts with customers that might not know anything about your product or service.

This form of online lead generation invites potential customers to interact with a blog post, landing pages, and any other marketing automation that is designed to inform and attract leads.

On the other hand, inbound lead generation refers to the content that is put out with the intention to directly appeal to a given customer.

This form of lead generation comes into play with an existing lead, as this content will be created to drive leads from potential customers to existing customers.

You will want to think about how best to utilize both outbound and inbound lead generation in your business venture.

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What are the Best Lead Generation Strategies?

Now that we know a bit about what lead generation is, let’s go over how best to structure your own lead generation marketing and how best to reach your target audience.

Here are a few places where your lead generation will thrive:

  • Encourage website visitors to engage with content and site links

  • Include search engine optimization in your written content

  • Create a sales funnel to increase your lead scoring

  • Learn from current customers and how they were first attracted by your business

  • Use social media wisely and to your advantage

  • Look at your web presence and constantly strive for improvement

Since lead generation is an online strategy, you should constantly be thinking about how your digital presence is benefitting your ability to obtain more leads.

Look at other businesses around your area and examine an ad campaign.

See how a prime real estate company obtains qualifying leads– successful companies not only are constantly striving for great lead quality, but they also learn from the successes of those around them.

Business success is often very simple, and it involves the constant flow of business leads and sales leads.

Take the time to look into these elements and implement these strategies to improve your ability when it comes to generating leads.

What a Lead Generation Strategy Should Focus On

The lead generation process is fairly simple, but there are a few things that every single one of your lead generation strategies should be focusing on…

Your lead gen must always be focused on the customer.

Since the goal of lead generation is to convert leads from leads into customers, the client themselves should always be at the center of your campaigns and sales funnel.

With this in mind, let’s outline some lead generation hacks to aid you in this process:

  • Use search engines to your advantage

  • Include a call to action in your emails, SMS, and social media posts

  • Create value for your new lead through a free tool or discount

  • Use a landing page on your website to encourage traffic

  • Send a direct message to new leads to open up a dialogue

  • Focus on nurturing leads through your sales teams, marketers report, and sales process

  • Use “lead magnets” to lead customers towards your product or service

When it comes to obtaining a qualified lead, it is very important that you encourage each and every lead you encounter to engage more with your content and your business as a whole.

Most leads will have arrived due to one of the above steps, so it is now your job to demonstrate the value of your product or service to them and appeal to each potential customer as best you can.

Demonstrate how your business has made a positive impact on your existing customers, and use this material as a lead magnet for your new leads to learn from.

Let’s review how best to generate leads for your business through a variety of processes.

How to Best Generate Leads For Your Business

We’ve now gone over a few lead generation strategies that you can use to generate leads from different sources at the same time.

Let’s now take the time to dive a little deeper and see how these functions really work so you can begin implementing them as soon as possible.

As previously mentioned, the lead generation process involves your entire digital marketing strategy, and this process will usually begin with your marketing team.

You want your team to do the following:

  • Create customer satisfaction advertisements

  • Create landing pages on your website with incentives and information

  • Write a blog post about a certain aspect of your business

  • Optimize website visitors with a lead magnet or a free tool

  • Use site visitors to collect email addresses and aid with lead scoring

  • Include a call to action feature wherever possible

  • Use social media and other online platforms as lead magnets

Lead generation starts with marketing, so be sure to take the time and energy to create solid content for the purpose of obtaining more leads, especially quality leads.

Once you have obtained business leads from these sources, you can now let your sales team step in and begin to channel these leads into customers.

In order to convert a qualified lead into a paying customer, your sales team must do the following:

  • Have scheduled phone calls with the right leads

  • Have the ability to highlight the customer journey that this potential customer may be embarking on soon

  • Emphasize the benefits of the product or service at all stages

  • Create an easy way to communicate with this lead and help answer any questions they may have

  • Be able to direct them to any online content that may help them make a decision

At this point in the lead generation process, it is most important for your sales team to be emphasizing the benefits of your service and being as helpful as possible at every stage.

You want your business leads to feel valued, appreciated, and part of your business through a great relationship.

This relationship begins at this stage, so it is especially important to make sure that every person involved is on the same page and doing their best to keep the above lead generation strategies in mind.

Before we wrap up this article, let’s review once more the best ways to generate leads for your business.

See what works in your existing lead generation strategy.

Make your funnel all about your lead and their own journey.

Make it easy for your leads to convert.

Test your conversion points often to ensure greater success.

As long as you keep the client central and constantly strive for improvement, your lead generation strategy will be successful.

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How Kennected Focuses On Lead Generation Strategy

Here at Kennected, lead generation is at the center of what we do as a business.

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