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In addition to offering control over development & production environments, PTC Implementer is a software configuration management solution.

“The new upgrade tool makes it very easy to upgrade the product & to see what updates are available.”

This is a REAL review for Implementer Software, one of many positive reviews.

This blog will dive into what makes PTC Implementer so popular for many & not a lot for others.

The Premier Software Configuration Management Solution

PTC Implementer is the premier software configuration management & deployment solution. 

PTC Implementer speeds development by managing & streamlining critical development & change management processes in an easy-to-use environment.

Graphical User Interfaces

Implementer utilizes graphical & host-based user interfaces.

It simplifies development & software change management while gaining more development, larger libraries, and new languages.

With PTC Implementer, you can keep track of your libraries, environments, and objects throughout the development lifecycle & simplify the release process.

It’s designed for the IBM i development team to increase productivity & enforce separation of duties for auditing while keeping track of changes. 

First-time users will love Implementer’s simplicity, & more advanced users will love its breadth & depth. 

It guarantees the integrity of software installations in your production and test environments.

It’s become a “stop-gap solution” for retail, footwear, and apparel.

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System Security & Integrity

With Implementer, you receive a secure, scalable and flexible solution to protect your production, development, and testing environments on IBM i® servers.

Value For Money

On GetApp the value for pricing for Implementer is a 4.1/5.

Reasons For Choosing Implementer

  • Easy to customize every module

  • Followed by providing SOLID in-build process templates to adopt for customer needs

  • All the activities can be digitized for easy access & accurate review 

  • Worked with multiple implementors, & everyone was equally knowledgeable; then worked with five teams during implementation, customization, configuration, integration, data migration, and testing

  • Its archiving feature allows users to review many versions of the software revisions or back out problem code

  • The product easily passes the program to the production environment

  • It’s easy to configure & customize this tool for integrating legacy systems

  • The service programs works great

  • They have terrific support; whether you’re a developer or administrator, the PTC support crew respond to tickets pretty fast

  • There’s a great tracking system of information

  • Streamline your change management process, make it easy to change programs & files, and help with SOX reporting

  • The tool can handle four different developement host systems

  • The manual outline goes into “great detail”

Most of the product documentation is great, & it’s a great resource for learning how to use Implementer.

If you have the tool setup correctly, customers say you should have no problems.

Cons Of Implementer Software

  • Implementers’ ability to deploy SQL tables/indices with referential integrity.

Implementers’ ability for a deployment solution has been called a “major pain.” According to reviews, deployments rarely complete & go smoothly.

The error messages don’t explain the problem well. A good workaround has been to remove all the constraints before deployment & add them back post-deployment.

  • Feature toggle functionality is hindered by configuration deployment taking longer than expected, containerization being difficult, and any changes to properties file requiring a restart.

  • There’s a large learning curve depending on your ILE modules experience

  • Some functionality eats all the resources on the host machine. Sometimes it shows poor performance on the host machine.

  • Having to create a request for each target environment has been called a “pain” by customers

  • Some customers ask for better support for large deployments where objects are deployed from/to multiple environments

  • Customers sometime encounter failure with requests

  • The green screen interface is the only administration option

  • Any changes to the properties file require a restart, which causes a lot of problems during feature toggle functionalities.

  • Not all SQL objects are handled by Implementer

As a customer recommendation, a web-based UI for configuring/managing Implementer would be nice.

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