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Kennected uses automation software tools to generate leads and secure customers. We optimize messages to prospects through connection requests to solve what a business needs. This process is unique to Kennected and has successful quality lead generation efforts. Hubspot CRM is one of those tools we use to obtain contact details, analytics, and leads for contact.

Chief Operation Officer Brandon Poplstein agreed to share background on Kennected’s switch to Hubspot from a previous system and an overall performance review.

What Is Hubspot CRM?

Hubspot is a free CRM that makes outreach to contacts and website visitors simpler through automated efforts. Kennected works to make lead generation efforts simple our business profitable while servicing industries. You can review our product page here to learn more about the benefits and solutions that pertain to your business needs.

After carefully reviewing Hubspot’s site, we’ve found various pricing besides the free CRM version. A starter pack takes users up to $45 monthly, while the highest offer, “Enterprise,” puts a company out at $3,200 monthly.

Automated services make LinkedIn research for clients easier and provide feedback for our sales team. We didn’t always use Hubspot for our company. Still, we’ve found it an excellent lead generation software that helps LinkedIn inbound marketing and provides a fighting chance against our competition.

Using Lead Generation Software

Lead generation software through marketing and a sales navigator, like LinkedIn basic, assists our CRM software in increasing sales and increasing revenue. Kennected offers a user the ability to secure a time for a demo presentation with LinkedIn’s number one outreach tool Cloud Kennect. Note that everyone must pay to use an account when using a software app or outreach tool.

Read on to find out why we switched to different software and found more leads after doing so.

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Companies want to generate leads that will last as long as loyal customers. Inbound marketing has a different effect on businesses than outbound marketing as it raises the probability of making a sale. While outbound marketing can generate leads, it’s not as profitable as the latter. Leads will flock to a product they’re familiar with and a company they can trust.

Kennected has gained over 17,000 clients and has several positive reviews by today’s leading team of professionals, including Keller Williams Realty, Baker Tilly, and Whistle. Business platforms like LinkedIn give our experts access to thousands of professionals worldwide to generate leads.

Leads can carefully review a company’s product pricing and overall results. We want to match the best pricing for the products we’re offering because leads can be easily persuaded elsewhere. LinkedIn makes that part of the process easier, which we’ll touch more on later. You can see how reviews of your company mean the difference between sales and no dice.

Performing inbound marketing is like having an inside person within a company, making the sales process more comfortable and more straightforward to maneuver. Hubspot has been successful for Kennected in generating leads through LinkedIn automated software.

How Kennected Uses Hubspot

Hubspot helps Kennected’s sales executives carefully review information by collecting background information on leads so they can know how to move forward with initiating a sale. That’s the main point, but Hubspot benefits our whole team to be the best LinkedIn tool out there.

“Any way we engage with our customers or track metrics for our team, everything’s done in Hubspot,” said Poplstein.

The operations team is the “middle man” of Kennected. Marketing hands off potential customers to our sales team, who are then contacted. Operations work within Hubspot to ensure each transition is as smooth and automated as possible.

Hubspot makes the marketing business that much easier as it allows marketers to manage all their LinkedIn leads in one place. Hubspot does all the research for you, monitoring companies, users, and leads automatically one by one. Because it’s an inbound marketing software, clients are drawn and attracted to our LinkedIn product.

Marketing is about adaptation and ensuring the best software goes into lead generation and automation efforts. Clients will hopefully be drawn to the quality of the products you offer and convert to partners with the sales companies. Something Hubspot does for every department is allow the company to test tools and communicate reviews about customers.

“We have automated sequences that are sent to ensure the sales team is following up with customers consistently,” said Poplstein. “We build those workflows for them to remind them when to follow up and streamline their process.”

The sales team can keep up with their individual metrics via dynamic dashboards. This technology allows each sales rep to always know about their sales progress.

Kennected uses different sequences to help in certain circumstances. If a customer books a support call, for example, Hubspot will let us send follow-up messages to make sure everything is good their way automatically.

“We try to make the process as harmless and seamless as possible so the sales team can focus on talking to customers and bringing in new customers,” said Poplstein.

The customer success team is later handed the responsibility of making sure customers are comfortable with their accounts and addressing any issues if they arise.

Why Kennected Uses Hubspot

The main reason Kennected uses Hubspot is that it’s convenient. All of the tools are in one spot, so we go to one central area instead of relying on multiple tools and platforms. From the point of when first contact is made to customers, analytics and metrics are created for later reference.

“Hubspot makes it easy to not only automate contact methods but to track in-depth analytics on the sales process, which helps us run the business better,” said Poplstein.

Contact methods include personalized messages, emails, and ads. Kennected Video uses revolutionary video messages that are personalized to fit each customer’s needs.

What was Kennected Using Previously?

Before the Hubspot days, Kennected used several tools like, but it didn’t last. We still love the leadership at big shoutout to you guys if youre reading. Our company wanted a one-stop-shop for automation efforts. It wasn’t until we heard positive testimonials about Hubspot that we eventually joined.

“Luckily, Hubspot makes it easy to migrate whatever current CRM you’re using to Hubspot,” said Poplstein. “We pushed our data over, and everything mapped accordingly.”

Why We Love Hubspot

We love Hubspot CRM for its contact quality and outreach abilities. It provides us a focus on where we can generate more leads and where we can improve business and sales. Kennected is about connections and building relationships through our service, as we’ve written previously. We have plenty of reviews by entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other professionals that swear by our platform.

“With Hubspot, I’m able to go on one platform and get data on the entire sales journey,” said Poplstein. “As a business owner, it makes it extremely convenient to go to one spot and have all the data at my fingertips.”

Our specialty lies in LinkedIn users and contacts, one of the fastest-growing business platforms. It was 2017 when LinkedIn produced a LinkedIn interface allowing users to message contacts in real-time regardless of where they were on the platform. Our team provides affordable pricing in today’s market.

Depending on one’s LinkedIn page, landing pages and ads could be customized to fit their needs and messaging from our sales team. Hubspot makes outreach sales generate leads more confidently and has a focus on the customer rather than the product being sold. Kennected is all about the customer coming first before revenue.

If you’re not a LinkedIn user, it’s completely free and one of today’s easiest methods to attract business besides a personal website. Each platform we use, especially our LinkedIn sales navigator, works to pursue business customers and outreach opportunities. We carefully review each LinkedIn page, ensuring Hubspot continues to pursue the best-optimized leads as possible.

We stay with Hubspot for its success in lead generation and where to direct our LinkedIn sales navigator to contact leads. Lead generation by a full suite company captures more leads than a single sales hire alone because it takes more than an initial communication. If your company is not using a LinkedIn account, you’re missing out on the future and the modern business company.

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