HubSpot And LinkedIn Integration

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Here is how to connect LinkedIn & HubSpot

  1. Go to the HubSpot Marketplace

  2. Search “Sales Navigator” in the search results. It’s important to note that “LinkedIn” & “LinkedIn Ads” are different integrations.

  3. Connect to LinkedIn by clicking “Install App” on the top-right side. Installing the app will take a minute.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is strengthening its sales & account management position, but HubSpot is leading the B2B CRM market for SMEs.

This article will discuss how integrating these tools can create a strategic advantage. 

What Is HubSpot?

Over 100K teams use this CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Service platform.

Among HubSpot’s tools is lead generation, lead nurturing, lead funnel management, customer support, website development, and sales and marketing automation.

Why Do Salespeople Use LinkedIn?

In addition to generating leads, social selling, and contacting prospects directly, LinkedIn helps top performers grow their contact network & share & amplify company news, content, products, and services, AND it’s great for paid ads.

HubSpot ties all this together & reflects it seamlessly in your CRM, aligning sales & marketing.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

When you start exploring LinkedIn to HubSpot integrations for the first time, you’ll notice that HubSpot offers native integration for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You can use cards in your HubSpot contact view to send InMails & see your InMail history, as described in the marketplace listing. 

The Sales Navigator Integration also gives you detailed views of companies within HubSpot.

Within HubSpot, you’ll find the same Save in Sales Navigator button and recommended leads, connections, and company records. 

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Viewing Insights

When the integration is done, the sales team can view LinkedIn Insights at the contact or company level, which can help them get a better picture of their prospects & make well-informed decisions.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator & HubSpot Integration Benefits

With HubSpot & Sales Navigator integration, you can:


  • Send InMails directly from HubSpot

  • See conversation history related to InMails in the popup

  • InMails-related tasks can be created using HubSpot sequences too

  • InMails tasks can be managed over the mobile app easily, which will redirect to the specific InMail option

How To View LinkedIn Data In HubSpot


  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to your contacts or companies.

  2. Click the name of the contact or company.

  3. In the right panel, locate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator section.

HubSpot Sales Sequences

Using this tool, you can set up drip-fed emails & follow-up tasks to enroll prospects.

This is a super powerful tool for B2B sales teams, & with Sales Navigator integration, you can add LinkedIn steps directly to your sequence. 

As part of the sales cycle, you can create tasks to remind you to send an InMail or connection request.

HubSpot triggers are the notifications users receive when certain actions are done.

Instant Trigger: HubSpot triggers when a new article is added to your COS blog.

HubSpot Contacts Sync

People want their LinkedIn prospects to be converted into HubSpot leads automatically so they can reach out to & engage with them in a multi-touch way.

Syncing contacts from one system to another is ideal, but data entry from LinkedIn to HubSpot is mostly researched or requested.

What Is Contact Data?

This data is naturally captured via messaging, including:


  • First & last name

  • Job title

  • Industry

  • LinkedIn profile URL

  • City, state, region, country

  • Company name

  • Company data

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A Hole In The System

It won’t let you create new contacts in HubSpot – only update existing ones. That’s a dealbreaker for many people.

Sales teams don’t use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build audiences & reach out to contacts they already have – they use it for prospecting at speed & volume. 

The native integration falls short of a key use case because it doesn’t let you bring prospecting data into HubSpot. 

How To Send InMails Directly From A HubSpot Contact Or Company Record


  1. Navigate to your contacts or companies in HubSpot.

  2. Click on a contact or company name.

  3. Find the LinkedIn Sales Navigator card in the right panel. Then click Send InMail.

  4. Write your message in the LinkedIn InMail pop-up box, then click Send. HubSpot lets you send InMail messages and view the entire conversation in the LinkedIn InMail pop-up box, but it won’t save to the record.


HubSpot CRM users can import all contacts & details like name, email, company, country, and LinkedIn URL directly into the CRM without copy-pasting & updating them manually.

It works well on regular LinkedIn & Sales Navigator. 

So, LinkPort:

  1. Saves you hours of manual labor.

  2. Works on one platform without switching between LinkedIn & HubSpot.

  3. Boost your productivity & import UNLIMITED LinkedIn contacts into Hubspot CRM. No back & forth. Just fill your CRM with leads from LinkedIn effortlessly. 

Manage LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tasks On Mobile

With the HubSpot mobile app, you can manage your Sales Navigator tasks if you have a paid LinkedIn Sales Navigator account integrated with HubSpot.


  1. In the mobile app, go to your tasks. 

  2. Tap “Send InMail” & “Send Connection Request.” To finish your task, it’ll take you to the LinkedIn app.

Account Based Marketing

HubSpot integrates with – & enhances – the out-of-the-box LinkedIn Ads toolkit. HubSpot’s LinkedIn integration is especially useful for those pursuing Account Based Marketing (ABM).

ABM relies in part on the curation of lists containing high-priority people.

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