How Do I Get HubSpot Certified?

HubSpot is not just a CRM: it is one of the leading platforms for marketing, sales, and customer service. And while anyone can use HubSpot—you don’t even have to pay for it because the free package still works amazingly—but not everyone can make the most out of this platform.

If you’re new to HubSpot and you want to utilize it to its fullest extent, you may want to work with Kennected: we are a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner after all. Teaming up with us will help you grow your business with HubSpot.

If you want to get certified, we can also walk you through the process. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

What is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner?​

If you are a Certified Agency Partner for HubSpot, it means that your agency or organization has met the specific criteria set by HubSpot to manage clients using their platform.

To become a partner, you will have to acquire the Agency Partner Certification. Some agencies require their employees to have HubSpot certifications.

HubSpot partners are ranked based on revenue, success in inbound marketing, and the number of clients they bring to HubSpot.

Once you’re a partner, clients can review your agency and decide if you are a good fit for their needs. Now we’re going to talk about how you can become a Certified Agency Partner.

How to Become a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner​

HubSpot Certified Partners are experts in their craft. These agencies use the HubSpot platform in different degrees, but the only thing that’s consistent is that they use inbound marketing techniques to provide unique solutions for their clients.

To become certified, you need to secure the Agency Partner Certification. You can get this from the HubSpot Academy.

HubSpot Academy is the training and education resource offered by HubSpot so professionals can take on demand video courses covering a wide variety of topics such as digital marketing, inbound sales, and website design. You can use the HubSpot Academy to improve your knowledge and get certified in these industry topics.

The Agency Partner Certification is designed to teach you the four pillars of the agency framework: Market, Sell, Deliver, and Grow. This certification is a good way to learn strategies that helped other agencies become successful. You will be able to create a strategy and a framework that suits your own agency.

Some agencies require their team members to complete, or at least acquire some of, the other certifications from HubSpot in order to stand out from the competition. Having a handful of HubSpot Certifications can certainly help make you into a trusted resource in your industry. In addition, you can become a true master of the platform, which translates to increased productivity and revenue.

Becoming a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner gives your team the opportunity to pick up and master some essential skills, which means they can contribute more to your organization.

What is a HubSpot Certification?

Even if you’ve mastered a certain aspect of inbound marketing, you still have to keep your skills and knowledge up to date, or else you’ll get left behind. Running a business means you’re always trying to keep up with business trends and trying to make them work for your company.

One effective way to sharpen your skills is with the use of online courses—particularly the ones offered through HubSpot Academy.

A HubSpot Certification is basically what you get after completing an on-demand training course by HubSpot.

These video courses take a few hours to complete, after which you may take an exam to finish the course and get your certification. These courses are perfect for your professional development. They let you stay on top of your game.

Each course tackles a particular topic that relates to inbound marketing, such as content marketing, email marketing, landing page and website design, etc. Agency certification is only one of the available courses.

Do you need to get these certifications? Well ideally, you should. These courses don’t just give you a certificate from HubSpot and call it a day. They give you a huge advantage in sales and marketing, and this knowledge can help you take your business to the next level. These courses are best for novice practitioners as well as agencies that want to become experts in inbound marketing.

The best part is that these online courses are absolutely free. Just sign up for the course you want to complete and enjoy the lessons.

Which HubSpot Certification is Best?​

This is a tricky question because it’s really up to you and your business’s needs and goals. Your business objectives will determine which course you need to take. So to help you decide on the right HubSpot certification to secure, we’re giving you a quick rundown of the online courses that are available.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from securing all of these certifications. There’s no pressure—no rush. You can learn at your own pace. Here are the HubSpot Certifications that you can choose from:

Inbound Marketing​

If you’re new to inbound marketing and just want to get the basics, this is the perfect course for you. It only takes 4.5 hours to complete and it covers a wide range of topics like content, nurturing leads, creating landing pages, etc. In fact, more than 50,000 people have taken advantage of this particular training course.

Email Marketing​

Professionals receive tons of new emails every day. To them, it’s all just inbox clutter. So to really stand out, you need to optimize your emails: every single one that you send needs to be able to catch your audience’s attention. Email marketing is not the easiest thing in the world, especially because if you don’t do it right, your leads will just ignore them. So this HubSpot course will teach you the right strategies for your email marketing campaign.

Content Marketing​

Content marketing and inbound marketing are not the same thing. This course will help you understand the difference. You will also learn about the importance of high quality content—as well as how you can optimize your own content for maximum impact.

Inbound Sales

This course on inbound sales will teach you modern techniques that will help you increase sales productivity and reach more buyers. Identify your target audience and learn how to utilize personalized outreach.

If you work in sales and you want to develop your skills, this is the right HubSpot certification for you.

Sales Software​

If you’re primarily interested in HubSpot itself, and how you can make the most out of this amazing platform, this is the course to choose. It teaches marketers how to use the HubSpot CRM and the HubSpot Sales software to support their sales strategy.

Marketing Software​

This certification is only available to current HubSpot customers. It is designed to give customers the necessary technical skills to make the most out of the software. With this course, you will be able to execute your inbound marketing strategies more effectively using HubSpot.

Growth-Driven Design

For those who are interested in growth-driven design methodologies, this course offers templates, tools, training videos, and case studies that will give you everything you need to apply it to your own agency.

Over 940 agencies in 50 countries have completed this HubSpot certification. It is mainly designed for web and marketing agencies.

HubSpot Design

This HubSpot certification is for web designers who are already familiar with CSS and HTML. It is all about using the available tools within HubSpot to design custom modules.

Designers can sign up for a free designers account that will allow them to design and even sell their templates on the HubSpot Marketplace.

Contextual Marketing​

Creating a user experience that is unique to every user is very important. It is also an art form that is worth mastering. This course will help you do just that. You will learn how to create smart content and how to design a personalized website. The goal is to create a website experience that is based on who the visitor is and what they are interested in.

Agency Partner

Finally, the agency partner certification is where you will learn how to use HubSpot and inbound marketing to grow your agency. The agency partner program offers training, support, software, and even access to exclusive tools and resources that will help you grow your agency.

How Long Does It Take to Get HubSpot Certified?​

Now that you know your options, it’s time to get certified. But how long does it take to get a certification? The online courses vary in length, with some taking longer than others, but all of them are just a couple of hours long.

You can visit the HubSpot Academy page to see how long each certification takes, as well as how many questions are in the certification exam. There is a time limit for each examination, so keep that in mind.

If you want to take a certification exam again, you have to wait for at least 12 hours after your previous attempt.

Is HubSpot Certification Hard?​

HubSpot wants agencies to learn real skills with each of their certifications. But with that said, HubSpot also makes it very easy to pass these certifications. All the answers in the exam are in their videos—so you just have to pay close attention during the online courses.

So take the online course very seriously and just take the time to study before taking the test. HubSpot also provides study guides for each certification so you can print and use them in your studies. This way you won’t have to take the exam multiple times.

Find a HubSpot Certified Partner: Work with Kennected

Like most entrepreneurs, we like to find our own way. So that’s why we weren’t quick to jump onto the HubSpot train at first. We honestly don’t know why.

At the time, it was just “cool” to pick “indie” companies and work with those. That was until we ran into some problems. We had to patch together a tech stack that didn’t talk to each other.

But since Kennected switched to HubSpot, things have been a lot smoother. It aligned our departments so we could communicate and always be on the same page—even when the leads are pouring in.

In fact, we liked HubSpot so much that we became HubSpot Agency partners. Yes, Kennected now works with HubSpot more closely than ever. Now that we’re a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner we can help our clients achieve their business goals faster.

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