Is HubSpot A CRM?

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If you’re running a business, your most valuable asset is your customers. As your business grows, you need a tool that will help you stay on top of your game. A CRM, or a customer relationship management software, is a system that allows you to build and manage relationships with your customers. Whether you’re a new business owner or you’re more experienced—whether you’re running a small or large business—you need a CRM. New business owners need a CRM so they can get organized and have all the customer information they need right at their fingertips. Experienced entrepreneurs need it so they can keep up with the constant flow of new leads and clients. Now you may have already heard of HubSpot and are wondering if it qualifies as a CRM. It’s an awesome platform that serves as a central place for all your customer information. But is it a CRM? Let’s take a closer look.

Is HubSpot a CRM?​

The short answer is yes, HubSpot is a CRM. But it has many other functions that can take it beyond a typical CRM.

In fact, HubSpot is consistently rated as one of the top CRMs around. We here at Kennected use HubSpot ourselves, and this platform helped us save a lot of time and money.

It’s really hard to summarize everything HubSpot does in a few sentences because this platform just has a lot of different functions. But what you need to know is that this CRM is extremely comprehensive. You can store an unlimited number of contacts and companies with the free package. Your whole team can access this CRM too because it offers an unlimited number of users.

HubSpot basically brings all the tools you need in one place. So aside from its CRM functionalities, you can also use it to build your website, manage your social media, schedule your content, etc. You can even monitor contacts as they convert into clients and watch how your marketing progresses.

With this CRM platform, you no longer have to juggle different software and platforms. We all know how time-consuming that is.

Kennected has been through a similar experience because we personally didn’t adopt HubSpot right away. At first we used a tech stack from “indie” developers because we were just starting out and we were set on finding our own way. But of course, this led to a number of problems for our growing company because we had a bunch of tools that really didn’t communicate with one another.

When we switched to HubSpot, everything just clicked. Our business processes instantly became more efficient. Our teams became more productive because our departments were able to communicate effortlessly with one another.

One of HubSpot’s main functions is actually aligning your marketing and sales so that you’re all on the same page. No one is scrambling to remember a customer’s details or contact information. That’s another good reason to use HubSpot. When a client updates their information, HubSpot automatically updates its own database.

When you choose HubSpot, you’re not just choosing a CRM. You’re choosing a website builder, a communications tool, a content manager, etc. And you can customize your HubSpot experience however you want.

HubSpot has three main software hubs: Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub. All of these hubs are individually available in the following tiers: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. These hubs are also available for free if you want to try them out first.

You can pick and choose which tiers and hubs are best for your business. Or to make it easier, you can just go for the Growth Suite bundle to enjoy all the hubs in one particular tier. Alternatively, you can just use HubSpot for free: this CRM is so powerful that you can grow your business even with the free plan. The paid packages give you more features and functions, which may come in handy as your business grows.

So in conclusion, yes, HubSpot is a CRM—and it’s one of the best CRMs you’ll find out there. It helps so many aspects of your organization that you’ll wonder why you didn’t hop on sooner. Try HubSpot today and see how this CRM can take your business to the next level.

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