How Can I Send 1000 Texts At Once

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For your business or personal use, you can send 1000 text messages at once using an SMS campaign. This software allows you to automatically send messages from your service to a recipient’s phone with customized content.

As a business owner or for any personal usage reason, using an SMS campaign to distribute a message to multiple recipients simultaneously is a great asset. An SMS campaign is as simple as downloading an app or service to distribute your message with, selecting your contacts/recipients, and crafting the message to send.

Personalization is also a great feature of an SMS campaign. You get to choose what words, pictures, or graphics fill your text message, allowing you to reach your audience with exactly what you would like them to see.

Sending mass text messages can be an awkward and uncomfortable venture, but with a carefully curated SMS campaign, it does not have to be. Read on to learn the ins and outs of creating an SMS campaign and all that it can do for you and your business!

Can I Send As Many Messages as I Want?

In short, you can send as many messages as you want to.

With an SMS service, there are a lot of options available to you concerning the number of recipients and frequency of messages. Generally, pricing for an SMS marketing campaign with 10,000 recipients will cost about $400 per month on a pay-per-usage plan. With greater or fewer recipients intended, you should expect costs for this service to be adjusted accordingly.

The key piece of an SMS campaign is in its format. SMS messages are sent and received solely by phone numbers. This service should be compatible with all phone types, including iPhone and Android users.

If you would like to send more than one message per week to your designated contacts, settings for your SMS campaign can be adjusted to accommodate that. You want to create a platform for your messages that is easily digestible for both you and those receiving the message.

Since the message is being delivered on a phone, you want to make sure it is clear and concise for its readers. You do not want your message to be mistaken for spam or for someone to delete it due to its length.

If you want to send a text message every day to your group, make sure that they can access your text with ease. It should be as simple as a tap to open and all of the details of your message should be visible.

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What Kind of Text Messages Can I Send At Once?

With an SMS campaign, you are not limited to any specific kind of text message. You can fill your message with pictures, graphics, words, links, and attachments of any kind. The ability to customize your message to fit your needs is one of the great features of mass messaging.

Your designated contacts will receive your message on their phone, and they will be able to open your message for free and view its sender. Your text can be as simple as a weekly check-in, or it can contain a link to your company website or another site if you wish.

It is important to make sure your message can be viewed on any device. Your text should be delivered into the inbox of your contacts and the recipient should be able to access it easily on their device of choice. This can include any phone provider or brand, as well as an iPad or computer if your recipient chooses.

Sending text messages is a less formal mode of communication than an email thread or letter is, so your message should reflect that shift in tone. Your text message can be a simple note, containing a file or form, or a link to any services you would like to send their way.

The SMS services of your choosing can also be used as a way to connect with a specific person or your friends.

For business purposes, sending SMS messages to a large client base is a great way to connect with them individually and gauge their enjoyment of your service. Your messages can be automated or personalized, and you can adjust your settings so that the people receiving the text can respond to you with questions or concerns.

If you want to send a mass text to your friends, you can also make use of this SMS service. For example, you can use an SMS campaign for simple texting, sending silly pictures, and even for copy and paste features with links and apps.

If you want your message to be anonymous, you can adjust your SMS settings. For texts pertaining to your business or clients, it is best to create a sender id that is easily recognizable and related to your company name.

Who Will Receive This Text Message?

An SMS campaign is easily customizable, so putting in specific contacts to receive your texts is simple.

Once you download the needed software and app that supports your SMS campaign, you can begin adjusting the settings of the campaign to fit your needs.

You will set up a sender id along with an account that you will use to send texts to your contacts. Your sender id should differentiate you from spam users; make sure that it is your company name for business purposes or a name that is recognizable to your group if you are sending more informal correspondence.

Depending on what you want your SMS to accomplish, anyone can receive a text from your campaign. A common way to use SMS for your business is to create automatically generated messages that follow up on customers after they have received your services.

If you are looking to incorporate an SMS campaign into your business marketing strategies, texting clients to check in on them is a great way to form a long-lasting relationship with them. Texting clients about their experience and asking for feedback makes the client feel valued and important. You can also send texts asking them to subscribe to certain features of your business, or you can include a link to your website too.

If you are looking to use an SMS campaign for solely personal reasons, your texts will be sent to whoever you specify within your campaign settings. Your texts can include apps, a file or attachment, or features that they need to download. In general, apps and files that need to be downloaded are best to avoid in business SMS campaigns, but they are fine for personal texts.

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Can I Send Mass Messages to a Friend's Phone?

You can include any person on your mass messages, so you can definitely include your friends!

One of the most important pieces of mass messaging is its ease. Once receiving a text, somebody can easily open it and respond quickly if they wish.

If you plan to utilize mass messaging only for texting your friends, your options are limitless. You can send them apps, more info on a coming event, or free activities that you would like them to join you on. As long as your friends have SMS compatible devices, they should be able to view and download any content you send their way.

You can fill your text with any content you choose, and your recipient can do the same back to you. Sending mass messages to your friends can be a good way to spread the word on local events, free venues, and could also serve as a reminder for them to visit you soon!

If you initially intended to use SMS for just your friends but want to update your settings, you can with ease. You can upgrade your apps and search for new ways to use mass messaging to your advantage.

What are Good Ways to Use Mass Messaging for my Business?

One of the best ways to use SMS messaging is for your business.

It is always a good idea to follow up with your clients, and an easy way to do this is through SMS campaigns. Once you set it up, clients will receive a text that they can review from their iPhone, Android, computer, or any other device that uses data.

Once you have created SMS, you can edit your settings to accomplish different things for your business correspondence. For instance, using an app to send an automated follow up text to your clients lets them know you care and value them as a customer.

It is also a good idea to send a text to the client on the same date that they utilized the company’s services. If you are prompt with your text, you are more likely to receive a response rather than if you wait a few days following the interaction.

You can also use a client text to gauge how satisfied they are with your business. Their response will provide you with valuable data on how to improve your business, as well as your SMS campaign.

How Does Kennected Use Mass Messaging?

At Kennected, we place a lot of emphasis on our clients and the feedback they provide us.

We also care deeply about our employees and making sure they are not only heard, but being as productive and creative as possible in our workspace.

We use mass messaging in a variety of different ways both for our clients and for our employees.

Sending a mass text thread to our employees helps us to stay informed on company events and updates, as well as giving us a platform to check in on one another often.

We also have a company dashboard that features every person who is out of office, as well as a thread where any employee can craft a text to either the entire company or a specific group of individuals. If somebody reaches out to you specifically, you are able to view it with ease.

Being available to our employees and our clients is at the forefront of what we do at Kennected. Mass messaging is an amazing tool for keeping us accessible and accountable for our company’s needs. 

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