How to Prepare Your Business for Apple’s New Search Engine

It’s no secret that Apple has been one of the most profitable companies worldwide with constant rollouts of new technologies, and the company is rumored to be expanding into the search engine realm as early as 2023. 

Apple technology occupies a sphere of influence, and their innovations are often designed around improving a preexisting service.

An article from Apple Insider details this potential launch and how this new search engine could be implemented very soon.

“There is a precedent for Apple replacing a Google service. It did exactly that with ditching Google Maps in favor of its own Apple Maps, although that didn’t start well.

Plus Apple does already have a search engine which powers Siri and Spotlight. So it wouldn’t appear to be an enormous stretch for Apple to expand that into a full Google-style general search service.

Should Apple launch this general search engine for users, it will likely lose a great deal of money. It’s been previously reported that Google expected to pay Apple $15 billion over the course of 2021, in order to remain as the default search engine on iOS. If correct, that one deal was the equivalent of between 15% and 20% of Apple’s annual profits in 2020.

At the time, it was suggested that Google was paying this amount in order to avoid losing its default search engine status to Microsoft Bing.”

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As it stands, the main technology companies are locked in a war, with Google and Apple standing above the others in a rivalry-like state.

This competitiveness is a good thing for the consumer, as it pushes each company to constantly evaluate their technologies and look to expand into new areas.

Businesses also benefit from new launches like Apple’s search engine. With new tech constantly evolving and changing to accommodate the digital age, businesses can implement these functions and improve some facet of their existing model.

Apple Insider mentions that the new search engine would result in a revenue loss initially, as Apple currently profits off of the Google search engine.

Apple seems to be weighing a decision as a tech company: establish themselves in a new facet of digital strategy with a search engine, or continue profiting off of the current strategy.

As a technology business, Apple is known for exciting launches with cutting edge innovation, and this search engine is no exception to their rollout.

Now, why should businesses care about a new search engine launch?

Search engines are a huge piece of what drives lead generation and other functions in business. A new model for this service would completely change lead generation strategies and force companies to evaluate how best to generate traffic from this source.

The digital space is constantly changing, and it is up to your business to keep up with the trends and adapt to new features, like Apple’s potential new search engine.

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