How Do You Increase Sales?

Increasing sales is an obvious objective, but the process is not a simple price change or cold call with a new pitch. Increasing sales means more customers, leading to increased sales volume. How do we get there to boost sales? And what are we looking to change to increase sales volume? The answer is one sizable gray area, but a careful sales plan can provide more confidence in your sales team.

Finding Your Target Audience

Approximately $37 billion is wasted each year on advertisements that fail to engage a company’s target audience. Kennected has over 15,000 customers, including Walmart, Allstate, and Tony Robbins, and our clientele is expected to continue increasing. Why? Because the company has developed a persona, a remarkable trait, we can then hone in on who we want to spend money on. Achieving more sales is a product of conducting market research. A target audience is a group or demographic of individuals a company hopes to provide a product or service for. Every company’s target audience is different depending on the product. Kennected has a proven track record of serving entrepreneurs, business owners, and those wanting to break through the noise of traditional marketing with marketing materials. Our product, Cloud Kennect, has accomplished a seller performance of over 10,000 businesses worldwide in the last two years. But it can be challenging to find the ideal customer. The target market lies within the target audience, which receives social media advertising, business news, and other ads from sales teams to build more leads. Promotional efforts and paid advertising within a marketing strategy allow businesses to get rid of that broader range and focus on the right audience. When selecting a customer, the answer lies inside the company walls. What’s your product or service? Who will serve best? Why? Answering these questions will give you a competitive advantage in getting more clients. So why go through all the trouble of finding the targeted group? The answer lies with the word “billion” next to it. Losing money is not something many companies can afford in the sales market, especially a startup company like Kennected. Ensuring your target audience will help you avoid unnecessary costs, investments, and ultimately debt.

Building Relationships

So, you’ve found your target audience but want to ensure a lasting partnership begins, so what now? Speaking as someone outside of Kennected, reaching out to CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, etc., is the first step to building relationships. Maneuvering time management of selling and pitches, whether over the phone or in person, can be the hardest bit of the process. Still, as customers begin rolling in and we answer questions, there’s an additional step many companies don’t think to consider.

Developing trust and a clear understanding between customers and companies is crucial for future profit and doors to new opportunities. Sending “thank yous” and notes of gratitude and appreciation shows the product provider cares and appreciates their client’s business. And keeping up with customers long after the sale will keep them coming back. We didn’t invent this strategy, but it just makes sense.

Attracting New Customers

Existing customers and prospects want an affordable yet manageable and user-friendly service. Companies like Kennect offer services like follow-up messages, email marketing, and other sales tactics to those having trouble with the product or service. However, each initial pitch is carefully crafted beforehand to ensure potential customers understand the process step-by-step. Customers want a product that benefits them and work with companies that have their client’s best interests at heart. We can achieve a solid relationship by building interest in the product. Providing discounts, special deals, and a lower price to potential new customers can provide incentives for new business. Again, we want to be sure there is something in the deal for new and returning customers. If the company knows they have their customer’s best interest at heart, so will their customers.

Sales Objective(s)

It’s no secret that with sales comes a sales goal or something a company is working to achieve. This goal can be scheduled for a year, two years, within a month, or less. Regardless, the goal needs to be achievable yet not an easy win. Once the plan is clear, finding potential prospects is next.

Prospects are potential clients, customers, or business partners who have perceived value and are expected to succeed. These prospects can be anywhere worldwide. But recognizing who they are and how many to pitch/sell to can improve lead generation and improve sales.  

If it weren’t for prospects we currently work with, our business wouldn’t still be here after four years. So, it’s crucial and beneficial for both parties. 

Sales Strategy

Taking everything we’ve said so far, we can combine it into one marketing plan for success. Social media marketing seems to be the path ahead for most companies today. Software companies like Kennected have built their sales process of the convenience that is social media. LinkedIn has ranked as the fifth most used social platform by adults in the past decade. But next to websites like Indeed and GlassDoor, LinkedIn ranks highly in job hiring social media platforms and is used by professionals worldwide. Using LinkedIn serves our current customers best, and as our company develops, so will our strategy. Combining creative ways to sell products will lead to results down the road. Consistently communicating the sales performance of click throughs, sales, search results, and even those that haven’t done well can help plan ahead. Are you ready to take your company to the next level? We have the best salespeople and ensure our customer experience is one you’ll never forget. Click here for access to information on multiple products we offer.

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