How To Communicate On LinkedIn

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These are some of the best ways to communicate via LinkedIn:

  1. Comment on videos, articles, links, etc.

  2. Link to data, another page, business, or article.

  3. Engage with LinkedIn workshop attendees.

  4. Message clients and personal friends with a note.

Full disclosure: There are many ways to communicate and spend your time on LinkedIn, whether sharing content, communicating messages about a new job posting, etc.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social media site founded in 2002 by Ryan Roslansky. Microsoft bought the network in 2016.

It’s a modern-day Facebook, allowing users to offer their services to connections, get inside looks into data on career fields, comment, write and share articles, and visit job listings to develop their future careers.

Why You Should Use LinkedIn

For those that don’t use social media or the internet, you might wonder if it’s worth creating a LinkedIn account. We’re here to tell you that it is.

People might consider other people’s employment backgrounds and compare themselves or feel they don’t have the audience to communicate as they have with Facebook or Twitter.

Create Posts To Generate LinkedIn Connections

Once you’re used to commenting on other LinkedIn members’ posts, it’s time to write your own.

The #1 way to communicate is by posting updates. How many you post is up to you, but we recommend at least one a day.

It’s better than posting once a week.

For motivation, picture this: One of the best connection requests you can receive is when a person reaches out saying they enjoy the content you post.

It’s best to spend approximately an hour each day sharing, commenting, and engaging with your connections.

If you tell your friends this, their faces register surprise, most likely.

But trust us when we say anyone, regardless of career field (teaching, biology, entertainment industry), can benefit from this fact.

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"Like" Other LinkedIn Members' Content

To simply click the “like” button on other posts takes very little effort and can improve your following and connections.

Liking articles and posts will suggest you’re interested in what most people have to say. Whether or not your expertise lines up with others is irrelevant.

Communicating through likes can go a long way when trying to connect with others regularly.

LinkedIn Groups

Many existing LinkedIn groups have thousands of active users, which means you have instant access to a wide range of like-minded people.

Alternatively, you can start your group and choose a topic for the discussions (again, keep it professional.)

LinkedIn can be a handy platform for marketing small businesses and making new contacts in your industry.

It provides a more professional environment than most other social media platforms.

Optimize Your Profile

Complete your profile to draw interest and connections, displaying who you are as a professional.

Include a description on your profile talking about who you are and what skills you attribute to your field.

If you wonder what counts as professional and what does not, remember: There’s no fine line between writing something casual and something professional.

You might find it helpful to read more on profile optimization here.

What Are Cookies Used For?

When browsing the web, you more than likely have come across the familiar popup asking to accept the tracking of cookies.

If you agree, the cookies will be used to:

  • Improve the quality of services and develop new ones

  • Deliver and measure the effectiveness of ads

  • Show personalized content, depending on your settings

  • Show personalized or generic ads, depending on your settings

What Are Performance Cookies?

These allow a site to count visits and/or track people’s activity to measure and improve performance.

It’s essential to measure audience engagement and site statistics to understand how your services are used.

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What Are Essential Cookies?

These cookies are essential for the portal to function properly. They can’t be switched off.

What Is Kennected?

Kennected might know a thing or two about LinkedIn connections.

We spend our time helping you generate discussion with connections privately and publicly so you can expand your networking and grow your leads coming in.

We offer automated solutions you can use through LinkedIn to grow and expand your lead generation. (Read about Cloud Kennect).

Our lead generation technology is changing customers’ lives (and revenue) daily.

We hope you found this blog to include great information and if interested, check our site and solutions page to get started on building up your LinkedIn connections today!

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