How Do I Auto Connect On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is all about making connections. At first users should focus on connecting with the people they know: co-workers, acquaintances, old classmates, etc. But eventually, you will want to expand your network even further and build stronger relationships.

As your LinkedIn networking efforts increase, so will the amount of time you spend sending connection requests, waiting for their response, and looking for more prospects. This is tedious and exhausting. This is where auto connecting on LinkedIn comes in.

What Is Auto Connecting on LinkedIn?

Unlike what most people think, auto connecting on LinkedIn does not mean that you and the other person will be connected instantly. The other person’s input is still needed for that.

Auto connecting on LinkedIn means sending invitations and connection requests to a set number of people automatically. This is done with the use of LinkedIn automation tools. Kennected is one of the best tools for this purpose.

Auto connecting saves a lot of time because manually sending requests is repetitive. It takes away from the time you could be spending on more important tasks. This feature helps you connect with people that can turn into leads, customers, clients, or partners. It is a great way to generate leads on LinkedIn—without having to run paid ads on other platforms.

One of the greatest benefits of LinkedIn is that everyone there is looking to make new connections to expand their own network. They are interested in doing business. High quality tools like Kennected help you get in front of the right people: in this case, your ideal customers.

Kennected uses laser accurate data to find the right targets for you. Once your ideal prospects have been identified, you can easily send them automated connection requests.

Can You Auto Connect on LinkedIn Without Being Spammy?

There is a risk of coming across as spam if you are sending massive amounts of connection requests on LinkedIn. But the way Kennected works is designed to help you avoid that risk entirely. For starters, you won’t be sending “massive” amounts of connection requests like a bot would. You would only be sending invites to the right people who have been identified as your ideal targets.

Kennected also lets you personalize your connection requests. This is the key factor that sets you apart from spammers. Kennected has over 30+ proven scripts that can make your outreach efforts easier. This automation tool lets you set up personalized invites and follow-up messages with placeholders to send up to 100 new invitations.

Personalized connection requests are more likely to get accepted by the recipient. Kennected creates a world where your prospecting is put on autopilot while you focus on more important aspects of your business and brand.

Kennected lets you fine tune your outreach so that you can identify your ideal customers. Kennected takes automation to a whole new level.

Best Auto Connecting Software for LinkedIn Is Kennected

Kennected is the best auto connecting software out there. In fact, when automating on LinkedIn, you can’t just settle for low cost automation tools that are risky and not updated—you need to go all in and use a high quality tool like Kennected to get the best results.

Not only is it the best auto connecting software for LinkedIn, it is also the best lead generation tool for all types of professionals, including marketers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, consultants, real estate agents, coaches, podcasters, insurance agents, and more.

Kennected’s personalized approach brings you a steady stream of connections, appointments, and sales via LinkedIn. Stop worrying about where your next sale is going to come from. Book a demo and see why so many people are having success with Kennected.

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