How Do You Attract Online Leads?

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With the digital transformation hitting the marketing world, many businesses have realized that the past methods used to attract sales are now dead. Techniques such as cold calling are no longer effective.

But it’s not as hard as it seems to find new leads online with the availability of digital gadgets such as smartphones. Marketers can easily access their target audience online. But this also means that the buyers are more informed and can easily carry out their online research and choose where to go. 

So, how do you ensure your potential buyers choose you and not your competitors? 

That’s what we’re here to talk about today. Here are some helpful tips to help you understand where to find leads for your business.

Have Your Lead Generation and Buyer Persona

You should know that not everyone in the market is interested in your product or services. You shouldn’t waste your marketing efforts blindly without knowing to whom you’re directing your marketing efforts to.

You need to package your marketing message to only resonate with the people who need your products. In short, you should not target just anyone in your audience but be able to identify those who are likely to buy from you.

Generate Leads With Your Blog Posts

A blog is a fun way to engage with your customers and create a conversation. This is where you can post content about your business to improve your SEO and search results. You need to identify keywords related to your products and services, create content around them and enhance your visibility on Google.

But for your blog to be engaging and reach your customers, you need to post regularly. You should develop a content calendar that will give you a regular posting schedule. But even as you post regularly, make sure every content you put up is informative enough and can engage your customers.

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Social Media Lead Generation Strategies

Getting sales through social media and online communities is not hard, but you still have to put some effort into it. Just like in your blog, what you post on social media should also be high-quality and distinctive.

Because social media marketing has become so popular, you have to find a way to separate yourself from your competitors. Try strategies such as adding some sense of humor, looking at the current trends, and adding lots of visual content.

Also, don’t forget to engage with your followers. Reply to those comments and tweets as soon as possible. You need to maintain a friendly and healthy relationship with your audience, and there’s no better way to do so than to stay active.

The best social media sites to generate new leads include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. You can Go Live on Facebook, run paid ads, announce referrals, or post updates. Twitter and Linkedin can also work well for you if you’re a B2B company.

Make Use of Email Marketing

Email marketing has for a long time been an effective method of reaching out to buyers and making some sales. This method is still as effective as before, but you need to understand how to use it effectively for your leads generation.

You can start by sending your prospects free videos, webinars, or reports to grow your email list. Once you have a list of potential buyers, device tactics of winning them by sending some pro tips and quality content that they can easily resonate with. Once you win their trust, that’s when you make the sale with an email launch. Try not to be too sales when trying to win over your buyers.

Optimize Pages As a Lead Generation Strategy

Having a website is a great way to get to your customers. But are your key pages getting the attention they deserve? You need to optimize your landing pages and home pages to make it easy for your visitors to take the necessary actions.

Take your time to understand the elements that attract your readers’ attention and know those they’re likely to ignore. Each of your pages should contain the desired action and make it easy for the reader to act.

Understand what action you want your readers to take. Do you want them to purchase a product, sign up for a course, or register for a webinar? Your CTA should be compelling enough but not sound too salesy. If you make this right, you won’t have difficulty prompting your audience to convert.

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Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Prospects

Believe it or not, your business can make a very healthy and friendly relationship with its customers.

How do you do it?

By putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. Imagine the things that are likely to draw you to certain brands, why you follow them, and how you interact with them.

You need to make your leads part of your community to create a healthy relationship. Create opportunities that they may be interested in and invite them to connect. Connect with them on social media sites such as Twitter, create funny videos on YouTube, and then invite them to watch.

Understand their experiences to give them a reason to always look forward to your content either on social media or blog. Don’t forget to respond to them and engage in a conversation.

Attract Leads Via Guest Blogging

In addition to creating content for your own site, you can also create a blog post and publish it on other sites. Identify other websites that serve the same audience as yours and contribute a guest blog post or four. Seriously, lead gen through a blog post (or a bunch of posts) can be incredibly lucrative.

Even if you have thousands of followers, they can never be enough to generate leads for your business to keep your sales team growing in perpetuity. By guest blogging, you tap into the audience of other sites that didn’t even know you existed. You gain exposure and visibility for a new audience for your brand.

Finding related sites for guest blogs is not hard. You just have to identify authority sites in your niche and send them an email requesting guest blogging opportunities. There are also all kinds of sites out there in all kinds of industries where you won’t even need to ask because they already have “write for us” or submission sections with guidelines for guest bloggers clearly printed on the site.

If that doesn’t get your neurons firing for ideas to generate leads, I’m not quite sure what will.

Build Links for Generating Leads

Another method that works almost the same as guest blogging involves link building. The more links you build, the more traffic that will no doubt translate to sales. You need to invest your time in link-building strategies to get more clients to your site.

Links are how people move from one page to another, which can be external or internal. You can create links with your posts, directing your audience to another page on your site that offers more information. With this, you will keep them on your page for a longer period of time. 

Just in case you don’t know, that longer period of time will, statistically, make prospective customers far more likely to spend cash on your product(s) or service(s).

Make sure you only come up with quality links that will attract your prospects to click. Don’t forget to link back to your site whenever you do a guest post because, without that, your post will be of no use to you.

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Lead Generation and Content Marketing for Your Sales Funnel

Lead generation is ongoing work that you should never neglect at any given time. You need to find time to balance between pleasing your existing customers and finding new ones. You must also understand that it takes time to generate new leads, and it’s even harder to convert them into sales.

Utilizing lead generation software such as Kennected can be a great way to make this process quick and easy. We’re always here to make the process manageable and make you close the sales even faster. So, how about you allow Cloud Kennect to help you reach more of your prospects and close those sales?

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