How Often Should I Post On LinkedIn?

Posting on social media can help you drive traffic to your website, build your brand, and boost your sales. LinkedIn in particular is a great platform to get engagement, shares, and traffic because it is the biggest platform for professionals online.

Of course, if you want your content to get the best results, you need to adopt some effective social media habits. Many professionals and marketers wonder how often they are supposed to post content on LinkedIn—and that is what we’re going to talk about today.

What is the Best Practice for Posting on LinkedIn?

Several studies have been conducted to determine the optimal frequency of social media posts, but data varies. However, when it comes to LinkedIn, most sources agree that one post per day is the best way to gain the most traffic.

HubSpot, Dow Social, LocalVox, and Buffer all say that posting at least once a day or posting 20 times a month is ideal. According to Buffer, this will help you reach 60 percent of your followers on LinkedIn.

In order to stay active on LinkedIn, you need to post a minimum of once per week. It is worth noting that while some sources say that posting once a day is optimal, others say that the number of posts per week should be no more than five.

The findings are inconsistent due to the fact that no two businesses are the same. Your LinkedIn strategy should suit your own company’s unique needs. This means the optimal content schedule for other businesses may not be right for you.

Depending on your company’s needs, you can choose between posting up to five times a week and posting once per day. Use LinkedIn’s analytics feature to see the engagement each of your content attracts. This is a good way to test how effective your current LinkedIn strategy is.

Should I Share Other People's Articles on LinkedIn?​

Don’t be afraid to share other people’s content on LinkedIn. That’s the thing about posting content on social media: it doesn’t have to be your original output 100 percent of the time. Sharing ideas, sharing the limelight, and sharing content are all good ways to attract more people to your profile or your page.

Sharing content builds trust with your target buyers because it shows that you are committed to building them up even when you have nothing to gain out of it. Your target audience will see that you have their best interests at heart when you share content that is relevant to them.

Shared content also supplements your content production efforts. You don’t need to be a large enterprise with your own content team in order to keep up with the competition. Sharing content will help you maintain an active social media presence while you work on your own content.

It is a good idea to share content from top publications and influencers in the same field. You can also use relevant hashtags to find content worth sharing.

Benefits of Posting Frequently on LinkedIn

Posting frequently on LinkedIn reminds people that you are actively working and consistently providing value. LinkedIn is all about relationship building, and one of the best ways to build a relationship with your connections is by providing value.

Your connections are notified each time you publish a post on LinkedIn. This gives them an opportunity to share your post and open you up to a larger audience.

Using content, you can reach people who may not be aware of your company. You can attract leads and prospects without having to reach out to them manually.

Finally, content can establish your authority on your topic. It shows that you are a thought leader in your field, which helps build trust with your connections and leads. You want people to see you as an industry leader so you can earn more and get more business.

Is Posting Often on LinkedIn Part of Their Algorithm?

The LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes two things: relevant content and engagement. This means you will see posts that matter to you, posted by the people you care about.

Posting often on LinkedIn is not exactly part of the LinkedIn algorithm because relevancy trumps recency. But if your content manages to stay relevant to your connections and to your target audience, then posting frequently will help boost your engagements.

Remember that it doesn’t matter how often you post if your content isn’t valuable. Your content needs to stand out in the news feed and add value in order to be noticed by your audience. If your content ends up becoming background noise—meaning people just scroll past them—then you are not giving them eye-catching content.

The more often people stop to look at your content, the more often they will perceive that you are posting. Perception matters. If you are giving them value, it doesn’t matter if you’re not posting every day. What matters is that people pay attention to what you post.

Keep in mind that posting regularly is important—but the value of your content is even more important.

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