How Mercedes is Making a Comeback in the French Grand Prix & What This Journey Symbolizes

The French Grand Prix is taking place this upcoming weekend, and all engines are revved for an exciting series. 

The top two teams, Red Bull and Ferrari, have been untouchable for the last few years, but an F1 news article states that a new team may be in the mix for the title.

Expert analyst Anthony Davidson states that Mercedes could be in contention for the crown, and the article goes on to say just how this emergence could occur.

“After a hugely disappointing start to the season following the introduction of new design regulations for the 2022 campaign, the eight-time reigning constructors’ champions have finally appeared to begin to close the gap to their rivals.

The Silver Arrows managed just three podiums in the first seven races of the season, but have now secured four in a row, with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton third in each of the last three rounds.

It was only at one of those three races, the British GP, where Hamilton had the pace to compete for victory, and with Marseille’s Circuit Paul Ricard possessing similar characteristics to Silverstone, there is optimism that Mercedes could be in with a chance of a first victory this season.”

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What Davidson describes here is an initial setback for Mercedes, and people tend to perceive setbacks in two different ways.

The first way is that a slow start indicates a slow finish as well. Many fans of Mercedes may believe that their initial setback is impossible to bounce back from, and they may turn out to be correct.

However, the better way to perceive setbacks is to label them as temporary, a launch point for something greater. This early failure may have been the nudge they needed to make a critical change in their approach and set them up for future success.

The latter approach is exactly how you should interpret setbacks in your business.

Davidson believes that Mercedes’s initial failure did not deter them from future success, and he is absolutely correct.

While winning feels great and is the goal for most things in life, it is failure that ultimately teaches us more and better prepares us for the future, especially in your business.

You won’t win all of the time in your business, and that is completely okay.

You’ll stumble, fail, and find yourself back at the starting line many times, but it will be your mindset and belief in yourself that gets you out of those ruts and back on the track.

Speak success into existence and do things everyday that benefit you and your business.

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