How Jae Goodman Is Redefining Brand Entertainment

For the past 16 years, the former CEO of Observatory Jae Goodman has been changing the game for what it means to advertise. 

Rather than going for a “hard sell,” Goodman is convincing leading brands (Doritos, Chipotle, Nike) to put their product in front of the customer in an entertaining fashion. 

Here is what the article states – 

“From Red Bull’s action sports film catalog to Pfizer’s documentary on Nat Geo, the idea of branded entertainment today is commonplace. As media fragmentation has increased in the past decade and a half, brands have been forced to diversify the ways in which they’ve courted our attention.

It’s longer viable or effective to depend only on traditional paid media tools like TV and radio ads. But you know this. What you may not know is how Goodman was among a select few (including my former Ad Age editor Scott Donaton) who saw this coming long before most. If there were a Mount Rushmore of branded entertainment, Goodman would be Washington or Jefferson.”

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Marketing has taken a turn since there’s been a decline in trust in the media in the past decade. Companies are forced to get crafty with how they approach customers with their products.

Brand entertainment is a new term characterizing the feat of getting a brand in front of people in the least “salesy” way possible. 

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