How EnsembleIQ Shows Employee Appreciation & Why Your Company Should Too

Large technology corporations may often feel rooted in their engineers and software employees, but these companies could not operate at their highest capacity without marketers. 

EnsembleIQ is taking the time to highlight and promote two of their marketers to higher roles, while emphasizing the importance of content creation and gaining connections in their industry.

“Jamie Goodman has been promoted to Editor-in-Chief, RIS News and Lisa Johnston has been promoted to Editor-in-Chief, Consumer Goods Technology. In these positions, Goodman and Johnston will oversee editorial operations to grow content offerings for consumer goods and retail information technology leaders.

Goodman and Johnson will both report to Albert Guffanti, Vice President, Group Publisher, Consumer Goods Technology and RIS News. Guffanti said, “Recent growth and innovation in consumer goods and retail technology have increased audience demand for high-quality insights and connections. To address this industry need, we have created these two new leadership roles. Jamie and Lisa are highly experienced subject matter experts who have strong connections with the community. I look forward to working with them in these roles as we create new content offerings for our consumer goods and retail information technology leader audiences.”

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Highlighting the importance of these roles within a large corporation is essential towards building and sustaining a successful business model. 

As a tech company, EnsembleIQ relies heavily on their marketing team to help get their products out there. In doing so, their marketers help to streamline their lead generation process and ultimately drive revenue and new leads towards the business. Recognizing the value that the EnsembleIQ marketers bring to the table shows that this tech company understands how to attribute praise and give credit where it’s due.

Every company, whether they are a tech company or not, should take something away from EnsembleIQ’s mindset.

When employees feel they are being valued and appreciated, they will be more dedicated to the business and ultimately perform better. Highlighting the importance of everyone and their contributions in their roles helps to improve morale and keep individuals motivated.

At Kennected, every person helps fuel our business, just like at every other successful company. 

Employee appreciation and praise are essential, and companies like EnsembleIQ and Kennected are united in their mission to generate revenue and value their employees.

Making sure that each and every employee knows they are valued and that their work is appreciated will fuel all aspects of your business, including your lead generation, sales, marketing, and operations management.

Create a culture of appreciation within your business. Make sure that every employee in your lead generation process feels valued, starting with the marketers who put your advertising out there and ending with the sales force that closes the deal. 

Automate your lead flow with CloudKennect and give yourself more time to ensure your employees are being valued.

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