How Apple’s Focus On Health Has Changed The Marketing Game

In recent years, the technology world has seen a surge of new software designed to help make our lives easier, better, and more aligned with what matters. 

With huge products like the Apple Watch and other health-related services, Apple has been combining technology with health optimization for years and continues to do so today. 

In their recent article, Apple restates their emphasis on health in their cutting edge technology:

“In the report, Apple said its focus for consumers is on providing a secure place for users to store their health and medical information on iPhones while using tools like the Apple Watch to warn and nudge users toward better health. The device can alert people to heart irregularities and detect when a person takes a hard fall to alert an emergency contact, among other features. Apple said its system can now store 150 different types of health data that is encrypted so that only users, not Apple, can access it.

The company also outlined work it is doing with medical researchers to allow them to use Apple devices to conduct studies, as well as allow patients to share and discuss data collected by Apple devices so that they can monitor their health better between doctor’s visits.

Williams wrote in the report that Apple intends to keep developing health-related features for both users and the healthcare industry.

“Our vision for the future is to continue to create science-based technology that equips people with even more information and acts as an intelligent guardian for their health, so they’re no longer passengers on their own health journey,” Williams wrote.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

What Apple provides its users with is two-fold.

First, the Apple Watch and other health-based products provide customers with a constant reminder of what matters to them: their health and prosperity. 

Your health impacts all aspects of your life, and with Apple products, customers feel more in control of their physical and mental condition. 

In addition to an added layer of control and health management, Apple products also provide their users with a sense of protection when it comes to both emergencies and data privacy. 

Just like with any health product, any given service should be placing emphasis on client control, emergency protection, and data privacy. In short, Apple products are the summation of what all businesses should strive for in their product branding and abilities. 

By focusing on health, Apple has created a series of products that all carry value and help support an important piece of every customer’s daily life.

Demonstrate the value of your services, and make each of your products absolutely necessary for your clients in some way. 

Think about how your services benefit your clients beyond the obvious. Does your product help customers get their time back? Do your services support some important aspect of their lifestyle?

Shifting your mindset to mirror what technology companies like Apple are doing will help your business to keep the best interests of your clients in mind while also increasing sales along the way. 

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