How Aaron Rodgers Shaped the Green Bay Packers Franchise for the Better

What makes a sports franchise so engaging and encapsulating?

Many will say the athletes within the franchise, and others will say their performances and unique seasons.

Though opinions on the matter may vary, one fact remains: franchises remain interesting largely due to the personalities and tendencies of their players.

As humans, we are drawn to other humans, and are especially enraptured by extraordinary people and how they became a certain way.

One such individual that captures national attention is Aaron Rodgers, longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback and a constant media favorite.

An article by Fox Sports speaks on how fascination with Rodgers has been fostered, and how this attention is likely to continue with this upcoming season.

“Interesting” is a wonderful catch-all for the Green Bay Packers quarterback, because it doesn’t require anything other than the admission that Rodgers never fails to give you something to talk about, argue about and probably get puzzled about.

You don’t have to be a Packers fan, and you don’t have to agree with everything (or even anything) he says, to find Rodgers interesting. You don’t have to keep track of the ins and outs of his love life or try to read the meaning of his new tattoo.

You don’t have to sign up for his views on vaccinations or the government, and you definitely don’t have to copy his habit of undergoing cleanses that make you vomit or taking potions that make you hallucinate. In fact, we’d honestly rather you didn’t.

The interest comes in the weeks that follow in terms of how he is going to adapt, who he is going to strike a rapport with, and what effect it has on the Packers in the early running.

“We’ve got to have patience with those guys,” Rodgers said of the receivers. “The patience will get thinner as the season goes on.”

In real terms, the receiving situation and how Rodgers finds a way to make it work will be many things. It is the most important conundrum of the Packers’ season, a chance for Rodgers to boost his reputation as an all-time great even further, a possible source for annoyance and disruption, and a potential weak link for opposing defenses to work with.”

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Aside from Rodgers’ prowess as an athlete, we as sports fans are equally drawn to him as a person.

He has worked alongside many other great athletes, and these individuals all have formed unique opinions about Rodgers and his own interesting tendencies and behaviors.

Ultimately, Rodgers’ performance as an athlete and his personality are what makes him so enticing to us.

A well known business tactic is the ability to attract attention to oneself in order to get higher viewership and engagement, and Rodgers is one of the most successful professional athletes in this regard.

From a marketing perspective, Rodgers has brought in an influx of clients into the Packers’ franchise fold. Through his career and behaviors, his time with the Packers has solidified the franchise as one of the most profitable in the league.

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